Game of Thrones nominated at the Golden Globes!

GGsThe nominations for the 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards were announced this morning. Happily, Game of Thrones was included among the nominees!

This year, Game of Thrones is nominated for Best Drama Series.

It will be face strong competition in the form of Empire, Mr. Robot, Narcos and Outlander. As you can see, the Golden Globes carried on its habit of recognizing new blood.

It’s odd to have Game of Thrones be the veteran in the bunch! This will be an interesting battle in the best drama series category.

Game of Thrones was nominated in this category last year as well and in 2012, when Peter Dinklage also took home the award for Best Supporting Actor.

In other categories: GoT‘s Tobias Menzies picked up a Best Supporting Actor nomination for his work in a dual role on Starz’s Outlander.

The winners will be announced in the ceremony hosted by Ricky Gervais on January 10th. The complete list of Golden Globe nominations is available on the organization’s website.

Congratulations to all the hardworking people behind Game of Thrones on this nomination!

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Sue the Fury
Susan Miller, Editor in Chief of


  1. Congratulations to everyone…i really wish them to win this, not their best season but still the best compared to the others.
    GoT actors never get a place on golden globes despite the fact that they act in the most popular series in the world right now and they even compete in supporting category, they could find a room for one of them..but no.
    We will see where the other series will be in 5 years 🙂

  2. Maggie,

    Competing in the supporting category is a disadvantage at the Globes, because they have only one supporting category for all of TV, whereas for the lead categories they do comedy, drama and limited series separately.

    Non-GOT comments:

    Outlander‘s two nominations is unexpected.

    Between Gina Rodriguez’s second nomination after winning last year and Rachel Bloom also getting in, the HFPA is the only major awards body willing to give the CW any credit.

    Over on the film side, the continued strong performance of Mad Max: Fury Road on the awards circuit gladdens my heart. It’s my favourite film of the year to date.

  3. Oh nice all this nominations. Got 4ever.

    I hope sue has some hint for us today or tomorrow, Since december 6 when we got the photos of season 6 we don t have nothing more.

    4 days is too much without nothing of Got. Id better get used to it now with the filming ending. =(

  4. Aguero,

    Photos of game of thrones ?
    Hope so, and congratulations to Game of thrones, really hope they win, mostly so I can read more complaints 🙂 but really, hope they win, good season.

  5. Aguero,

    Four days since an official release of images is not a long time. Plus filming’s just about over and they’re going to be in the studio the rest of the time, so yeah..get used to slow weeks. You guys have been spoiled this year- usually the late fall is much deader than this, news-wise.

  6. Go GOT! I’ll keep my fingers crossed.
    On the other hand, I sound like a broken record: no Lena nomination (: Stephen Dillane and Iain Glen also deserve one imho. But I’m glad for Tobias Menzies, it’s a rare achievent to create a villain more repulsive than Ramsay. I also like Tobias because he’s part of GOT cast. We were shown very little of Edmure, but Tobias managed to create a real portrait. Just remember Lord Tully’s funeral…

  7. ShadowStalker:
    As much as I love Game of Thrones… Mr. Robot was the best show on TV last year.

    I didn’t think I would but I loved “Mr. Robot”. From the premise, I figured I would be lost but it is so well written that I got pulled right in. Plus, Christian Slater!
    Kind of surprised to see “Outlander” because, while loaded with pretty and some steamy scenes, I found myself eye-rolling more times than not. Tobias Menzies and Graham McTavish are wonderful though. Without those two, it would just be two average actors pouting for 52 minutes. Beautiful actors pouting, yes, but I wasn’t really impressed with either one (Jamie & Claire) when it comes to making me care.

  8. Nominations-wise, Outlander benefits from having people that fit into more traditional categorization, regarding lead vs. supporting. GoT will always pose a big problem with that.
    They submit everyone for Supporting with GoT, and when it comes to the Golden Globes, full-length television series, mini-series and TV movies all go into one category for supporting which is just dumb.

    All things considered, I’m content with the nomination. I didn’t actually expect for GoT to get more than that.

  9. Kells,

    Completely agree – I watched “Outlander” for straight entertainment but did find it maudlin at times. Plus it seemed repetitive – Claire gets captured, Jamie saves her, Jamie gets captured, Claire saves him, rinse repeat. I hope the storyline expands this coming season.

    I absolutely loved “Mr Robot”. This year it was a tad better than GoT in the writing department – don’t know if that will happen again. Will be interesting to see if it can win the Globe in its premier year.

    Also, “Narcos” was fun (not sure if that’s the right word for a drug lord/crime story) but can’t see it competing well. Mr. Pascal was a treat to watch.

  10. Aguero,

    Man, you are going to go crazy in the lean time – next couple months there won’t be much news at all. Better prepare yourself.

