Game of Thrones Compendium open for submissions


The Game of Thrones Compendium is now open for submissions, after something of a delayed start.

Announced in early December, the Compendium is a crowd-sourced collection of fanworks, including art, music, essays and more, inspired by the show.

Selected submissions can be viewed online at the site, and some will be chosen for a printed, bound edition of the Game of Thrones Compendium.

To submit a work to the Compendium, visit this link and sign in. Fans will also want to check the FAQ/Submission Guidelines provided at the site to see if you’re eligible to participate and to optimize your chances of being included.

Submissions are being accepted until March 28th, 2015, at midnight EST.

Sue the Fury: Will you be submitting a piece? Let us know how you find the submission process.

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    1. Obviously we should be moving on from this but I just happened to check out and their latest article is a speculation piece about S5 episode titles that sources titles suggested by a random poster in a comment thread at

      So that’s where we’re at with that. I assume this is what happens when you have an unrealistic post quota swinging over your head at all times…

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    2. Wow thats one of the worst website designs I’ve ever seen (navigation, glyphs, colors, animations). I was planning to submit a few pieces but after seeing the way the art is displayed (very lo-res) I will not be doing so. I spent hours and hours getting the details just perfect, why would I let anyone view the stuff at such a small, pixilated size?

      Too bad cause its a cool program and a great way for artists to get attention.

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    3. Hoyti Von Totiy: What is wrong about speculating episode names?

      There’s nothing wrong with that topic but they didn’t even bother speculating on any themselves, they went on a comment board from another site and posted that random person’s suggestions. That’s the height of laziness.

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    4. Off topic:
      The GOT event at the Quebec Ice Hotel was set for tonight, but no details were available after the vague announcement. Now local media are saying that
      1. It is a private event
      2. 20 rooms were booked for part of the production team
      3. No cast is attending.
      4. The hotel’s visitable areas will be decorated in a GOT theme, but we don’t know how many days that will last for potential visitors.
      5. The ice replica of the Iron Throne for the Winter Carnival will be unveiled tomorrow, at a very public location this timebeside the ice castle.

      So I might get you guys pictures of the Ice Throne next weekend, but no ice-papparazzying I’m afraid…

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    5. I’m not going to bother giving them ad hits, but yeah, if that’s accurate, swiping someone else’s ep titles speculation from is pretty low. Make your own speculation.
      And really episode titles is just something people usually do for fun in comments. Kinda silly to capitalize on other people’s work that way, but what else is new.

      Yeah I was reluctant to report on that event as there were very few details and no cast said to be attending. A pretty Ice Throne pic would be cool though. 🙂

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    6. King Tommen,

      They also seem to not be aware some of plot points that have been figured out months ago.

      The post that got me the most was the TWENTY FIVE page slideshow about the best hairstyles.

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    7. Writing an article about Wildfire and the Mad King and not mentioning that he used Wildfire to burn alive in his armor Rickard Stark – pretty important moment in westerosi history and then that article ranking the season trailers , continually putting spoilers in their headlines it really is a shame how badly they’ve wrecked such a great website.

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    8. Chubacca:
      I’ll never support this compendium as long as Arthur Chu is on the panel.

      Because he won on Jeopardy or because he is against harassment of women online by man-children scared that more than just them want to play video games?

      Hoping it’s the former.

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    9. King Tommen,

      Well it’s because of his actions against GamerGate, yes, but you grossly mischaracterized GamerGate the same way he does. And have you ever considered that the term “man-children” itself is sexist?

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    10. Luka Nieto,

      I agree, except in that I wish HBO had done a little more research into Arthur Chu before championing him. His recent activities reflect poorly on him. I won’t get further into it here though, I know it’s not the place, but more info isn’t hard to find.

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