Game of Thrones filming in Portstewart continuing for another week

Portstewart Strand

Game of Thrones season five filming is headed to the beach this week, with production members and actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau being sighted around Portstewart Strand.Β  A sign was posted on site warning locals that the two-mile-long beach would be entirely off-limits for two days this week.

Today, Causeway Coast News confirmed the Game of Thrones filming, along with posting a Sean Bean GoT promo image. They alerted visitors they could expect “short term inconvenience” between August 4th and 11th, with Portstewart Strand fully reopened by the 12th. They especially noted that on the dates of August 6th and 7th, the public will have no access at all.

Twitter sign

We are pleased to welcome another filming production to Portstewart Strand and expect there to be many benefits for the town and the wider north coast. As well as showcasing this amazing beach to people on a world stage, filming brings a number of economic benefits to the local town with many crew members spending time and money in the local economy.

To facilitate this opportunity, there will be some short term inconvenience to visitors who wish to access the beach between 04th and 11th August, however the site will be fully reopened by 12 August. On the 6th and 7th August there will be no public access. We hope our visitors understand the reasons for this temporary closure and we are sure they will appreciate the longer term benefits to the area.

Sue the Fury: It’s possible they may be using Portstewart Strand for more storylines than Jaime’s. Based on what the Facebook message is stating, they only need to close off portions of the two-mile long beach at points during August 4th-11th, and that’s why there are only short-term ‘inconveniences’ except for two days. We last saw Tyrion, Varys, and Arya sailing away on ships, and they need to land somewhere eventually.

Sue the Fury
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  1. It looks like Owen Teale is back for season 5 πŸ™‚

    I hope the link works, but it is basically a photo of him and the Night’s Watch boys posing with a fan. So maybe

    he could replace Bowen Marsh together with Othell Yarwick. It could work because Yarwick has already sided once with ser Alliser against Jon in ep 8. At the same time, there was also an indication of growth in Jon and Alliser’s relationship in ep 9. There could be more growth, but also conflict as ser Alliser becomes increasingly dissatisfied with Jon’s choices as LC, resulting in the plot to kill him.
  2. so many beach scenes ( varys and tyrion – arya – jaime ) for sure + and maybe davos and salla ? +yara )

  3. Yeah there are lots of possibilities for this location. Hopefully the locals will be very eagle-eyed.

    Good to know Teale is officially back. He’s great. I never thought he was dead- they would have had Tormund kill him onscreen if that was the intention, I think.

  4. I really hope Gendry is allowed to come ashore now. That’s an awful lot of rowing he was doing throughout Season 4.

  5. It’s a long shot for the beach to say the least but come ooooooon


    I think Alliser Thorne will be taking a lot of the role of

    Denys Mallister

    this season.

    Looking forward to

    Jon chopping Janos Slynt’s head off. Some payback for Ned and also was the moment Jon really confirmed how far he’d come
  6. ahhhhhhhh I am dying to ask something ): can someone explain how can I use the spoiler code ): I tried the one above !

  7. nym sand,

    The spoiler code above works. I checked. Note that it will not work in the preview, at least for me.
    Are you on some kind of exotic mobile device?

  8. nym sand,

    Pop in spoiler in brackets. I’d do it but you wouldn’t see! Head to the bold type just above the comments (Starts with “Spoiler Alert!”) and all will be revealed!

  9. nym sand,

    I don’t know if what I see is exactly what you wrote, but if it is, you did it wrong. I see:
    [/did it work ? T_T ], but it should be (spoiler) did it work ? T_T (/spoiler), simply replace “(” with “[” and “)” with “]”. πŸ™‚

  10. nym sand,


    Ok, you basically type what is below only remove the 1s which I have only put in so it doesn’t put it as a spoiler box and you can see what to do. Whatever you want to be hidden write between the two sets of brackets replacing where it says ‘Insert spoiler here.