  11. Outlander absolutely deserved the Best Drama nomination; it was a very strong first season. I would disagree with Caitriona Balfe being nominated while Sam Heughan was not, however; Balfe did a good job as Claire, but her portrayal is much more melancholic than I had anticipated after reading the book. In the book, Claire comes across as being much more lively; that difference in her portrayal added a certain moodiness to the show. For the last couple episodes alone Heughan deserved a nomination. I’m pleased for Tobias Menzies – he made me despise him as Jonathan Randall and you had to pity him as Frank. But if Outlander is repetitive – I mean, isn’t GoT? Terrible things are always happening; maybe different terrible things, but terrible all the same, and many times the same character gets the brunt (poor Sansa).

    I was surprised GoT was nominated for Best Drama. Overall I’ll always enjoy the show, but season 5 really was not a strong one. I do think Mr. Robot will end up winning.

    In a non-GoT comment; very pleased to see Gina Rodriguez nominated again, but disappointed that Jane the Virgin did not receive a series nomination.

  12. Yay! for GOT but Narcos might nab this one…it is quite good and it´s certainly the Globes´ cup of tea, much more than GOT

  13. Why do we even care? This is the award show that had The Affair (!) win for Best DRAMA over Game of Thrones. That makes them completely irrelevant. Since The Affair won last year surely it will be Outlander this year… Its a similar show in a way. Apparently they like that kind of thing there.
    Game of Thrones crushed the Emmys which is a 100 times more relevant.

  14. ShadowStalker,

    My top three is Better Call Saul, Fargo, and Mr. Robot. GoT comes in fourth. But Hardhome is still a strong contender for best individual episode of the year.

  15. I hope Tobias Menzies wins in his category; he was incredibly good, especially as Black Jack. And the role diminishes in the next book, so it’ll be this year or nothing.

    But I find it hard to take an organization very seriously that nominates Fury Road for Best Picture and Sly Stallone for his acting.

  16. Firannion:
    I hope Tobias Menzies wins in his category; he was incredibly good, especially as Black Jack. And the role diminishes in the next book, so it’ll be this year or nothing.

    But I find it hard to take an organization very seriously that nominates Fury Road for Best Picture and Sly Stallone for his acting.

    Fury Road is bloody amazing! :O

    One of the best crafted action films this side of 2005.

  17. Bearded Onion: Fury Road is bloody amazing! :O

    One of the best crafted action films this side of 2005.

    It was one long car chase. Almost no story or character development. Even the feminist elements couldn’t rescue it for me. And I wanted to bang my head against a wall every time that idiotic guitarist came onscreen.

  18. Firannion,

    Sylvester Stallone gives one of the best supporting performances of the year in Creed. He’s an actor with very narrow range, but Rocky Balboa is solidly within it (for obvious reasons), and I don’t think he’s ever been as good as he is there.

    I disagree that Mad Max lacks character development. It doesn’t have much dialogue, but you don’t need dialogue to do that.

  19. Yay for Game of Thrones, I hope they win, even though all shows on the list are great and some of my favourites.

    But I must admit I find it hard to take the Golden Globes seriously since they nominated Lady Gaga for an acting award, but she has the same face for every emotion..

  20. Two more “Mr. Robot” fans here. Hope either GoT or Robot wins.
    Another good one, which started too late to be nominated this year, is “The Last Kingdom”. The first season just ended, but it’s available now on On Demand. Alexander Dreymon, the lead actor, is a good actor, good warrior, good lover, and gorgeous to look at. Matthew Macfadyen (Ripper Street), David Dawson (Ripper Street and so much else), Emily Cox , Ian Hart, Rutger Hauer, Adrian Bower, and a ton of Scandinavian actors are all in it too. It’s based on The Saxon Stories by Bernard Cornwell.

  21. Mr Robot or Narcos will win, the Globes love to award the newbies.

    Thank god Dinklage didn’t receive another popularity vote. I was beginning to resent him for all these undeserved nominations.

  22. LWood1213,

    You thought Claire was “lively” in the first book? Did you read the same book I did? 😉 Hmmmm…if only there was a category for “Best Man Candy”…Sam would win hands down! So happy for Tobias Menzies! He’s amazing in both roles.

    Count me in the “Mr. Robot” appreciation club. Won’t be sad if it wins over GoT. It was really different.

  23. Happy for the cast and crew, but this season of Game of Thrones would just miss my own personal list of the six best shows in 2015…

    6. Mr. Robot
    5. The Knick
    4. Fargo
    3. The Americans
    2. Rectify
    1. The Leftovers

    Still, it was a great season of television, and certainly worthy of being recognized.

  24. I hadn’t thought about the categories and have to say I am relieved that GoT is not up against Fargo in these (it’s nominated for best tv movie or limited series – despite it also having 10 episodes like GoT).
    I think it is absolutely incredible and is creeping up there into my list of favourite tv series ever joining the ranks of The Wire and The Sopranos.

    GoT will always have a place in my heart – no other show could have me checking a site every day for potential news but it would be very Sophie’s Choice if I had to choose between that or Fargo for this year!

  25. Khal-A-Bunga,

    Quite an interesting list. I watch Knick and I have watched The Leftovers, so I fully understand your admiration for them. You made me curious in the other shows too, so I’d give The Americans and Mr. Robot a try. You were right! They are dark, impressive, mesmerizing. I’ll definitely continue to watch them. Thanks for the valuable suggestion!

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