Game of Thrones Halloween costume (and pumpkin) compilation

Another Halloween has come and gone, leaving us with Twitter and Instagram feeds overflowing with glorious (though sometimes tacky) Game of Thrones costumes as well as some memorable, spoiler-filled jack-o-lanterns.       There were, unsurprisingly, plenty of Daenerys … es 


#rhaegal #kahleesi #gameofthrones #halloween #halloween2015 #babies1sthalloween A photo posted by Tara Lett (@taralett) on

I am the mother of dragons ??? #khaleesi #gameofthrones #GOThalloween A photo posted by Danielle Fiala (@danielle_fiala) on


Everyone’s favorite totally-not-dead Crow, Jon Snow 

Or rather, Jon Snow White (get it?)


Then, of course, there were the group photos

Daenerys + Jon Snow + dragon baby was particularly popular

#youknownothingjonsnow #khaleesi #rhaegal #daenerystargaryen #GOT #happyhalloween #2015 A photo posted by htgrl32 (@htgrl32) on

Happy Halloween from our realm to yours! ??? #happyhalloween2015 #Rhaegal #daenarys #johnsnow A photo posted by Kaden.J (@kaden.j) on

Then the embodiments of fire and ice themselves, Dany and Jon, sans baby

Guess who ? #GOTHalloween A photo posted by @_jennlucas on

Dan shared his take (with a friend) on the Ice & Fire couple via our Facebook: DJ Glad to see the sun has risen in the west and set in the east.

Game of Thrones up in this Bia’ with my rib!!! @lacilace11   A photo posted by @kingvr3fit on

Speaking of tragic lovers

Happy Halloween. Ygritte and Jon Snow. #gameofthrones #got #halloween #costume #cosplay #ygritte #jonsnow A photo posted by Jody steel (@artistjodysteel) on

And … not so tragic

“This pie is dry!!” #gameofthrones #joffrey #margeari #halloween ?? A photo posted by PhDoubleD (@phdoubled) on

Melisandre with her *possible* resurrection project

Aspiring Queen of the North

A “personal portrayal” of Khal Drogo


Happy Halloween! ???#dragon #drogon #halloween A photo posted by Gina Melfi (@gigimelf) on

A White Walker/the Night King/potentially Jon Snow in season 6 (har har)

Then we have the Lannister children:


Eh … kudos on creativity?

Beginning her Walk of Shame from the castle gates #Halloween #GameOfThrones

A photo posted by Oisín Kennedy (@kennedy2191) on

SFW Kingslayer

Their unholy offspring (technically not a costume but still warrants inclusion)


Tyrion Lannister. #GoTHalloween A photo posted by Peter Dinklage (@peterdinklage) on

Oberyn Martell with Ellaria Sand before …

and after

WotW reader Ladywolfsbane shared this photo of her direwolf:


Our reader Terry submitted a great Varys:


Gregory shared this one via our Facebook:


WotW reader Amy submitted her take on Daenerys:

Amy Khaleesi

WotW reader Alex went as the Iron Throne itself this Halloween!

Iron Throne

Meawhile, Seth shared this House Targaryen creation on our Facebook:

House Targaryen

Nick shared these group shots on Twitter- Jon Snow, Daenerys, and the Night’s King, complete with a Come-at-me-Crow pose.

NK Dany and Jon

Jon and NK

Jaymie shared her Cersei look via our Facebook:


WotW reader Gregg submitted his well-crafted Jon Snow costume (along with some Orc-ish fellows, who looks like they’re standing in for the stabby Night’s Watchmen).


The Game of Thrones actors themselves donned some festive (albeit non-GOT) garb.

Nell Tiger Free

Totally a dead cheerleader (I had a cut on my neck you just can’t see it I made an effort I promise) ??

A photo posted by Nell ✨ (@nelltigerfree) on

Nathalie Emmanuel

Halloweeny #dramaticmakeup #allblackeverything #halloween #notreallysurewhatIam braids by @luke_youngblood #whyishesosickthough A photo posted by Nathalie Emmanuel (@nathalieemmanuel) on

Isaac H. Wright

To top it off, Jack-o-Lantern aficionado, Jared, carved up some spoilery pumpkins depicting of some of our favorite (and not-so-favorite) characters’ final moments.

Game of Thrones Pumpkins – SPOILERS IF YOU SCROLL DOWN!

On behalf of everyone at WOTW, happy November 2015, everybody.

Let the Christmas shopping begin.


  1. I swear every year since season 1, the #1 GOT-themed costume i see people going for is Dany’s lol! I’m surprised by how popular Rhaegal is..I love the one with the kids !

  2. For the like of me I will never understand Halloween, but that first “Shame!” duo finally made it alright.

  3. Bareeq,

    Well, Daenerys costume is easy to put together. Blonde hair/wig and a long blue or white dress.
    People choosing Rhaegal instead of Drogon is surprsing.

  4. Happy Birthday Sue!!!

    My favorites are the first one with Dany and the real baby dragon, and Jon and Ygritte kissing. Sweet!

  5. I think HBO makes a mistake not selling adult sized official costumes from the series. For Halloween and Purim along people would buy them.

  6. Some serious time and effort gone into a lot of these. Loving the baby/dog/cat dragons, although the Oberyn ‘after’ is downright disturbing, which is a good thing I guess?

    Apologies if posted already but there was a brief interview with Tara Fitzgerald (Selyse Baratheon) in the Guardian yesterday. Nothing GoT-related but worth a read if you’re interested in her as a person.

