New Game of Thrones prequel character cast and… a wig for Naomi Watts?

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As the pilot for Jane Goldman’s Game of Thrones prequel continues being filmed right now in Northern Ireland (and, unprecedently, next week in Italy), we hear more and more from the mysterious new show. Today we bring you casting news for a new character (or perhaps not so new), and a peek at Naomi Watts getting ready for her role.

Thanks to our friends at Redanian Intelligence, we’ve been made aware of a new addition to the pilot’s extensive cast: Joshua Moabi, a 10-year old English actor with previous experience in commercials, who is playing a character by the name of “Young Alden.”

We don’t yet know whether “Alden” is Moabi’s character’s true name or a placeholder, and even if it is real it’s certainly unheard of in the world of George R.R. Martin, but we may still be able to gather some things: the “young” part appears to suggest Moabi’s playing an existing character in a flashback. Physically, he’s a pretty good match to Marquis Rodriguez, who was cast in a prominent role this past March.

Maobi could be playing a "young" version of Rodriguez' character.

Moabi could be playing a “young” version of Rodriguez’ character.

Considering HBO is only shooting the pilot for now, this cast is quite large. And there could even be flashbacks (or, given that it’s the first episode, maybe a linear time-jump.) We’ll have to wait and see, but it’s probably going to be as expansive a show as Game of Thrones. So, you know, get ready to pay attention and learn dozens of new names in the pilot or you won’t understand what the hell is going on. And this time with no books!

In slightly less newsy news, Decider caught that Blood Moon starring cast member Naomi Watts shared the Instagram story seen below from the hair & makeup trailer, watching the show Big Little Lies as she gets ready for an early 5AM work day.

Screenshoot of Naomi Watts Instagram Story by Decider

Screenshoot of Naomi Watts Instagram Story by Decider

Though Watts isn’t yet in character in the photo, you may notice there is a wig behind her. If it’s hers, it would mean no blonde Naomi in the show! Another thing to note is that the look of the wig matches the style we recently saw during filming.

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    1. One would think HBO would be putting a lot of “chips” into this show with the hope it’s successful. I don’t know if they can Not green light it for series considering… Their two ‘big’ dramas airing right now, Big Little Lies and Euphoria, are pulling in initial viewership of sub-2m and sub-1m respectively. Of course they do have a few other new ones coming in the next six or so months that could be popular. Regardless of the thought that many viewers didn’t like the ending of GoT I’d still think most will check out the prequel. If they’re able to provide that ‘hook’ right off the bat they could possibly have their new flagship immediately.

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    2. Clob,

      They do have some big ones upcoming: Watchmen, Whedon’s show, Jordan Peele’s show, His Dark Materials. They also have West World S3.

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    3. I wonder if shooting in Italy builds on the Roman and toga costumes that were mentioned in previous articles.

      I for one will be happy to watch.
      I had little interest in Euphoria or Big Little Lies but I can’t wait for “His Dark Materials”

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    4. LatrineDiggerBrian: They also have West World S3.

      When it comes to “big” shows though Westworld isn’t really showing a trend to become truly BIG. Sure, some really like it but it’s more niche and has been just another sub-2m average viewership program that doesn’t garner a whole lot of buzz.

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    5. Clob,

      If this show was only 20% of viewership GoT had, it would still be the most popular HBO show and more successful than Westworld.

      And I expect at least 50% of GoT viewers to watch E1.

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    6. Clob,

      1. 100 kingdoms, damn 7 is already to much to remember.
      2. For me I personally don’t like it if this show is also about the Starks being the good guys.
      3. Will we see Casterly Rock here?
      4. Good that it’s same as GoT not perse about 1 character.
      5. I like Long Night better then the Longest Night. Doesn’t roll that good off the tongue.
      6. Writing winds? Hopefully we get it before 2019 is done, or at least a notion that it’s almost finished.

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    7. kevin1989,

      Most of the ‘Kingdoms’ will be houses you know already like The Starks, Boltons, Royces, Durrandon (Baratheon), Daynes and ones from the books like Blackwood, Bracken, Hightower, Florent, Westerling. You may see House Tully founded through the advances of their warrior ancestor.

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