Game of Thrones filming moves to the Royal Shipyards of Seville


It’s been a busy week in Spain for Game of Thrones filming, with some slight delays reported, but shooting has now completed at Italica in Santiponce, Seville. We’ve heard that the sets are being broken down inside the site and GoT will be cleared out of the amphitheater location very soon. Filming now shifts over Las Atarazanas, the Royal Shipyards of Seville. Shooting began there today, and WotW sources confirm for us that the filming involves Lena Headey (Cersei) and Anton Lesser (Qyburn).

Game of Thrones‘ standard G&H trailers were spotted by the shipyards earlier:

The medieval shipyards have been reported to be playing part of the Dragonpit, along with Italica, but we don’t have official confirmation of that fact. The striking arched structure of Las Atarazanas would certainly fit the look of the domed Dragonpit. If the report is correct, then this Cersei and Qyburn scene could be a short moment just before or after the larger group scenes that were filmed at Italica.

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And in more cheerier, non-filming news, yesterday the cast and crew of Game of Thrones brought a lovely treat to the fans lingering outside the hotel. Dan Weiss, David Benioff, Kit Harington, Rory McCann, and other cast members took 10 boxes of pizza to the crowd of fifty fans:

However that may be the last anyone sees of Kit Harington in Spain- at least for a while. We’ve heard from local reports that Harington and Liam Cunningham are flying back to Belfast for more filming. To the studios or a location in Northern Ireland, we don’t know.

We have heard another rumor concerning Northern Ireland: reports say that crews are working on Wolf Hill Quarry, located in the hills above Belfast. The site is busy at the moment, with green screens and a lot of fake snow being used. There is no proof that this is for Game of Thrones, but a person who worked on the quarry told our source that it was for GoT.

Wolf Hill Quarry has been a shooting location for the screen before, appearing in the movie Dracula Untold during a battle scene. For now, we’re treating this as unconfirmed, but be on the lookout for activity up in that neck of the woods!

Sue the Fury
Susan Miller, Editor in Chief of


  1. I wonder if they will shoot

    the entire wight hunting expedition in Iceland or if part of it will be shot in NI. Because I expect it will be quite difficult to shoot prolonged action scenes in the real snows in Iceland, especially with just a few hours of daylight.
  2. ghost of winterfell,

    In my opinion,

    if Dany shows up to save them, naturally they would have to shoot some scenes indoors in NI as well

    I don’t see how else they would do it so I’m guessing that’d the logical way to go about that but Emilia still has some shooting left to do in Spain so if Liam and Kit are returning to Belfast then they’re probably just shooting some more things for Winterfell. I would expect

    Emilia would need to be there as well, along with Joe Dempsie and Iain Glein. They could be shooting the wight hunt without Emilia’s part and she’ll probably join the party later so she can finish her work in Spain.

    Does anyone know of Kristofer Hivju, Paul Kaye and Richard Dormer’s whereabouts ? If they’re in Belfast next week as well, then we can pretty much know for sure what they’re filming there.

  3. Man, those are some lucky fans! That’s so awesome!!

    Indigestion is coming! XD Couldn’t resist. Love pizza though!
  4. Jay Targ,

    There is a comment in that insta post which says she has gone back to London, according to a guy who works at the check-in desk at Seville. We don’t know how reliable that info is though.

    Irina Stark,

    Dany only arrives at the end to save the others, so I assume there will be a few scenes which will not require Emilia. And yeah, the dragon stuff will be filmed in NI, I guess.
  5. Awww, too bad Kit and Liam won’t be part of the fun in Spain anymore. Back to cold Belfast and the studios. I suppose if they have any Winterfell scenes left they’ll film those and probably any

    Eastwatch scenes with Tormund and the rest of the wight hunt group. Perhaps the interior Dragonstone scenes too, though those might be few for now if Dany, Tyrion, and Greyworm are part of the ambush and are still filming in Spain.

    Emilia leaving Seville is perplexing because I thought she’d feature heavily in the upcoming filming in wherever they’re filming the ambush. Maybe it’s just a few days off while they finish filming in the shipyards? The good thing about Kit and Liam heading back to Belfast is we might finally get a glimpse of the rest of the Winterfell crew. They’ve been MIA these last few weeks.

