Game Of Owns: Love and Kingship


Episode 361 – Love and Kingship
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Tommen, Loras, Margaery and friends play happily in a courtyard. They’ve been seen by the Queen. But in the North there is only Reek.

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A mad wine party
The People vs. Cersei
Rhaegar and Cersei
The trouble with flowers
Parenting the King
Reek, reek
Losing Moat Cailin
A feast with hounds



  1. Alexa,

    Missed it! Wanted to share, but you made it first. Anyway the trailer is out on the Facebook and Cersei is breathing frost as a Night Queen. Knew it.

  2. The Reek chapter was horrible. I agree with the commentators that it was extremely well written, with powerful imagery and Theon being Reek playing Theon of the Iron Born for the last survivors holding Moat Cailin had a huge impact on me. It’s been a while since we’ve seen HIM, the former self and even though it was an illusion brought by Ramsay’s command, it was important to have Theon experience at least a shred of his former self, a little bit of hidden pride of being Iron Born.

    The Cersei chapter I delighted in. I thought the gentleman who brought to the table to comparison with Tyrion’s chapter from Clash when he experienced the power and the position of being Hand of the King had an excellent point. It does feel in a way like a mirror image of that (and I don’t even like Clash of Kings but Tyrion’s chapters were always special). The way the siblings take in the constant stream of happenings in the kingdom and make or not decisions while dealing with their own personal internal squabbles about family, Tywin, how they were raised and what’s to be done about it.

    Unlike Tyrion, Cersei completely blocks out the world and thinks of the next perceived threat to her power, loses sight of what’s important if she even recognizes what that is, while Tyrion does much better.

    It is funny how Martin puts in all the events Cersei should be looking at and and ponder about, yet does not: the Iron Bank request for payment on the loans, the dragons in Meereen, Wayman Manderly possibly NOT executing the Onion Knight and finally the Sparrows who crowd and loiter in the city. She’s completely concentrating on her little war with Margery and Loras. And she’s losing that war because Margery is so good at exploiting Tommen’s innocence and Cersei’s mistakes (like the one where Robert’s jousting prowess is bring questioned).

    Finally, I agree with the lady commentator: all owns go to Tommen! I would outlaw the beets too and at least he got the kittens…

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