Game of Owns: Live with David J. Peterson

Episode 292 – Live with David J. Peterson
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Live from GeekyCon 2015 in Orlando, your brave hosts dive headlong into end game conversation, guided by listeners in the audience. Enjoy this intimate sit-down with fabled Game of Thrones language creator David J. Peterson, learn what it takes to ride with Drogo.

Discussion Topics
Dreams of the future
We’re in this together
Long Summer, Long Winter
Faith and GRRM
Ice versus Fire
Enter David J. Peterson
How it all began
Into season 6
David’s favorites
The creation process

The first to edit swords in these perfectly posed sword hands wins

We’d like to thank you for submitting such excellent questions/jokes for David, he is one sincerely outstanding gentleman. It was a hell of a time, all four of us had a blast, thank you for everything!

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    1. My page a day calendar quote for 21-August:

      A craven can be as brave as any man, when there is nothing to fear. And we all do our duty, when there is no cost to it. How easy it seams then, to walk the path of honor. Yet soon or late in every man’s life comes a day when it is not easy, a day when he must choose.
      -Maester Aemon -A Game of Thrones

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    2. Just going to ask, what kind of audience do you guys generate per podcast? I’ve tried to listen to you guys with genuine interest, but usually tune out after four, five minutes.

      That being said, the response here is also incredibly tepid. With no responses regarding the actual content. So just wondering if there’s a board somewhere on the interwebz with more discussion about your podcasts.

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    3. Just listened to this fun podcast episode. Man, that arrangement of the theme music at the end was gorgeous! Who was doing it? Was it from a show episode or a cover?

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    4. Ser Oromis Locke,

      Their listen counts are generally very high. It’s not my place to share stats with you, frankly. But GOO is more than welcome to stay at WOTW as long as they like.

      I’m going to be blunt- you’re getting abrasive in every post lately, and I don’t appreciate it. People come to here to have fun chat, and the writers and podcasters who create content do it for free. Lose the attitude.

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    5. Mihnea,

      Not normally one for celebrity gossip as it doesn’t interest me but one of my buddies who is pointed out that they were canoodling and referring to eachother as b/f and g/f on twitter.

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    6. Ser Oromis Locke,

      There are definitely people listening, I guess their audience is just more active on Facebook/twitter than on WoTW.

      That said… I always liked the old 2:2 Sullied/Unsullied ratio, it created very intereresting discussions and the podcast seems to lack something with just 3 hosts. Bring back Katie! (Or find another Sullied host… pretty please?)

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    7. I thoroughly enjoy GOO, but do not feel the need to rehash their perspectives on a weekly basis. I concur with Dolorous Ned, a Sullied female host would be fantastic.

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