Game of Thrones Fan Faves Joining the Funko Pop! Lineup in Time for NYCC!

Beric dondarrion

There are great Game of Thrones merch reveals every year for New York Comic Con, and this fall, we’re getting a sneak peek of a host of amazing new Funko products coming soon. Funko unveiled their latest batch of GoT Pop! figures on their blog today, along with a few more goodies. The other new toys include Pop! keychains featuring Jon’s faithful direwolf Ghost, Tyrion Lannister and the Night King, and a pair of Rock Candy sisters.

The new additions “coming soon” to the mega popular Pop! toy line include (in addition to the oh-my-god-gotta-have-it Beric Dondarrion figure above):

Yara Greyjoy:
yara funko
Bran Stark, with Catspaw dagger and chair:
bran funko

Lord Varys! No word yet if there’s also a wizard or a dwarf crammed in the box.

varys funko

The Children of the Forest:COTF funko

Orrrr you could go with the metallic version of Children Pop! figure, which will be available exclusively though the HBO Shop! COTF metallic funko

Gendry! With a warhammer and no oars, sadly. (I kid. I love it.)gendry funko

Barnes and Noble has the exclusive on this 3-pack, which features the Creators- yep, Benioff and Weiss get their own Funkos, along with GRRM and his captain’s hat.

Benioff Weiss GRRM

You can purchase the George RR Martin Funko figure all by his lonesome also at Barnes and Noble! Beric Dondarrion can also be found at B&N.

Funko’s Rock Candy line has two new additions as well: Arya and Sansa Stark in their season seven garb:

Rock Candy

I seriously need that Beric with the sword.

Sue the Fury
Susan Miller, Editor in Chief of


  1. Okay, I don’t usually get into these specific collections but the Rock Candy version of ASNAWP might be a must have!!

  2. Beric Dondarrion! Oh man … I generally don’t spend a lot of money on figures, and on the rare occasions that I do, I usually prefer the Black Series. But if they’re going to give us the Lightning Lord, I may need to purchase my first-ever Funko Pop in his honor. It looks dynamite, especially with that flaming sword! And while I’m at it, that Yara Greyjoy one looks great as well …

    And I love the fact that they’re producing Pops of Benioff, Weiss, and Martin. I’m pretty sure it’s a vanishingly rare occurrence for writers to get their own figures – a testament to the show’s overwhelming popularity.

  3. Could they make a Sansa Stark funk pop with her red hair and northern clothes please? They only did one of her and that was back in season 4 in her Dark Sansa dress and black dyed hair. One of her in her dire wolf dress and braid from season 6 would be perfect.

  4. Enharmony1625,

    I like the S7 Arya costume, but the face on that doll looks like a Vulcan.

    (Reminder to Funko: House Stark words are “Winter is Coming”, not “Live Long and Prosper.”)

  5. Beric isn’t just a NYCC exclusive? I thought he was–but that’d be great news. I totally want him and Varys (have him as a mini, but he definitely deserves to finally get a standard Pop.) I’ve got lots of Funkos, including many GoT ones, and I think I need Varys, Beric if possible…and probably the Arya Rock Candy. Actually I wish the RC style were the default rather than the Pops because it’s more realistic, but whatever. Tbh though, I’m shocked that they’ve now made Yara, Gendry, a Child of the Forest (Leaf?), another Bran pose/outfit, and the bloody WRITERS before Theon. Man, that guy can’t get no respect, no respect at all…well, maybe after S8 they’ll do another wave. That seems likely.

  6. Ten Bears,

    Maybe it’s the thick eyebrows. I think there was a bit of a joke around that a few years back because the Arya Funko Pop doesn’t have any eyebrows, much to the dismay of Maisie. They actually wrote that into the show as well when she first meets Lady Crane who tells her that she has a very expressive face and “wonderful eyebrows.” 🙂

  7. Sue the Fury:

    Beric, Barnes & Noble- it’s what it says. Usually there’s alimited quantity available at stores when it’s an exclusive like this so you have to get it fast. They’re vague on the release dates though.

    Hm…I ignored the B&N the first time because any headlined with “NYCC Exclusive” I assumed would only be available to attendees (and the lack of GoT presence this year makes me far more interested in going next year.) What would B&N exclusives have to do with the con? Unless there’s a B&N inside/near the convention center.

    Glad Maisie is so proud of her brows. x-3

  8. Wish Dark Horse would come out with new figures. Id dealy love to replace the Cersei one I have, that makes her look like a witch. Like I know she is, but she doesn’t look like that

    The only pops I have is of Dracrys (not sure of name, dragon with read wings) and Dany. The others just don’t do it for me Tho gotta admit, that Beric Dondarrio is pretty cool!

  9. Enharmony1625,

    These days, they couid put two eyes on a ping pong ball and as long as it comes with a miniature Needle accessory, they could charge $49.95 and I’d be tempted to buy it.

    I’m just waiting for a bar & grill to offer “The Hound” lunch special: a burger 1/2 rare and 1/2 well done with 2 large mugs of ale – and I’d buy that too. Wouldn’t hurt to have “Sally’s Rabbit Stew” on the menu. Though they were famished, the way Sandor and Arya inhaled their bowls of stew it must’ve been delicious.

    (I just realized… Arya Quality Character Trait #456: She always compliments the chef for a well-cooked dish: “Really Good!”)

  10. Shells: Hm…I ignored the B&N the first time because any headlined with “NYCC Exclusive” I assumed would only be available to attendees (and the lack of GoT presence this year makes me far more interested in going next year.) What would B&N exclusives have to do with the con? Unless there’s a B&N inside/near the convention center.

    Glad Maisie is so proud of her brows. x-3

    They’ve been doing “shared exclusives” recently. The Olenna was a SDCC exclusive and shared with Box Lunch. When it went live on their website I ordered one. I’m hoping to do the same with the Beric and B&N.

  11. Did anyone get a Beric today? They were all sold out by the time I got to the site at 1:20 🙁 and there’s a boatload of them on eBay right now.

  12. Aw fudge, I didn’t know today was the day for it…never knew about how these ‘shared exclusives’ worked or tried to get one before. >< I thought it was gonna be on B&N's site.
    I DID remember to try to win a GoT costume on WinterIsComing's podcast thingy, but somehow missed the trivia question. Dx Ah well, at least I did enjoy what little I heard of the discussion…maybe it started early, or was way shorter than I expected…

  13. I was able to snag a couple Beric’s at B&N just a little while ago! There were 11 people in line in front of me and I got the last 2. They were allowing 2 of each exclusive. My friend wanted one so I’m giving him the other.

    @Shelle Beric went live on the B&N website 3am this morning and sold out right away. The stores had them in today as well. HBO Shop released Beric on their website the other day along with the metallic Children of the Forest pop but they didn’t limit how many people could buy so it sold out right away.

    I’m going to get the regular non metallic CotF pop along with the other non exclusives (Yara, Bran, Varys, Gendry) from Amazon. They are up for preorder now and ship on November 13th. I get most of my pops from Amazon.

  14. Hmm…seems these things always sell out instantly and appear on eBay at ridiculous prices. >p<
    I list all the most interesting ones that get announced (& pin others on Pinterest just to have 'em), and then usually twice a year pick the faves between eBay & Amazon (whichever has the best price on a new one. Box doesn't matter. 😉

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