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Game of Thrones Season 8 is coming, finally, and with it a host of watch parties where we’ll all no doubt spend a lot of time remembering the highs, the lows, the heartbreaks and the triumphs of our favorite show. Drinks in hand, natch. Thanks to the good folks at FUN.COM, our readers now have the opportunity to enter a new worldwide giveaway to win a spectacular collection of prizes- a Game of Thrones Watch Party Pack fit for a king or a queen, or even a khaleesi.

Details on how to enter under the cut!

This super packed collection from FUN.COM includes:

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That is an amazing prize for one lucky fan, who will be set and ready for viewing Season 8 in style! We’re accepting entries in the Party Pack giveaway for the next seven days, so here are the rules.

The Official Rules

How do you enter? You can enter in 3 different ways, earning up to 3 total entries!

Method #1: Simply comment on this post! Any comment will count for an entry, but if you’re in a sharing mood, tell us your favorite memory from watching Game of Thrones, whether it’s a scene from the show or being a part of the fandom!

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  1. My favorite memory is when Arya learns her Aunt Lysa is also dead and she laughs. Such an incredible power laugh – she just can’t catch a break and her laugh is either laugh or cry and give up which is not in her to do.

  2. Since I never read the books, my favorite scenes, or rather, most memorable scenes, were the ones that made me realize that GoT was unlike any thing I’d watched before – it kills off its stars! Holy Crap, who DOES that? Ned’s beheading and the Red Wedding, were probably the two that shocked me the most.

  3. My favourite memory actually is the Hold the Door scene, because it was the first death that I was not prepared for.

  4. Dear Miss Hoover, you have Lyme disease. We miss you. Kevin is biting me. Come back soon. Here’s a drawing of a spirokeet. Love Ralph

  5. Hard to pick a single favorite moment… but Joffrey getting slapped has always been near the top of my list.

  6. My fave memory… I have favorite episodes, but the thing I like most is talking/posting with friends about the show! Finding out that my 72 year old, sometimes very grumpy, otherwise non-chatty co-worker LOVES the show, can’t stop talking about it; getting to know my neighbors much better when they come over for watch parties; even my 11 year old cat can’t stop watching the Dragon Scenes! Forever grateful for the Social Power of Game of Thrones!

  7. Yes please – already planning the watching parties… My favorite thing about this show is the talk around the office and with friends the next day. I have so many colleagues who watch the show and we all come in to work the next day with “HOLY GODS DID YOU SEE…?!?!?!” as the first thing we say to each other. Compelling drama, at its best!

  8. The moments my mouth dropped to the floor: The Red Wedding, the explosion of the Sept of Baelor and Viserion’s death 🙁

  9. A man must have this!!!

    My fondest memory was the Red Wedding…simply because I watched it by myself, and sat for nearly 20 minutes speechless!! Then I had nobody to share my emotions with, so a man is truly lonely and needs this party pack!!!!

  10. This would be the perfect birthday present!!

    My favorite memory from watching Game of Thrones is the ending of Hardhome. The emotional rollercoaster that the battle takes you on and then to end that way was just shocking and amazing.

  11. Instead of going with a simple answer for my favorite moment, I’ll go a little there… My favorite moment has to be the Red Wedding. Why? Because it showed me just how much I loved this show. I had grown to become a huge fan of Rob as a character. His death, along with the other slaughter, broke me into little emotional pieces. But in that wreckage, I truly realized how much this show had hooked me. For all the ups and down, for all the deaths and victories, it was without a doubt the best show I’d ever witnessed.

    Sorry for the long-winded post. I wish you all good fortune in the giveaways to come.

  12. What a great giveaway.

    I’d say my favourite memory of Game of Thrones was watching The Winds of Winter for the first time. That episode was dinamite (literally). The chains of chronlogical eventa that end up with the destruction of the Sept of Baelor and the death of half the cast, with the powerful “Light of the Seven” score, Jon proclaimed King in the North, Arya killing Walder Frey, Daenerys going to Westeros, the reveal of Jon parentage and Cersei’s revenge and coronation.

    Lena was spectacular, she should hace won an Emmy for that episode. I couldn’t sleep all night long because of the feels.

  13. For me, the last minutes of “The Rains of Castamere” were absolutely overwhelming. I started reading the books the week after. The second half of season four is extraordinary as well.

