Game of Thrones interview round-up: Nikolaj on that duck plus Jonathan Pryce and Dean-Charles Chapman

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau: the face of a man who has just trolled you hard

Hot off last weekend’s Game of Thrones episode “High Sparrow,” there’s a nice spate of new interviews featuring the cast.

The highlights:

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau stopped by Conan to talk about the new season. In this first clip, Nikolaj talks Game of Thrones spoilers, and just what he was up to with that duck:

The second video shows Conan O’Brien discovering more than we ever wanted to know about Nikolaj’s digestive system.

  • Jonathan Pryce admits he turned down a role in the first season of Game of Thrones in an interview with BBC Radio 4 (the complete Pryce interview can be found on the BBC Radio 4 here). Pryce says he declined after only skimming the script quickly, and that he usually makes quick decisions in choosing his roles. The actor says: “I don’t like swords and fantasy things. I am that person who has never seen Star Wars, I’ve never seen any of the Lord of the Rings things and I’d never seen Game of Thrones,”

Pryce says of his character the High Sparrow that he’s a “man of the people, he dressed in rags, he feed the poor, takes care of the poor. Yet he is this incredibly powerful figure who has the wherewithal to dispense justice against somebody – I won’t tell you who it is.”

Speculation as to what role he was offered? Perhaps he was offered the part of Grand Maester Pycelle after Roy Dotrice had to step down, post-pilot?

  • Vulture talks with the reigning king of Westeros, or the actor that plays him anyway- Dean-Charles Chapman.

Ever since Margaery came into his bedroom, Tommen just loves her. […] In his eyes, she’s the most beautiful woman in the world. He never really had contact with a woman before, not even just talking to one. And it would kill him if he thought she was insincere. He’s really innocent to what’s going on around him, which is rare in Game of Thrones. He’s too young to know. He’s easily manipulated.

Chapman says that when it comes to his new wife Margaery and his mother Cersei, “Tommen’s going to have to choose. He’s going to be torn.”

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  1. Jonathan Pryce is ideal for this role – I can’t imagine anyone else pulling it off quite so well.

  2. Nokalaj’s Tunesia story was so funny, cause like the exact same thing happend during our college trip to Morocco, when the guys were checking out the local toilet they were literally like ‘no, that’s not gonna happen here’ and they were holding ‘it’ in for days as well…

  3. DCC, this kid must be the envy of all his pals landing this role. Especially after the scene he got to film last week! Enjoy it while it lasts young man

  4. I think they wanted to cast him as Cersei Lannister.. But sadly he refused.

    Would’ve been glorious though.

  5. Yes, I would say Maester Luwin – does anyone know if Donald Sumpter was cast for the pilot?
    And hahaha to NCW!

  6. And yet again, we get trolled by a Lannister. You’d think we learned the lesson after Lena’s “stoneheart”.

  7. Stark Fan,

    I wouldn’t call it a great news,because it’s actually a good part from the books.With 7th or 8th seasons it’s better to focus on characters already on the show(people are invested in them) and it would cheapen another big reveal…arguably much more important involving certain theory.I fully understand them.

    There is arguably no need for Victarion on the show and Euron could be already on the show,if the one ambitious theory is true.Or one character will take his arch.It depends what’s in the store for Ironborns.No news about Yara.

    Arianne was cut from the show and that was the first signal of this change.Dany and maybe Trystane will take YG parts from the booksDany will invade Westeros in Stormlands and Trystane with Dorne will probably support her after Queenmaker plot failing..She will need support from Westeros and Dorne is the best choice for it.Or D&D have something else in the store for Dorne like Queenmaker plot will be succesful and it will be Trystane/Myrcella vs Dany.
  8. Haha! I love that NCW is trolling the purists! He was at Staples Center last night at the Clippers game here in LA

  9. Brilliant stuff from NCW, I love it. That

    Duck = Rolly Duckfield = AEGON IS IN THE SHOW hype seems even more ridiculous now

    (though there’s zero chance that it’ll dissuade people from coming up with ever more bizarre theories…)

    American WOTW-ers, do you actually find Conan O’Brien funny? He’s not my cup of tea.

  10. Haha I knew NCW was messing with us. Him saying “Think about it” at the end was the clincher. He wanted it to drive us insane.

  11. ServantofLight,

    I never did believe him…the ‘serious’ face he did with Mr. Duck was too much. 😛

    I cannot stand Conan. But I know I’m in the minority. I just don’t find him that funny, he’s kind of like when someone is performing and you feel embarrassed for them because they kinda suck. But he’s the millionaire with the massive following, and I’m just the polite Canadian. LOL.

  12. James,

    I don’t think he meant to drive anyone insane. He was just joking around with some random stuffed animal duck and then was baffled when people actually thought he was giving some secrete clue about the show.

  13. Minty: Loved it too.Now I am waiting for some people to start discussing what those dragons have been doing …

    Uhm, they egged each other on…
    Or they hatched plans?

  14. Well NCW did it again right there: incestuous dragons = incestuous Jamie and Cersei = incestuous Targs !
    Now I do not believe this particular fan theory but I am sure some followers will take this comment as another spoiler from him…

  15. Haha, i feel bad but thinking about all those people who did paragraph after paragraph analyzing the hell out of a duck and coming to conclusions is just so funny, nicely done Nicolajjjjj!

  16. Ha! glad Nikolaj owned up to the trolling at last! silly silly.. at least he’s trying to be interactive 🙂

    and I could see Pryce as Maester Luwin but I’m glad he turned it down, he’s better as the slightly dangerous High Sparrow and Sumpter was perfect as Luwin, I miss him!

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