    EDIT: and happy birthday Sue 🙂

    EDIT x 2: Woo nice pumpkin work Jared!

  7. Hahaha great fun, fantastic jack o lanterns. Happy name day Sue Fury! On yeah, Nights King was great and loved dragon doggies.

  8. Yo. Those pumpkins are crazy. The Jon Snow Face of Death is my fave.

    Those costumes are crazy. I went the cheap and easy route (Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction) this year, but I really want to try to put together a costume of my namesake for next year, I think I could pass for Lyanna. Not too many people know who she is this go-round. I have a feeling this will be changing after season 6.

  9. Did chuckle a little bit at Jon Snow…White and mixing JS with a Princess costume

    Other than that, good to go for more obscure costumes, eg Septa Mordane

    The guy doing a WW made a nice effort at least

  10. Oh wow, too many good things to say about a lot of them. I think Jon Snow White and “This pie is dry!” Joffrey were my favorites. Joff made me lol for sure. Aw, those Jon & Ygritte pictures made me miss Ygritte!! Also those pumpkins are amazing!

  11. Awww… wish I could share my costume this year, but I don’t do twitter or instagram… My dog rocked as Jon Snow, thank you very much!

    Otherwise Jon Snow White kicked butt…

  12. Kudos for all the people who tried to go as ASOIAF characters! I would have loved to but I ended up not bothering this year and none of my friends watch GoT so nobody would know who I was (plus I would love to do Brienne of Tarth but I am much too dark haired/eyebrowed!)

    I wonder if a lot of folk chose Dany and Jon because they are the most recognisable characters.

    The babies dragon and toddler Tyrion are super cute and the WoS ones are funny! The Sansa and Yygrite ones are amazingly good as well.

    I have to say I have seen a few “alright” but never fantastic – Cersei’s and Melisandre’s. Not sure why – I dunno if their outfits/wigs are just really hard to replicate on what I imagine is a sensible budget! (Almost makes me want to try next year to put my money where my mouth is 😀 )

  13. I saw a group of Thronies… Then I realised they were dead characters… A Viserys with crown, Joffrey bleeding, Shae with the Hand’s necklace, Catelyn decapitated, Robb with an arrow, Drogo with a bleeding wound and Jon Snow with a knife on his chest XD

  14. Happy birthday to you Sue!

    The pumpkins are amazing.

    Young Tyrion, Darth Sansa, Jon-Dany-Rhaegal family portraits, Jon Snow White (?!) 🙂 and pet cat Rhaegal are my favorites.


    It’s not that Rhaegal is the most popular of her dragons, it’s that most dragon costumes are green and Rhaegal is green, hence….

    I think the name itself is a factor too. “Rhaegal” is a pretty name – easy to remember and pronounce. “Drogon” and “Viserion” sound intimidating.

  15. Cool, I don’t know any email address though, I did try to send it to you on facebook , since it was your suggestion to do a GoT costume Sue… 🙂

  16. Laura:

    Why on earth did that Tyler Shippy guy up there go as Jon Snow and not Daario?

    And Ryan Newman looks much more like Melisandre, and Dave Ganin like Syrio.

  17. Oh Lord, the Cersei Walk of Shame costumes just *killed* me….Right, click, send to everyone I know HAHAHAHA!!!!!

  18. Happy Halloween is not the correct greeting, folks! Happy belongs to Birthday, and to New Year. It’s never Happy Christmas, is it? Don’t go for the daft, and say, Merry Halloween…..

    BRIGHT BLESSINGS! That’s the correct greeting to use.

    Honestly! Some people never learn!

  19. I’m feeling the article itch again… It’s been so long since filming news came in!* Yes.. True Addict, a comedy about GoT-obsessed fans coming to HBO, sunday nights, premiering on April 24th. Will this show push GoT back a few more weeks? I don’t know!

    *I do not count the naming-issue of Luke Roberts character is filming news, as it is a minor casting thing that’s easily waved.

  20. 1. Happy birthday, Sue! You’re awesome.
    2. Any truth to

    that poster claiming on Twitter that an acquaintance’s colleague had seen the GOT people filming behind her house in Lisburn, with lots of snow and wolves


  21. Sue the Fury,

    Think I may be a bit late, but happy birthday Sue!
    Appreciate all the great work you, and everyone else here, does.

    Also great costumes. The IT one is just a briliantly funny idea.

  22. The fellow from the Night’s Watch who had the orcs after him wins because of the smirk.

    and also Jon Snow White is the best of all worlds; part dainty and magical, part rugged and gormless, and all kickass.

  23. Happy belated Birthday, Sue!!

    Hey Wilber….Happy Halloween is totally acceptable and guess what? Happy Christmas is used most places except the USA.

  24. Laura:
    It’s not that Rhaegal is the most popular of her dragons, it’s that most dragon costumes are green and Rhaegal is green, hence…. ?

    Why on earth did that Tyler Shippy guy up there go as Jon Snow and not Daario? He looks just like Daario!!

    Baby Tyrion is freaking adorable.

    He looks like how I imagined book Jon.

  25. Next year, I am doing a costume. As for this year’s best: Jon Snow White, hands down the funniest mash-up costume ever.

  26. JennTheStarkarian,

    I am the fellow from the nights watch. I was going for Jon Snow.
    My hair was longer than Jon’s, but tried to cut it the night before Halloween and screwed it up. l looked like Johnny Snow with a bob cut, so I pulled it back in the front. Sorry. Maybe I could pass for Benjen.

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