  14. I moved over an hour away from my mom last year, but she still insists that she’ll be making the drive every Sunday night to watch the final season with me 😀

  15. Favorite Moment: When baby Aegon’s eyes morph into Jon’s, confirming Lyanna and Rhaegar are his parents. Beautiful way to make the reveal.

  16. Not “the” favourite moment, but definitely the one that for me set the measure of the show: Bran pushed out of the window, “The things I do for love”. Episode credits.

    And, oh, how I would love to drink from that glass or that goblet during my 3am season 8 night watches…

  17. one of my favorite scenes back in Season 2 ending when we got our first official look at the white walkers and the army of the dead, that was a terrifying and spectacular ending

  18. Weirwood trees always give me the creeps…but I’m in the North now so I better get used to them…maybe they’ll bring me a bit o’ luck in the war with the dead…

  19. A ‘world-wide contest’? It will be like winning the lottery, and like I have a chance at that!

    Fav scene- Arya and Brienne’s fight at Winterfell. Just beautiful and a pleasure to watch over and over again!

  20. This would be awesome to have!! Thanks for the opportunity.
    I have many things that I cherish from GOT and this community. But my top two:
    1) Watching the Rains of Castamere with my husband, who was unsullied and I (who was not) and getting to watch his reaction!
    2) Being part of the Watchersonthewall community, where we could discuss our thoughts and theories about episodes/seasons we’ve watched and what we anticipate will happen in the next episode/season.

    BONUS – scanning released set pictures (for upcoming seasons) with a fine tooth comb to try to glean any information from them, that will give us any hint about what’s coming.

    I’m looking forward to experiencing this next season with all GOT die-hard fans!

  21. As an unashamed Jon fan girl, my favourite…..anything with Jon and Ygritte but my most favourite, the KitN scene from baby Jon to adult Jon…..has me cheering everytime 👑🐺🔥❄

  22. Happy that researching theories and reading the posts on all of the great WOTW articles helps me pass the time on boring work days!

  23. My favorite memory was watching Daenerys sack Astapor. That honestly changed the way I watched the show. Idk why but it was the first time I actually noticed the music and how amazing it is.

  24. Bran being thrown out of the window hooked me on Game of Thrones. I was not prepared for that and up until that moment I’d decided this show was not my thing as I’ve never been a Fantasy lover.

    However, my favorite scene is the finale of the first season: The immolation of Dany and Mirri Maz Duur and the birth of the dragons. My favorite because it recalled two of my favorite operas and their unforgettable, sad, horrific, tragic and impressionable stories: The immolation of Brunnhilde on Siegfried’s funeral pyre in Wagner’s Ring and the burning at the stake of Azucena’s mother after she was accused of using witchcraft to murder a noble man’s baby (which is told dramatically, no less, by her daughter in a backstory) in Verdi’s ‘Il Trovatore.’ This scene hooked me for good as it bookends the very first scene of the series which is “Ice” with the last scene of Season one, of course, being the “Fire” of the title; A Song of Ice and Fire.

    A man needs these implements to party!

  25. My favourite memory was actually in the opening credits at the end of season 6 – when the direwolf sigil reappeared over Winterfell.

  26. Hard to pick just one favorite but a scene I’ve watched over and over is Sana’a & Jon’s reunion. Can’t wait to see Jon and Aryas reunion!

  27. This is uh… you’re really going to wonder how the heck this could be my favorite pick, maybe, but I’ll try to explain.

    During the airing of the sixth season, I had a life-threatening illness. I knew my time might have been up shortly. I was only 28 but stuff like this happens at any age. I knew it. But it still hurt. It hurt like hell. :/

    I felt… like I was being crushed. I felt like I needed to breathe but I was pushed too far beneath the surface. Game of Thrones episodes were some of my only reprieves.

    Along came “Battle of the Bastards”. Needless to say, it’s fantastic. It’s a visual masterpiece and it hits so much strong emotional notes. But it will always be more than that for me. The moment when Jon is caught up in that quite literal crush — and then, amazingly, he emerges for air — that struck a chord with me that words cannot convey. It resonated back then and it resonates with me even more now that I’ve been treated and I have been given the gift to keep on living.