    [1spoiler] Insert spoiler here [1/spoiler]

  11. it wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorked !!!! thank you all of you *hug*

    so the thing that I was dying to ask\say is

    now since the actress who play Mel tweeted that she`s coming back to amestardam is that mean she finished all her s05 scenes ?? including jon`s death scene *_* !!! ?? did they shoot this scene soo quickly from the first days !! because no way she could not be in this scene ): ! or do you think this could mean something else ?? like maybe she will come back later and do another scenes or maybe this scene will be in s06 ? I think she finished so quickly \:
  12. I said it above ! *^*

    something else

    I`m afraid that ser alliser will take over Bowen marsh`s role ! the reason why I dont want this to happen because then it will look like he killed him because he hate him *and we already know how much he hates jon* but The real reason on why Bowen stabed him is not because he hate him but becuase he thought he is saving the watch by doing it
  13. zod:
    nym sand,

    Why would Mel be in

    they saw each other minutes before his death I know its not an answer but I feel her present in the scene is important especially if you believe in the resurrection theory . maybe she can be in it as a foreshadowing \:
  14. nym sand,

    I’ve wondered about that too…
    Although they did introduce Othell Yarwyck last season, maybe he could take that role?

  15. nym sand,

    Darque was stating the fact that Othell Yarwyck was in last season.

    And we know he’s back this year, so hopefully they’ll use him in the same capacity as ADWD’s storyline.

  16. nym sand,

    nym sand,
    That is what I said, they introduced him last year (meaning season).
    Okay I guess technically they re-introduced him since he was in Season 1 in the background, but I think it was the first time they said his name.

    To bring him up and say his name could mean he will have a somewhat more prominent role in Season 5.

  17. sorry I think I read (they did) backward (:

    why dont they just stuck to the same name “Bowen marsh ” for the one who will do

    the stabbing ):

    why make him Otthel (: poor guy didnt do it

  18. nym sand,

    He wasn’t oficially named Bowen Marsh in the show before, so maybe they changed their mind because they want to cast a different actor for the role, and it’s not like this is the first time something like this happens in the show, Ian Whyte for example played a White Walker in season 1,the Mountain in season 2 and a Giant in season 3 and 4 .

  19. nym sand,

    Bowen Marsh is already cast so who knows. Don’t think they’ll extend his role. Could still work with Alliser as his commitment to the watch and honour have been defined this season. I meant Marsh and not Mallister being merged with Thorne

    On Mel, I’m pretty certain she’ll be coming back for more filming. Might be a pretty big gap until they need her again so no need for her to hang around kicking her heels.

  20. Brian Fortune is the actor who plays Othell Yarwyck. He’s been hanging around (as basically a featured extra) since Season 1. Only last year did they bother naming him officially and it was Yarwyck. Because of the way he had been used up to that point (ie. not much at all), they could have had him be a number of Night’s Watch guys. That he could have easily been named Bowen Marsh and they specifically chose to not do that, would indicate they don’t want him to do a whole lot more than what he has to this point (stand in the background and have a small line once a season).

    Bowen Marsh is important and requires an actor of the capabilities that Fortune most likely isn’t up for. Yarwyck (as a mostly silent tag along), seems to be more up his alley. My guess is that there will not be a Marsh at all and Thorne will be the one who fulfills the role, which makes infinitely more sense than elevating a background actor out of the blue to be Jon’s major antagonist.

    As for why he was ever confused as Bowen Marsh on the show, back in Season 1 the GoT Wiki guys (who are not affiliated with the show) made some assumptions and listed him as so. The actor himself seemed to suggest that’s who he thought he was playing early on but the show never officially acknowledged who he was playing until S4.

    My best guess is that they never had big plans for Fortune and when filming Season 1 (before ADwD came out), they had him namelessly standing in for Bowen Marsh. Once ADwD came out and they saw how much bigger a character Marsh would become, they hedged their bets by never committing to Fortune as any particular NW character. They either wanted the option of casting a more established actor as Marsh at a later date or were always planning on having an existing NW actor who the audience was familiar with taking on those responsibilities.

  21. jentario,


    I could barely see most of the action which was taking place in the dunes and seemed to include a large group of people dressed in gold/yellow uniforms. (That wasn’t a spoiler, was it?). I’m going to try an other observation point tomorrow lol πŸ™‚

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