Game of Thrones nominated for two WGA Awards!

WGAAwards season is continuing nicely for Game of Thrones this year!

Today via press release, the Writers Guild of America officially announced nominations for their 2016 television awards. The WGA Awards will celebrate “outstanding achievement in television, new media, news, radio, and promotional writing during 2015.”

The awards ceremony will take place on Saturday, February 13th.

Game of Thrones is competing in two categories: Drama Series, and Episodic Drama, which recognizes specific episodes. The season 5 finale “Mother’s Mercy,” written by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, is representing GoT in the category.

The nominations, and the competition:


The Americans, Written by Peter Ackerman, Joshua Brand, Joel Fields, Stephen Schiff, Lara Shapiro, Joe Weisberg, Tracy Scott Wilson, Stuart Zicherman; FX

Better Call Saul, Written by Vince Gilligan, Peter Gould, Gennifer Hutchison, Bradley Paul, Thomas Schnauz, Gordon Smith; AMC

Game of Thrones, Written by David Benioff, Bryan Cogman, Dave Hill, D.B. Weiss; HBO

Mad Men, Written by Lisa Albert, Semi Chellas, Jonathan Igla, Janet Leahy, Erin Levy, Tom Smuts, Robert Towne, Matthew Weiner, Carly Wray; AMC

Mr. Robot, Written by Kyle Bradstreet, Kate Erickson, Sam Esmail, David Iserson, Randolph Leon, Adam Penn, Matt Pyken; USA



“Explosivos” (Narcos), Written by Andy Black; Netflix

“International Assassin” (The Leftovers), Written by Damon Lindelof & Nick Cuse; HBO

“Mind’s Eye” (The Good Wife), Written by Robert King & Michelle King; CBS

“Mother’s Mercy” (Game of Thrones), Written for Television by David Benioff & D.B. Weiss; HBO

“Person to Person” (Mad Men), Written by Matthew Weiner; AMC

“Uno” (Better Call Saul), Written by Vince Gilligan & Peter Gould; AMC

The competing shows are extremely strong this year, so I don’t think Game of Thrones is a shoo-in to win. However, bad pussy aside, “Mother’s Mercy” did win the Emmy for Writing and the show does have a shot at it.

Congratulations on the nominations to all the writing staff of Game of Thrones! We’ll be rooting for you.

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    1. Wow…GoT, the Americans, Mr. Robot (!), Mad Men and Better Call Saul….couldn’t ask for a better collection of TV drama for 2015. It is damn fine company that GoT keeps!

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    2. Mother’s Mercy is probably the best episode of the show to date. It deserves the Emmy and can win this too.

      Does anyone here see that Mr. Robot show? Is it any good?

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    3. jentario: Mr. Robot

      In this age of Snowden and the Fappening, it is a very timely drama. Tight tech stuff, with a little suspension of disbelief. Reminds me of William Gibson’s works. Binge it immediately!

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    4. Fingers crossed for GOT. Seems strange to be talking about S5 awards when I’m so focused now on S6. S6 looks like it’s shaping up to be awesome, so hopefully the awards just keep on coming next year as well.

      Glad to see The Americans getting a nod, one of the most underrated shows on TV at the moment, IMO.

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    5. Congratulations to GoT team, one of the few tv series that are so commercially popular but also manage to have the quality to be nominated on such awards all the time.
      I don’t watch so many tv series so i haven’t watched any of the other ones nominated, so in can’t be sure if GoT deserves the win……
      But i wish GoT to win the Golden Globe in the upcoming seasons, because let’s me honest 5 seasons one more popular than the other (not every series can do that), great scenes and acting… even as an honorably award the deserve it .

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    6. More about the other shows. I’m glad that both The Americans and The Leftovers (the 2 best shows that nobody watches) are being recognized. I’m surprised that “Uno” was nominated; my guess would have been “Five-O” (“I broke my boy!”) This is a murderers’ row in both categories.

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    7. Cersei’s Brain: International Assassin

      I find it odd that this episode of The Leftovers was included in this nominee list, since it only aired 2 weekends ago (2015/11/22)! Nevertheless, S2 is excellent so far…it is overlapping and meshing with S1 quite nicely. Can’t wait for the finale on Sunday!

      (Meg = Trashcan Man!) 😉

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    8. jentario,

      Agreed, absolutly loved the episode. Stannis’s story, Jon’s, Cersei’s, Tyrion’s.
      Definetly top 3 for me.

      I liked it better even then EP8. I still think that HH is the best 25 min of television I have ever seen, but I think EP10 is stronger overall.

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    9. Mihnea,

      As several people have already mentioned over various threads, man, oh, man I hope they do an IMAX release of the final 3 episodes of season 5.

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    10. Game of Thrones, Fargo, and better call saul where my top 3 shows of this year, had bloody amazing good time watching them each of them, and they all deserve all the awards they get or have gotten.

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