Game of Thrones Episode 506 “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” Video Recap Roundup

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Well, what can possibly be said about Game of Thrones that hasn’t been said this week. The rehashed has been hashed again but here are some recap videos to comment on the episode with some fresh perspective and- dare I say- humor.

Luckily our embeds in particular speak to much more than the close of “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” if you would like a discussion of the episode as a whole.

Sandrine and some guy named Kenny go through the episode. As always, good thumbnail choice. This came out very soon after the show aired if you want reactions unfettered by the clusterfrak of people giving their two cents the following few days.

Endlessly quotable but I gagged for the Mad Men serenade.

Ozzy Man has Some Things to Say, also Foxtel is The Worst, news at 11.

Ben leads discussion by not knowing the names of anything; Cenk is not around this week which might be for the better, given his take on the sept scene last season.

More videos:

An *UNSULLIED* review by schmoes Kristian Harloff and Mark Ellis.

History of Westeros has their two vids up: Sullied and Unsullied-ish

Red Team Review – A *spoiler-free* video review.

Sawyer7mage – Solo review

Think Hero
– Partially Sullied? Dont quote me. Generally avoid doing so.

More recently-included videos: did they meet your muster last week?

Post Show Recaps

It does not appear that Grantland has its podcast up yet; please, kind readers, link it in comments when they post it xx

Poll: Afterbuzz, y/n?

There is what I have for you this week. Thank you for your comments every week; they are very helpful.

Please make your thoughts known on this crop of videos, though I BEG of you, keep the wank in other posts, there are so many to choose from. Some of us just want to watch our recaps in peace.

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    1. Ozzy Man again is the best of them all, this guy really knows his stuff and brings forth reasoned and well-reflected arguments. Great review, like always.

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    2. Knight of Tyrell,

      Hey cheers Knight of Tyrell. Appreciate it. Not to sound like a little bitch, but I do attempt to have more than just “Some Things to Say” as summarised above. It’s an episode that requires analysis and criticism whether people are comfortable with that or not. And I can’t just kiss the shows arse 24/7.

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    3. Ozzy Man,

      Hey, OzzyMan, keep up the good work. I enjoy your thoughts, “fucks!” and quizzes! Your farewell to Selmy a few weeks back was excellent and moving. Care to share your favorite adapted “book” scene and favorite “non-book” scene?

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    4. Again, Ozzy Man you are the best!! Don’t stop, please!

      I also do love our Axey, his facial expressions are priceless.

      And last, Gay of Thrones always gives me a laugh.

      This makes me smile on a week where the episode didn’t give us much to smile about with the exception of “Cock Merchants”.

      See you next week.

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    5. Ozzy Man’s discussion about the “shit plans” intersecting at the Water Gardens was my favourite part of that video.

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    6. I loved how the two unsullied guys didn’t say a thing about the Sansa bedding scene. Only that it was disturbing. The Unsullied are not freaked out about that scene, they’ve seen worse.

      I also liked the 3 guys from What the Flick and I didn’t miss the fourth guy, who likes to hear himself talking a little bit too much.
      There was no consensus about the final scene and I thought that was ok.

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    7. Bex,

      Haha aw yeah righto dig yourself out why don’t ya 😉 sorry Bex, I’m edgy this week, I’m swinging at everyone. I have feelings and I’m not afraid to use them!

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    8. As for the Yay or Nay on Afterbuzz, I have to say I’m a weekly listener of that one, and I like it a lot. First of all, it’s got Kyle from A Podcast of Ice and Fire representing for the book readers. And the girls there may come off initially as vapid California girls, but they can have pretty insightful comments a lot of times (and I love how bloodthirsty Kristen is). And I just generally like listening to mostly unsullied reviews anyway, rather than jaded book readers.

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    9. Hodor’s Bastard,

      Hey Hodors Bastard,

      It’s cliche of me but my favourite adapted book scene would really be anything Oberyn related. Because he’s always in Tyrion’s POV chapters there’s only so much we got to know him in text, but the neutral perspective of the show ironed that out big time and he came to life so much more. That’s what you live for with the show. When it is able to adapt the books and then some (without trying too hard to do it. I honestly think Pedro Pascal was a surprise packet for everyone). Jaime adapted really well (for a while) too. I remember when I started reading the books a friend said “oh Jaime Lannister! Best character in fantasy ever!” And I was like, “whaaaa? He’s a bloody dickhead.” Then low and behold, the more pages I flicked through the more he grew on me. It was nice to go through those feelings again with the show (for a while).

      Anyhow, I’m rambling now. But Oh! Non-book scene. Hmm. There will be a bunch I don’t notice or remember, but off the top of my dome, I liked the peek into the White Walker lair and White Walker “King” last season. I think the reaction from book wankers was fun too. A befuddled ‘entitlement gone wrong’ outcry, “how come we weren’t informed of this sooner!” It feels like a bit of that D&D secret knowledge from George was revealed to everyone else, so that’s just plain fun at the end of the day 🙂

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    10. I re-watched episodes 2-5 from season 2 and I couldn’t help but think how much better those episodes flowed from beginning to end compared to this season. Not a single scene where I wanted to skip ahead. A lot of it has to do with the directors in charge of the episodes, I really think they missed the mark with the ones they brought in for season 5 so far, exception being Jeremy Podeszwa. I hope they can convince Alan Taylor to come back for season 6, his circular shots seemed to use the sets to their fullest. Van Patten might also be available, now that Boardwalk is finished.
      Oh and the scene where Stannis is being a grammar nazi (fewer, not less) is also first used in season 2 when he’s talking to Davos about his missing fingers, and Davos says less fingersnails to clean, and Stannis corrects him with his now patented catchphrase “fewer fingernails to clean”.

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    11. In the What the Flick video, I really appreciated Jon’s comments concerning the rape scene. Matt was bringing up the same criticisms I’ve seen elsewhere but Ben and Jon’s responses were dead on I think.

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    12. Darjan,

      Huh I disagree, I actually think that’s one of the weakest strings of episodes of the series (203 being a major exception). A lot of scenes that feel pointless like Dany’s in the Red Waste, Qhorin’s convo with Jon, pretty much most scenes with Bran…and then there are some scenes I actually do skip, like the smoke baby birth and the brothel scene in 202. Almost nothing happens in those episodes for several storylines, I think S5 looks pretty good by comparison.

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    13. That Red Team Review guy has to be the most obnoxious, unfunny idiot on the planet. I pity his family and anyone forced to be around him. The temptation to punch his lights out must be impossible to suppress.

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    14. Hodor Targaryen:
      In the What the Flick video, I really appreciated Jon’s comments concerning the rape scene. Matt was bringing up the same criticisms I’ve seen elsewhere but Ben and Jon’s responses were dead on I think.

      John has some endearingly bad jokes but I think he is very thoughtful and provides a more empathetic approach to the review. The group frequently gets steamrolled by Cenk but I don’t recall seeing John here on a regular basis last year so I’m glad he’s on there as a counterpoint. Whether or not he has read the books he’s clearly very knowledgeable.

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