  6. Emilia went back to London.

    Peter,Rory,Nathalie also left.I’m super confused about Emilia leaving so early.

  7. BunBunStark,

    I know, I’m very surprised too that Emilia is leaving, but she could be returning later if her destination was, in fact, London and not Belfast. But at the same time, since Peter and Nathalie left as well it’s very very curious.

    Maybe, just maybe .. Could they be paying a visit to Winterfell ? Is it possible ?

  8. Angie,

    Not that weird. Consider that they may have been filming multiple scenes in there, with different combinations of people.

  9. BunBunStark: Emilia leaving Seville is perplexing because I thought she’d feature heavily in the upcoming filming in wherever they’re filming the ambush.

    If during the ambush battle scene Daenerys always stays on her dragon and never interacts with anything on the ground directly, there is no reason for Emilia to actually go to the Malpartida set. Her parts would be shot in-studio.
  10. If Kit and Liam are leaving for Belfast and Emilia, Peter and Nathalie left as well, its very possible that the three will join Kit and Liam in Belfast next week to film some indoor Dragonstone scenes, that’s the most rational option.
    We’ve only seen some beach scenes but we haven’t seen Dany and Jon actually meet, plus it makes sense cast-wise. Peter and Nathalie welcomed Kit and Davos to DS.

  11. Irina Stark,

    Basically there is no way to know what’s going in the studio. Liam and Kit could be filming scenes in the North for other parts of the season, or it could be Dragonstone with the others. It’s all speculation at this point.

  12. Irina Stark: I know, I’m very surprised too that Emilia is leaving, but she could be returning later if her destination was, in fact, London and not Belfast. But at the same time, since Peter and Nathalie left as well it’s very very curious.

    Honestly, not all that curious.

    Peter and Nathalie are not involved in the ambush, AFAIK from the leaks. Emilia could film her heavily CGI scenes somewhere else, and any scenes requiring interactions with other characters, like Tarlys, later when she returns to Sevilla.

    Irina Stark: Maybe, just maybe .. Could they be paying a visit to Winterfell ? Is it possible ?

    I do hope not. No story reason for them to visit Winterfell in such a short time remaining.

  13. Mel,

    Originally they were supposed to be there for a few days but that was stated before the weather delay happened. So maybe a few days? Could be less. Shooting schedules get changed, darn rain.

  14. Maggie,

    If filming is until December and she’s not needed right now, there’s really no reason for her to stay in Spain? 🙂 As you say, she can always return later in case they need her.

  15. Sue the Fury,

    It is, I’m just going blind at this point, relying solely on who filmed what. I don’t see what Northern scenes Kit could film just with Liam. Maybe if the Stark kids show up or some of the members of the

    wight hunt except Rory who already split

    we’d be more informed but Emilia + Peter + Nathalie + Kit + Liam all leaving, should logically be Dragonstone.
    Of course, they could just be taking a family weekend break for tea and Sunday roast, haha !

    Thanks for the post, Sue !

  16. Sue the Fury,

    Thanks! Just seems a lot of time if it’s only for a short scene with Lena/Anton. Or maybe that was just today and they will film a different few scenes there with other characters too? I wonder if it’s for the Dragonpit or something else. Either way, thanks for the report as always! 🙂

  17. Irina Stark,

    It’s not necessarily “just Liam.” Liam and Kit are simply the ones who left Seville at the same time that are coming from the Northern story. Easily could involve more actors in Belfast.


    As we understand it, only Lena and Anton are filming for today. If we hear anything tomorrow and beyond, we’ll report it.

  18. So Team Dragonstone has left. Kinda confirms no one from that team will take any part in Casterly Rock scenes.

  19. Luka Nieto,

    The way I imagined the ambush going down is

    Dany shows up on Drogon, gives a few orders to Greyworm and the Dothraki commanders on the ground, gets back on Drogon and commences to burn shit up. Then, if the rumors are true, Drogon takes a hit and he and Dany fall to the ground where Jaime locks in on them and Dany attempts to defend herself before Bronn saves everyone’s bacon by getting Jaime out of there.

    So, while most of Dany’s scenes will probably be filmed in studio, I hope she at least has a few moments where Emilia will be required to film in Malpartida with the other actors to give the ambush a bit of an emotional weight.

