Game of Thrones Unveils Second Jewelry Collection from Michele Clapton and MEY

Mey Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is a merchandising dream, with all us fans wanting a taste of Westeros in our own lives (the dragon bits, not the bloody wars and complicated family lives). With that in mind, the show’s Emmy Award-winning costume designer Michele Clapton teamed up last year with MEY to create a line of jewelry inspired by Daenerys and her dragon children. Now, just in time for season 7, Clapton is teaming up with MEY and the renowned jewelry brand Yunus & Eliza for a new line, titled Breaking Chains.

Mother of Dragons Chain MEYAccording to HBO, the Breaking Chains collection “revolves around the hero piece the trio created for Game of Thrones season 7, the Mother of Dragons Chain. Worn by Daenerys Targaryen throughout the season, this solid sterling silver chain is designed to reflect her power, courage and beauty.”

The links of the chain are the hand-carved, fragmented links of a dragon spine, leading to three dragon heads. The Mother of Dragons Chain is a beautiful collector’s item, a true replica of Dany’s own chain from season 7, 40 inches long and weighing in at 640 grams  ($3650).

Mey Breaking Chains jewelry Game of Thrones

MEY notes that these same dragon spine links have been used to create the unisex collection, which features a variety of jewelry. The new pieces are a striking collection of statement jewelry, coming in a wide range of prices.

Breaking Chains includes chain link necklaces ($1240), bracelets ($500), single link pendants ($140) and rings ($160).

Dragon Ring

Breaking Chains is available now! See the complete collection, and the first collection of Game of Thrones-inspired jewelry at MEY.

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  1. Like the first batch, I find these clunky and borderline hideous. I’d much sooner wear a museum-shop replica of an authentic piece of medieval jewelry.

  2. The second photo looks like a Cersei dress with dragon escamas and Dany´s jewelry

    The chain is beautiful but too much money for me.

  3. That’s a lot of money.

    Call me when Clapton releases a collection of Cersei’s statement rings.

  4. Thanks for bringing this info to us. Not to my tastes, but it is interesting to see the designs.

  5. One day, ONE DAY I will get my hands on the Drogon neck sculpture. Just give me a few years to save 😅

  6. Eh. Not my style and ridiculously expensive. More power to Michele Clapton for seizing the day, tho!

  7. Definitely getting the choker … not sure about the chain … might wait till Dany actually gets a crown
    Honestly at this point I’ll buy anything game of thrones (where’s the GOT turds)

  8. Really like the designs, though, tbh, I wouldn’t know where and when to wear them. But the question is a bit academic, I haven’t that much spare cash sloshing about anyway, what with some house improvement and fixing a broken down car, lol!

  9. Oh, and good on Michelle Clapton on capitalising on her amazing work on GoT. There are so many wonderful pieces of jewelry.

    Think back to the S1 scene where Maester Luwin is giving a lesson to Bran and Bran is gouging graffiti on his desk like any bored 10-yr-old schoolboy. He’s using the needle on a beautiful, understated Tully trout brooch. Important detail, because the scene ends with Bran being angry that his mum had left him while he was in a coma, with no idea when she’d be returning. (She, of course, never does.) Oh, how Bran has changed and grown. The Three-Eyed Raven now, not a cute little schoolboy. It’s heartbreaking.

  10. Overpriced, unattractive, wearable at a GoT con and nowhere else… not much to recommend this ‘jewelry’. Medieval jewelry from the era GRRM based his masterpiece on was beautiful and well-made. These pieces look as if they were designed and created over a long weekend. Theatrical ornamentation is like stage make-up: What enhances a character on camera doesn’t look the same when worn in “real life”, especially without the appropriate costuming.
    The artists need to spend more time studying actual relics from the War of the Roses.

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