Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 2 “Stormborn” Video Recap Roundup

Welcome to the video recap roundup, your source of popular and wonderful videos with commentary and insights to fill your time until episode 3! Episode 2 was very eventful, with kraken-on-kraken violence, an unsullied romance, and web-weaving as we look forward to this Sunday.

Nerdist – Jessica Chobot and the gang discuss the episode. They usually dominate with their meticulous comic book analysis; do they make some good points about Game of Thrones?

The What the Flick?!? / Young Turks is going deep with an in-depth review. What does Unsullied Cenk think will happen next week when main characters collide?

History of Westeros: Hear thoughts on the show from ASOIAF experts. Don’t miss their book-to show review as well.

Happy Cool! How does Kenny have time to do a HappyCool video and his gargantuan Twitter post? I’m genuinely asking. Are you out there, Kenny? It’s me, Bex.

Other videos:

Ozzy Man: Generally my favorite moments from Ozzy Man videos are when he does play-by-play for battles, so let’s see what he does here!
Gay of Thrones
Emergency Awesome: This video got 1 million views already wow.
GoT Academy

I’m rotating reviewers because there are just so many good ones out there! Thanks for reading and leave your predictions for how the Dany/Jon face-off will go. Have a great week!

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    1. I’ll keep sharing Blind Wave, ’cause they’re awesome.

      Also, Angry Joe has started doing reviews for this season. I’ll post both episodes here:
      (Warning, there is a BIT of book talk, some of which may be slightly spoilery)

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    2. I love the Ringer’s Binge Mode. They do Talk the Thrones on twitter as a video reaction show and then have a podcast where they recapped every episode leading up to the season premiere and are still going. It’s really great and focused on themes, deep diving history and book stuff. Not so chatty and rambling as most podcasts. Jason Concepcion’s Ask the Maester is good video and audio as well.

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    3. Great list. Best of all, there are a couple I didn’t know about (or had forgotten about), so I have more watching goodness ahead of me.

      This is one of my favorite features on the site.

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    4. emilyred,

      Yup – some of my faves! (These folks are a little more professional Hollywood & affiliated with HBO). But love Mallory Rubin – she is a serious long time book/show fan that represents all of us and cries for the dragons and Direwolves!

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    5. Haha, these video recaps… some are so funny to watch. Especially Ozzyman. I’m glad there are none from Linda here.

      On a side note: My own video review is still in making. I have a lot on my mind these days and I still haven’t found time for it.

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    6. No offense but I don’t see much rotation. Of the ten linked in this article nine were also linked last week. Only one was added this week (Nerdist). And one of the ones dropped was Collider which I think was excellent this week.

      And thanks to BigMac for linking Blind Wave.

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    7. Lord of Coffee,

      I don’t even get the point of rotation. I’d rather it be a “one stop shop” with all the links posted but no big deal as they all eventually get linked in the comments.

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    8. Lord of Coffee,

      I agree ! And by the way, Alt Shift X are never mentioned, are they ? Only in the comments (see last article) 😉 And, no matter if their videos come out late, they could at least be acknowledged… The man could even be interviewed here on Watchers, that would be an exclusive, a worldwide one.

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    9. Hexonx:
      I always liked Maude at SourcefedNerd but apparently that is not a thing anymore. Luckily I found her at New Rockstars.

      Hey, thanks for linking that! I also remember Maude from SourcefedNerd. She was good but they always seemed to include on their panel at least one or two book readers who felt they had to criticize every detail on the show. Criticism is fine, but that kind of constant nitpicking gets old so I stopped watching. Didn’t even realize that channel wasn’t around anymore.

      Glad that Maude is back now on New Rockstars and I also like the co-host Filup.

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