Game of Thrones at New York Comic Con 2017: A Guide!

Visit @DarkHorseComics at booth #1636!
Visit Dark Horse Comics at booth #1636!

Game of Thrones doesn’t have a panel at this year’s New York Comic Con but that doesn’t mean there’s no fun to be had at the convention! Liam Cunningham is a guest today, taking part in this morning’s panel titled “The World of Philip K. Dick – The Man in the High Castle and Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams.” Cunningham is a cast member of the new Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams television series. In addition to his panel, fans can roam the floors of NYCC, shopping for art of their favorite fandom and hunting down new exclusive collectibles. The con can be a wild place, so we’ve gathered up a list of this year’s Game of Thrones goodies!

First off, stop by the ReedPOP Supply Co. pop-up shop at booth #1764 for a variety of Game of Thrones merch. The con has 5 ReedPOP shops in all, in addition to the Thrones shop: Star Trek at 1B02, Marvel at Booth 1354, and general ReedPOP shops at North Concourse and in Hall 1E.

Dark Horse Comics (booth #1636)  is showing off the newest figure in their line of official Game of Thrones products- Tormund Giantsbane! Blade out, and full gingerbeard on display, I love this one.

SD Toys (Booth #1836) has cute new figures on display at the con: Ygritte, Jon Snow, Arya and Daenerys in pixel toy form.

Culture Fly (booth #737) is unveiling their new Game of Thrones subscription box at NYCC, offering fans a sneak peek at the unique limited-edition collectibles they’ll be delivering to people’s doorsteps.

This season was all about the Dragon and the Wolf so it makes perfect sense Chronicle Books‘ Twin Pins (booth #2323) has a new set to celebrate that fact:

Swing by the Funko booth (booth 722) to pick up the new Jaqen H’ghar and Lyanna Mormont exclusives! For those looking to buy these online, you may have a tough time (without overpaying on ebay!) as they’re selling out fast. The HBO Store is sold out of both figures, but the Lyanna Pop! toy is showing as still available on sites like FYE.

The Game Of Thrones Titan 3″ Twin Pack Night King and White Walker New York Comic Con Exclusive from Titan Merchandise (booth #2142) is also available for purchase in the HBO Shop!

Insight Editions (booth #1946) is in the house, showing off their collection of beautiful stationery and other goods. Personally, I’ve been coveting their Game of Thrones Astrolabe Collector’s Edition Book Set for ages.

Over at the Running Press booth (booth #2218), you can pick up some of Game of Thrones‘ mini kits (the Stark direwolf, the Hound’s helm, and more) and books including Game of Thrones In Memoriam shown here, also available in the HBO Store

If you score new merch or spot any amazing Game of Thrones cosplay at NYCC, let us know and share it in comments!

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  1. Addendum to above comment:

    1. “Ghost” = reference to my personal crusade for GoT fans to carry cardboard cutouts of Ghost at ComicCons, filming locations and other venues – and for photobombing opportunities. Perhaps the showrunners will get the message? (Fair is fair: after all, they trolled the fans with the White Walker cutout at the second story window a few years ago.)

    2. I wonder: Does the Hound’s helm come with a combustible sword accessory?

  2. About Liam Cunningham in the cast of the new “Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams” TV series:

    1. I was concerned that Liam C’s appearance in this new series might signal the early demise of Davos Seaworth, but it looks like he’s only in one of the standalone episodes of the “Electric Dreams” series; it’s already been filmed; and it’s set to air on Oct. 27, 2017. Also….

    2. “Electric Dreams” is on Ch. 4 in the U.K., but only available on Amazon Video in the U.S. 🤢

    3. GoT crossover:
    • Liam Cunningham’s episode, “Human Is”, also stars Essie Davis (Lady Crane).
    • Other episodes feature Richard Madden (Robb Stark); Tony Way (Ser Dontos); and Geraldine Chaplin, mother of Oona Chaplin (Talisa).

  3. What about the Jon snow battle of the bastards figure and the Hold the door hodor figure … dark horse still hasn’t released the melissandre figure they unveiled at the last comic con … she was on their website for pre order then mysteriously disappeared and was replaced by stannis then the harpy then the night king and now daenerys but where is melissandre … that figure looked beautiful … they release 2-3 figures each year which is sad there’s so much potential right there but for some reason they just don’t do more … I won’t be surprised if the tormund figure isn’t for sale till next year or perhaps like melissandre never

  4. Sansa’s Knight:
    “… dark horse still hasn’t released the melissandre figure they unveiled at the last comic con … she was on their website for pre order then mysteriously disappeared…

    where is melissandre … that figure looked beautiful … ”

    1. Shouldn’t we expect that the red priestess would “mysteriously disappear”?

    2. That figurine may have “look beautiful,” but probably doesn’t anymore: It may have reverted to its true form, consistent with the ending scene in the “The Red Woman” episode. (Would you still want a Geezer Melisandre figurine?)

    3. What I really want is a Beric Dondarrion figurine, replete with eye patch and flaming sword held aloft.

  5. The Jon Snow BoB figure is fabulous, talking of which, Kit Harington is on Jonathan Ross tomorrow night speaking about his recent engagement to Rose Leslie, GOT and the wedding.

  6. Carole H,

    That sounds interesting Carole, hope you enjoy it. Just a pity its the Jonathan Ross show they’re appearing in! I can’t ITV on Sky where I live so perhaps for me that’s not such a bad thing 😛

  7. Black Raven,

    As you know I’m not that keen myself, I prefer Graham Norton, but I’ll make the sacrifice for KH,he is also speaking about his new mini series Gunpowder, which I’m looking forward to. Interestingly Sue Perkins is on as well.

  8. Carole H,

    Fine on that 😉

    I reckon ‘Gunpowder’ will be good if KH is in it, but probably it will be shown on a UK TV channel I can’t receive. In the past I have managed to see BBC and ITV programmes on FILMON. Although a subscription was required for viewing HD content, it used to be free for SD channels, but now the buggers have put a 2 minute viewing limit on those – Even for the BBC News!

    I just can’t win 🙁

  9. Black Raven,

    Oh, that’s a shame. It does look good,just up my street, Liv Tyler also stars. It’s shown 21st October and culminates 4th Nov just in time for Bonfire Night. KH was on form telling a story about how he played a trick on RL for April Fools Day by putting a severed head in their fridge (I think it was his from the show)😰

  10. Hehe, nice one! Bet that made Rose jump 😀

    I wonder if Kit made her up a story about doing that? To which she replied: “You know nothing – Jon Snow!” 😛

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