Game Of Owns: A Block of Ice


Episode 360 – A Block of Ice
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The icemelt sloweth, and patiently we waited. HBO announced the world premiere of Game of Thrones season 7 in grand fashion and the world had questions.

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The release date
The ice
GoT live in concert
Meet ups
Ramin Djawadi
S7 teaser
Con of Thrones
Call for programming


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    1. The same thing is coming for all of us. There is only one hype that matters: The Great Hype. And it is here.

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    2. Thank you for the special edition! And for announcing the preliminary schedule for Con of Thrones!

      So, based on the podcast and schedule, I am guessing that Kristian will be attending?

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    3. You may not be able to freeze a real person but you could freeze a mannequin dressed as some character or whoever in the block of ice. ­čśë

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