Game of Thrones nominated at the ASC Awards


With the end of the year nearing, we can expect to see Game of Thrones turn up on some Best of 2015 lists, and awards season is already beginning.

Yesterday, the American Society of Cinematographers announced their nominations for the ASC Awards, recognizing outstanding cinematography on television. Once again, Game of Thrones made the cut!

The complete nominee list for the category of “Episode of a Regular Series:”

  • Vanja Cernjul, ASC, HFS, Marco Polo, “The Fourth Step” (Netflix)
  • David Greene, CSC, 12 Monkeys, “Mentally Divergent” (SyFy)
  • Christopher Norr, Gotham, “Strike Force” (Fox)
  • Crescenzo Notarile, ASC, AIC, Gotham, “Scarification” (Fox)
  • Fabian Wagner, BSC, Game of Thrones, “Hardhome” (HBO)

Game of Thrones season four scored two nominations for the award last year with both Anette Haellmigk (“The Children”) and Fabian Wagner (“Mockingbird”) being recognized. The award ultimately went to Boardwalk Empire.

Wagner, this year’s GoT nominee, is returning to the show for season 6. He’ll be performing director of photography duties on the season 6 finale, reteaming with “Hardhome” director Miguel Sapochnik.

According to the ASC, the winners will be announced on February 14th, 2016.

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    1. Have to say it just because I see it on the list… In my opinion Marco Polo was suckingly boring for almost the entire season. That feeling is fairly in line with the critical reception of the program. I really looked forward to that show too. The final episode and a quarter were starting to turn toward ‘decent,’ but, “The Fourth Step” is episode 4, just halfway through the mind-numbing meh of the first 8 episodes.

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    2. You know, for that one I’m really supporting 12 Monkeys… the show went quite under the radar and (despite a pretty slow and flawed beginning) I loved it !

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    3. What! That tweet down below with the GoT gingerbread house pic is doooooope. And u can eat the hand of the king tower for added realism!….. KI rocking the WotW shirts a good look! U can tell the her father’s gonna be in for a handful in a couple yrs

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    4. look up his CV, I did and all of his stuff is wonderful! As far as I understand what cinematography is…

      Sherlock – A Scandal in Belgravia kicked ASS!

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    5. Speaking of the twitter feed which is usually over on the right, has it been missing for anyone else, or is it just my system?
      It’s been gone for me for at least a week or two, and I miss it.

      (Yeah, I can click on the link to twitter, and I do, ’cause there are usually some cool things [like a picture of Kerry Ingram wearing a WotW shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!], but I was just wondering.)

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    6. Arkash: 12 Monkeys

      Yeah…although the incredible T Gilliam movie is one of my favorites, I thought the 1st season of the 12M TV adaptation was pretty damn good. It needs a bigger audience! The departures from the film are plausible and interesting. The episode nominated (named after a scene in the film) is excellent.

      But Hardhome is going to be tough to beat. 🙂

      OT: On Friday. season 1 of The Man in the High Castle will be released. I saw the first 2 episodes (after a recommendation from someone on this site) and they were excellent adaptations of that great Dick novel. It has been getting great reviews and I can’t wait to see the rest of the season! Fun!

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    7. Game of Thrones is by far the most beautifully shot series on television.

      It’s so exciting to get the Bluray and rewatch the season to catch the sheer beauty of the locations, sets, customs and CGI.

      We are really visually spoiled when it comes to watching this show, the cinematography is top notch in every aspect.

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    8. Arthur,

      I’m holding out hopes we’ll get the last couple/few (since Hardhome was episode 8) in IMAX, again.

      The thought of getting to see things like Hardhome and Daznak’s on the big screen gives me chills.

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    9. Nymeria Warrior Queen,

      HBO could make it happen if they wanted. It was a success when they did it last year.

      I’d go see it for sure!

      I just can’t wait for season 6. It’s so weird because besides some of the Greyjoy stuff none of us know what’s going to happen so for once I can have the same experience as the unsullied.

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    10. Arthur:
      Nymeria Warrior Queen,

      HBO could make it happen if they wanted.It was a success when they did it last year.

      I’d go see it for sure!

      I just can’t wait for season 6.It’s so weird because besides some of the Greyjoy stuff none of us know what’s going to happen so for once I can have the same experience as the unsullied.

      I hadn’t read the books going into seasons 1 and 2… but I had by the 3rd seasons. And so season 2 was the last season where I had butterflies in my stomach thinking about what might happen. Though, I guess I had a lot of anticipation for 3 due to having read the books. But I wasn’t super excited about seasons 4 and 5 (though, I enjoyed both)… but I’m stupidly excited about season 6.

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    11. GeekFurious,

      Yeah, every week we will be surprised and it will be a whole different kind of excitement then already knowing what is going to happen.

      I just hope the folks at HBO are more careful this season, I remember last season huge spoilers were leaked along with full episodes.

      Although we all can take personal responsibility to avoid spoilers it is sooo hard to resist the temptation to know! If a spoiler comes out I can’t resist the urge to click and read, I am not talking little new update spoilers, I am talk the huge ones that happened last year, so hopefully those huge leaks wont happen this season so we all can experience the unsullied type of viewership.

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    12. “Game Of Thrones” consistently boats some of the est cinematography around, and I’d put it up against many of today’s blockbuster movies. Any lingering doubts, personally I never had any, were more than cleared away when I went to see episodes 9 and 10 last of Season Four, last year on IMAX.

      The show just looked fantastic. I was watching a movie, pure and simple. Hard to believe that this was a TV show I was seeing on that ginormous screen…

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