    And that, in and of itself, speaks to Jon Snow’s sixth-season arc in its entirety. It’s epitomized in BOTB but it’s prevalent the whole way through.

    With each passing season of this, the best and boldest show on television, I’ve found numerous things to connect with. Yet I don’t think any of them can rival this one.

    Sorry for the downer post. 🙂

  28. One of my favorite episodes was “The Children” when Jaime and Varys help Tyrion to escape. Tyrion’s pain and anger break my heart in this episode. “I was always your son.” Thunk.

    Also, any conversation between Tyrion and Varys.

    Or anything Old Nan says.

  29. I have always loved the scenes with Jon Snow and his Stark siblings, but especially the scene where Jon gives Arya “Needle” and bids her farewell.

  30. Too many good parts to pick just one, but I particulary loved Jamie jumping into the bear pit to save Brienne.

  31. I will never tire of watching those slo-mo horses during that Battle of the Bastards charge. Sure makes a foolhardy move look so glorious.

  32. My favorite memory of watching Game of Thrones was probably seeing the showing of the Season 4 premiere at the Barclays Center a few weeks early. The Arya & Hound vs Polliver fight was just great to watch on a big screen in a stadium full of fans.

  33. Wendy Chicoria:
    My favorite memory is when Arya learns her Aunt Lysa is also dead and she laughs. Such an incredible power laugh – she just can’t catch a break and her laugh is either laugh or cry and give up which is not in her to do.

    The best part of that scene is Arya’s double laugh. First she cracks up at the existential absurdity of relatives always seeming to die right before she’s about to reach them. Then, she looks up at Sandor’s glum face (no gold – again), and laughs even harder. The way that segment ended with Arya’s hysterical laughter echoing throughout the valley was perfect.

    Good choice for favorite memory!

  34. Quinton O’Connor,

    Not a downer st all. Thanks for sharing. Getting immersed in a fictional world can be a good salve for making it through rough patches in the real world.

    Semi-off topic but sort of the flip side: For some unknown reason, whenever I see a crappy movie my right foot starts throbbing in pain. I remember watching “The Firm” – an abomination of the John Grisham book – and thought I’d have to go to the emergency room for a nerve block injection. I barely limped out of the theater when “Atonement” was over. Nothing else causes this phenomenon. Only crappy movies.

  35. Love the books & the show. One element of the show that is totally original and beautiful, is the music. Be it the Winds of Winter piano piece, or the dramatic aggression heard right after Dany utters “Dracarys” after gaining the Unsullied army. Don’t even get me started on the intro music or The Rains of Castamere!

  36. I’ll go with watching the first season for the first time on HBO Go with my mom while my dad and brother were away on a business trip…she insisted on binging it on her laptop and that was when I got sucked into the whole thing…countless memories since then of course. ;D

  37. “Any comment will count for an entry, but if you’re in a sharing mood, tell us your favorite memory from watching Game of Thrones, whether it’s a scene from the show or being a part of the fandom!”

    This is a real challenge! 67 episodes loaded with so many memorable scenes… There are at least 20 scenes I could designate as my “favorite.”

    “Mockingbird”, S4e7, has the most inconic scenes in it (Bronn to Tyrion: “I hope to hear them sing it someday”; Oberyn: “I will be your champion”; Sandor to Arya: “the pain was bad; the smell was worse, but the worst thing was that it was my brother who did it, and my father who told everyone my bedding caught fire…. You think you’re on your own?”; Sandor: “That’s where the heart is”)

    Arya in S1e1 showing up Bran during archery practice by hitting the bullseye then taking a bow before running off, and spoon-flinging dessert at Sansa’s face, got me hooked on the show.

    Arya & Syrio vs. Meryn F*cking Trant….
    A: “Come with me! Run!”
    S: “The First Sword of Braavos does not run.”
    S: “What do we say to the God of Death?”
    A: “Not today.”
    S. “Go…”

    However, if pressed, I’ll always have to go with the last nine minutes of S4e1, “Two Chickens” — I mean “Two Swords”, especially:
    Sandor: “You’re a talker. Listening to talkers makes me thirsty…. and hungry. Think I’ll take two chickens.”
    Polliver: “You don’t seem to understand the situation.”
    Sandor: “I understand if any more words come pouring out your c*nt mouth I’m going to have to eat every f*cking chicken in this room.”
    Polliver: “You lived your life for the king. You’re going to die for some chickens?”
    Sandor: “Someone is.”

