Game of Thrones Wins Another Award for “Battle of the Bastards”

Jon rides

Add another trophy to the shelf for Game of Thrones and “Battle of the Bastards”! The 53rd Cinema Audio Society Awards have been presented, honoring the best in film and television sound mixing. The ceremony took place last night at the OMNI Los Angeles Hotel at California Plaza, and Game of Thrones was a winner for season 6’s epic ninth episode.

GoT took home the prize in the category celebrating “Television Series- 1 Hour.” The CAS Award goes to:

Game of Thrones: Battle of the Bastards
Production Mixer – Ronan Hill, CAS
Production Mixer – Richard Dyer, CAS
Re-recording Mixer – Onnalee Blank, CAS
Re-recording Mixer – Mathew Waters, CAS
Foley Mixer – Brett Voss, CAS

They won out over nominated episodes from Better Call Saul, Mr. Robot, Stranger Things, and Westworld.

Game of Thrones won the award last year as well, for season 5’s “Hardhome,” in 2015 for the season 4 finale “The Children,” and in 2014 for season 3’s “The Rains of Castamere.” Congratulations to GoT’s gifted technical team!

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    1. Well done, everybody involved!

      I personally give sweet FA about awards or the numbers thereof. I like a show or not, and no number of awards will make me think otherwise. It’s a happy coincidence that a show I like also gets lots of awards.

      However, awards are important in the sense that it’s good to see the craftspeople behind GoT being recognized by their peers for their excellent work in their fields of work. I assume an industry award is going to look very good on their CVs for their future careers, so good on them.

      I suppose counting craft awards is relevant in “proving” GoT’s high production values, as if we needed proof.

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    2. Next year’s Cinema Audio Society award goes to…

      Game of Thrones – The Winds of Winter

      I am looking forward to hearing Game of Thrones Season 7 outstanding audio sound effects

      Sunday June 18th 2017!!!!!!!!

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    3. The “Battle of the Bastards” is one of the best shows, and battle scene that I have ever seen. It was more intense than the opening D-Day scene in “Saving Private Ryan”.

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    4. Well done,

      Obviously the sound tends to fall into the background but some good music during the Jon/Cavalry charge face-off as well as thecrushed-by-own-men part

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    5. LatrineDiggerBrian: I remember last year I partook in GOT50 like a true fan (Dee and Alifair can attest to this), then when I expressed my opinions during the season, I got ripped by all these people who I’d never seen before. They just came out of the woodwork I guess, weren’t true fans that partook in GOT50 like me. Weird, but OK?


      You bring this up every single time you post a message. Move on already.

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    6. Mr Derp,

      My GoT fandom is something I take very seriously, and when it comes into question, you better believe I’m going to strike back. I have professed some very nuanced, and frankly, incredible, written analysis pieces of the show that more than prove my love of it yet I am still attacked viciously for having a differing opinion on S6. Not nice!

      One might even deduce that I am risking my life in posting on this site after some of the vicious attacks I received last year, and they would be correct. Yet I still march on because I know that there are people out there who appreciate unbiased analysis. You might even say I’m a hero for doing so.

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    7. We need another one of those IMAX screenings, like they did with Season Four’s last two episodes! I’d love to see “Battle Of The Bastards” and “The Winds Of Winter” on an IMAX screen!!!!

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