Game of Owns: Leave and Greet

Episode 294 – Leave and Greet
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The bells are ringing, Sansa is fleeing, Joffrey is no more. Today, Jaime is finally home.

Discussion Topics
Dickon Tarly!
Pop culture, and leaks
Live in New York City!
The new website
Florian and Jonquil
The magic hair net
Sansa’s large cloak
The escape
The Baelish reveal
Jaime returns home
Loras and Brienne
Back to work
Cersei and Jaime
Father and favorite son
Owns of the Chapters

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    1. I agree that Dontos was probably, in addition to the money, trying to help Sansa (he seems pretty sincere at many points, and I doubt he’s that great an actor) — but it suits Baelish to make him look utterly mercenary, since he wants Sansa to trust only him.

      I was really disappointed with the show’s handling of Sansa’s escape. Quite apart from removing her own role in it, in the books the escape is a really atmospheric and even strenuous sequence (she climbs down a cliff face, even), whereas in the show it’s just a montage of her being dragged through the streets, which makes escaping look rather easy.

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    2. My mind is my weapon. My brother has his sword, King Robert has his warhammer, and I have my mind…and a mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge.
      -Tyrion Lannister- A Game of Thrones

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    3. Damn, it’s always crickets and tumbleweeds in the GoO comment section. I for one enjoy them, keep’m coming (said the pimp to his bottom b!tch)

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    4. Outstanding updates on the (now sortable) website! I went back and picked up with the corresponding episode to where I am (again) in CoK and heard the very first utterance of “scrawl upon our wall,” hehe 🙂

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    5. Thank you for checking out the podcast’s new website, everyone. Wanted to give you the sorting and function you’ve dreamed into reality, iTunes and other routes just wouldn’t do the trick. There’s almost 300 episodes now, it’s about time they’ve been collected into volumes, right?!

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    6. It must be difficult second-guessing how an audience will take to a forthcoming season. And you have no way of knowing if it will be poor or not.

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