  20. Pigeon:
    Rory’s smile lights up my heart.

    Whoops, just went all girly.

    As if that’s a bad thing? 😉

    I swoon over Nikolaj even in his skinny jeans and ugly hats.

    I’d love to get a roundup of who is still in Spain and filming. I really thought Gwendoline would film more with Liam since she’s part of the Northern contingent. I’d actually been looking forward to a discussion or two between them. Davos was supposed to have met with someone from Tarth in the books. I was hoping that would be our annual Selwyn Tarth name drop.

    If Peter left Spain, did he go back home? Because while the others can spend a few days at home in London, Peter’s family is much farther away. I’m curious if he’s out of Spain for an extended period of time. He could of course go to Belfast. But if one of the locations is CR, I wanted to see him there.

  21. I just read some comments from the people who worked at airport when Emilia,Peter and others were leaving last night,and basically all went to London.I hope I understand their spanish well lmao !
    They also posted a picture of Nathalie.

  22. Last year Emilia also had a break (maybe 2, I don’t remember exactly) while filming in Spain. So she could still return for the filming in Cáceres, though we know most of the stuff she’ll be involved

    in the ambush

    will be filmed in a studio in NI.

  23. I confess, Emilia’s hanging out at my place. And she was nice enough to bring a case of sparkling cava brut she picked up in Seville.

    Hic! ?

  24. Catspaw Assassin:
    I confess, Emilia’s hanging out at my place. And she was nice enough to bring a case of sparkling cava brut she picked up in Seville.


    Wierd, so I’m hanging out with the body double or what??

  25. Kay,

    Thanks Kay! The cinematographers must love her. Because her features so closely resemble Ms. Clarke’s, not just because she’s hotter than Vulcan’s forge.

    (Insert anvil or volcano emoticon here, in lieu of which here’s a push pin ?)


  26. Kay,

    Though she only worked on the s5 Spain shoot. And just for the Daznak’s Pit sequence. The point being she’s a stand-in rathern than a body double in the sense that some would interpret it as meaning… Just a quibble of mine. But the press is purposefully misleading about that point.

  27. Greenjones,

    Beats me why top cast members like Emilia Clarke or Peter Dinklage need body doubles? I can understand if they were stunt performers, but when these top cast actors/actresses are getting paid some $500,000 an episode, its a joke! I bet these body doubles get paid a pittance in comparison to what the top cast members earn 🙁

    There are plenty of women who look like Emilia and who could pass off as her, but just incredible looking at those photos how they found another dwarf who really does look like Peter Dinklage 😀

  28. Black Raven,

    It was for crowd shots by and large. And as the good Colonel Sean C. says above, for camera setups and lighting tests and whatnot. Which is standard procedure on most sets.

  29. I was there ! Liam Cunningham handed me a slice of delicious Pizza.
    We were not 50, actually we were only about 20 who’d waited through the rain that night.
    I could give to Gwendoline a drawing I had made for her; while signing autographs Rory said “I’m only doing this because Brienne asked me to” and also yelled at me (several times) because I wasn’t eating my pizza, and he also kissed my hand (What is life?) …
    Emilia and Lena weren’t there.
    I just wish the fans would stop yelling, asking for hundreds of signatures and taking selfies with the cast… I mean, we could have some interesting conversations instead. 🙂

    I’ve waited a bit too in front of the Royal Shipyards but it is all very secretive and discreet; I could see men carry in some huge antic pots though, can’t wait to look for these pots in the show 🙂 Hehe

  30. Ahahah i don’t really remember but it was THICK with cheese and I think Pepperoni. The slices were enormous tbh, they were not kidding. Yes Kit and Nikolaj were there, Nathalie Emmanuel who is adorable, Conleth, Alfie Allen was hiding somewhere, and Peter Dinklage came alone afterwards. Geralt of Rivia,

  31. Marion,

    That’s so amazing. And I’m with you on the conversation bit. A connection forged through words would mean so much more than some ink on paper, or even a picture with that person. Have the conversation, then go home and photoshop a pic of the two of you. Win-win.

    I’m not familiar with antic pots. Is antic a type of liquid?

    Cheers. And still very jealous. ?

  32. Marion,

    I envy you. I am pretty sure I would not wash that hand for a couple of days.
    Now I imagine his beard tickling my skin… lucky girl!!

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