Game Of Thrones season 7 soundtrack to be released Sept. 29


WaterTower Music, the in-house music label of Warner Bros. Records, will release the soundtrack for Game Of Thrones season 7 on Sept. 29. The California-based label has previously released the soundtracks for seasons three through six.

The album features selections of the music from the show’s seventh season composed by Ramin Djawadi, who, in addition to Game Of Thrones, has composed music for HBO’s sci-fi hit Westworld and films like Iron Man, Pacific RimWarcraft, The Great Wall and Clash of the Titans.

The physical album is available now on Amazon for pre-order. As of publication, there were no details on a digital version — but to stay up-to-date, visit WaterTower Music’s website.

A special thanks to our reader John for this GoT news tidbit!


  1. Is this the first time the release has been after the season has completed? And this is way after, right? Huh. No hints here.

  2. I purchase the soundtrack for the new season every year. I’m very much looking forward to picking up the Season 7 edition as well. I didn’t think my regard for Ramin Djawadi and his work could rise any higher, and then I had the privilege of seeing perform live during his Game of Thrones Concert Experience in the offseason. I was wrong – he’s better than ever!

    I’ve already noticed several beautiful new pieces that I can’t wait to listen on repeat, most notably what appears to be the new theme for Dany and Jon, which played during their scene on the steps in “The Queen’s Justice”, and more prominently during their scene in the dragonglass cave “The Spoils of War”. It’s quite beautiful and romantic, I must say. Someone did an analysis of it on YouTube, and deduced that it incorporates elements of both “You Know Nothing” (Jon and Ygritte’s love theme) and “Love in the Eyes” (Dany and Drogo’s love theme). (The video is in Spanish, FYI – )

    I can’t wait to listen to the piece in full.

  3. I’m guessing the digital release will be sometime this month though, right? I remember last years soundtrack having around a month between its digital and physical release.

  4. Jared,

    Yes, the dragonglass cave music is extremely nice. Also, did you notice the music when the Dothraki came charging? I expect more new themes in the coming episodes. After all, the Light of the Seven, one of my all-time favorite pieces from GoT, came at the very end of the last season.

  5. Ginevra,

    Yeah, I think this may be a first. In previous seasons the soundtrack was usually available in some digital format around the time of the season finale, and the track listing was circulating on the Internet at least a week beforehand – allowing people to speculate and potentially divine spoilers from it, if they so chose. I suppose that with the shorter season, it makes sense that there will be a bit more distance between the two.

  6. I did notice that music! It was ominous and thrilling. A perfect complement to the sequence! Ramin’s done some of his very best work with the music accompanying the battle sequences. I’ve listened to the three songs that underscore the Battle of the Bastards – “Let’s Play a Game”, “Bastard”, and “Trust Each Other” – more times than I can remember.

  7. FWIW, Amazon also has the Season 7 Blu-Ray release date as December 12, so keep on the lookout for that. Of course, neither of these dates have been confirmed by HBO, so these may prove to be a moot point.

  8. The only music I liked this season was the track they played during the cave scene this episode. Hopefully Ramin is saving the best music for the last episodes.

  9. ooohhh.. hopefully digital comes sooner…I think half of the excitement for The Great Blow up last season was because we all had “light of the seven” on repeat after it was released and were as excited about the music as we were the scene lool

  10. Not to change the subject here, but HBO has officially confirmed the title of Episode 7.5 as “Eastwatch”. I don’t want to get too spoilery here, but I thought that might have been a title that would be used for Episode 7.6. Oh, well.

  11. I was kind of hoping that we get full House Tyrell theme this season but with the destruction of HG, I don’t think we are getting any.

    Many great track this season. I like the many rendition of Rains of Castemere and some of Dany’s theme.

  12. I am so excited about this soundtrack I wish it was already out. I want to hear the full version of the optimistic stark theme (arya and brienne spar) and the song playing while Jon/Daeny are in the cave.

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