  38. Carole H:
    As an unashamed Jon fan girl, my favourite…..anything with Jon and Ygritte but my most favourite, the KitN scene from baby Jon to adult Jon…..has me cheering everytime 👑🐺🔥❄

    For me, it’s: “Do you like girls who swoon, Jon Snow? ‘Oh! A spider! Save me, Jon Snow! My dress is made of the purest silk from Tralalaeeday.’

  39. Damon Snow:
    Memory: Sitting in stunned silence at the completion of Hardhome.

    Me too… along with the end of “The Door.”
    Two excellent directors at the top of their game.

  40. So many great moments but my favourite is the look of glee in Aryas eyes when The Hound tells little shit polliver ” Fuck The King “.

  41. When i saw first episode, Cersei and Jaime… I was in shock. I said “WTF!!! Were they not twins? OMA!!!! Öööööööööö”

    (I wantttttttttt Weirwood Goblet plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss inşallah 😀 Hi from Türkiye.)

  42. The red wedding. I was restless during the entire episode because I knew it was coming. It was hard to watch, but it was well done.

  43. I don’t think I have one particular favorite scene/moment that towers above all others, but Stannis’ decimation of the Wildling forces beyond the wall is definitely among the lead contenders.

  44. Episode 109 hooked me. It was then that I realized this was a show like no other, a show where I didn’t know what was going to happen.

  45. Hi everyone. This is the first time I’ve ever posted on any fan website and it’s coming all the way from across the ocean here in Coventry, UK. There have been so many memorable moments on GOT but my all time favourite was The Viper and The Mountain. Both myself and my husband were literally screaming at the tv screen for the viper to shut up and just kill the mountain!!! A tv programme that makes us do that has to be one of best ever. Thank you Watchers for some truly wonderful moments too – debates, discussions, filming updates & podcasts particularly Hannah and Zac, who we absolutely love listening to because of their passion and obvious sheer enjoyment of the books and tv series. You are the first website I check everyday (sad I know) to see if there is any GOT news!! Thank you to the amazing people at Watchers. For the throne!

  46. Mattos The Melted:
    So many great moments but my favourite is the look of glee in Aryas eyes when The Hound tells little shit polliver ” Fuck The King “.

    Here you go. S4e1, last 9 min, 54 seconds: Arya & Sandor vs Polliver.

    0:03 Sandor: “Little lady wants a pony?”
    9:30: Little lady gets her pony.

    4:47: “F*ck the king.”

    5:45: You’re a talker. Listening to talkers makes me thirsty…. and hungry. Think I’ll take two chickens.”

    6:43: “Someone is.”

  47. Watching Ned’s head get chopped off and then just sitting there in awe thinking, wow if they did this at the beginning of the series, anything is going to be possible on this show.

  48. Mary Vernau:
    I have always loved the scenes with Jon Snow and his Stark siblings, but especially the scene where Jon gives Arya “Needle” and bids her farewell.

    Here you go. At 1:43 – 3:59 of the clip linked below, Jon gives Arya Needle and says goodbye in S1e2 preceded by Nymeria helping Arya re-pack: her things weren’t properly folded, Septa Mordane said. “Who cares how they’re folded! They’re going to get messed up anyway.” Hard to argue with that logic

    What’s it been, seven years since they last saw each other? All I ask is that the Arya + Jon reunion be handled as well as the Sansa + Jon reunion in S6. That was a beautiful scene.

    (I like Clob’s idea: Arya decides to travel incognito to meet Jon on the road from White Harbor to WF. )

  49. Sounds good, count me in!

    My favourite memory of Game of Thrones is the first day I watched it. My best friend came over to my place with the season 1 DVD, shrugged and said casually, “I guess it’s pretty good”. I watched the whole season before she left the next day, and within the week was getting my hands on the other seasons! Haha, thanks friend!

  50. My favorite moment from GOT is Arya’s “Anyone can be killed” staredown with Tywin. It always makes me smile 🙂

  51. I drink and I know things… because everything is better with wine in your belly! I love Tyrion, villain or no villain!
    Today I have started my annual GOT watch and I feel both happy and sad. It’s my last before a new GOT season!

  52. *Ned picks up baby Jon and looks into his eyes*

    Goes from baby Jon to adult Jon (or Aegon)

    One of the most emotional moments of the entire series

  53. My favourite memory is watching my mom (binge watcher) watch Ned Stark die but without a single lick of care on her face. I asked her why and she said, with complete confidence, that he was the only good guy on the show and he was a major character, and the actor was a big name, so *of course* they wouldn’t kill him. Plus they never showed his dead face so of course he didn’t die. She didn’t even believe it when we saw his head on a spike – she said it’s of course fake. Just complete denial. I laughed so hard when it finally sank in for her – quite some time into season 2.

  54. So much excitement awaits for Season 8! The episode I won’t forget is Trial’s trial for the murder of King Joffrey. The scene was so iconic and intense. There’s too much drama, which is good. Can’t wait to experience more dramatic scenes in yhe upcoming season. Valar Morghulis!

  55. The intro is the highlight of every episode.

    Now at season 8, I think I’ve become conditioned like Pavlov’s Dog to hear the sound and respond with watching.

  56. Favorite GoT memory was meeting Emilia Clarke at the stage door while she was on Broadway performing in Breakfast at Tiffanys.

  57. When the White Walkers come, Ned Stark is gonna stand on the ramparts of Winterfell holding his choped up head against the winter sun, and from his frozen tears blue eyed men shall rise, only to take the living deep into the northern night. When the White Walkers come, When the White Walkers come.

  58. I have read the books and find the show as just a different interpretation. I absolutely love both. I can’t wait for the final season.

  59. I loved to see de dragon hatchlings in season 1. Sooo cute.

    But maybe the most uplifting moment was to see Dany set sail for Westeros (still waiting to read about it, alas)

  60. I just enjoy the hype that comes with the show. Like the show would be great on its own and I pretty much give every Sunday night HBO show a chance but the fanfare kicks it up a couple notches. It’s fun to watch it with friends and plan get togethers with decorations and themed cooking. Zeitgeist and all that. Would love some additional party decor!

  61. I’m heartbroken the show is coming to an end, but favorite (and least favorite) episode was The Red Wedding. Richard Madden was one of my favorite actors on the show. ;(

  62. A friend got a copy of the GoT cookbook for a birthday present. We drank mead and made honeyfingers and got super sick 😀

  63. My favourite memory actually is the Hold the Door scene, because it was the first death that I was not prepared for.

  64. I have got so many moments it’s hard to choose only one. So here is one of my personal favorite moments. Jaqen h’ghar telling Arya that everyone is the same and death spares no one.

  65. I first approached Game of Thrones at the basement of a NGO I was volunteering for in Venlo, the Netherlands. This basement was a living room filled with fridges that had enough food to survive an apocalypse of the White Walkers and their hordes! xD
    Anyway, there was a nice LCD Tv there and a nice collection of DVDs too. I was browsing among so many cool titles and found a GoT that had like 14 episodes of the initial 3 seasons mainly. I was delighted and went for more immediately after!

  66. The short lived, long haired version of Daario Naharis, boy oh boy was he good looking!!! Wish they’d kept him, the sex scenes with Daenerys would have been sooooo much better 😉

  67. Here’s my Game of Thrones theory:
    The Game of Thrones is a game played by the gods and green dreams are not prophetic dreams but, rather, warning dreams sent by the gods to manipulate their players. Note that Meera Reed says that green dreams are not necessarily prophetic: “”My brother has the greensight. He dreams things that haven’t happened, but sometimes they do.”

  68. Winning this would be awesome. Thanks for the chance. My favorite quote is, “I drink and I know things”.

  69. “The night is dark and full of terrors.”
    “For the Watch.”
    “You know Nothing, Jon Snow”
    “Chaos is a ladder.”
    “I’m Ayra Stark of Winterfell and I’m going home.”
    “Winter is Coming.”
    “I drink and know things.”
    “Valar Morghoulis.”
    “Hodor”. (Hold the door)
    “No One.”
    “All because I could not love a motherless child.”

  70. What’s not to love about Game of Thrones? I just love everything about it especially the suspense and drama!

  71. I loved in The Game Of Thrones when the boy king was poisoned. I like when all the bad ones get taken down.

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