Game of Thrones comes to SXSW; Mastodon shares full “White Walker” track


This year’s SXSW Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas will see the introduction of “SXSWesteros”, an exclusive Game of Thrones exhibit.

Open to the public from March 13th-16th, the installation will see a number of GoT-themed attractions for fans of the show, ahead of the Season 5 premiere on April 12th.

Variety reports that festival-goers will have the opportunity to partake in virtual sword-training, simulating Arya’s first lessons with Syrio Forel. Ommegang’s new GoT-themed beer, “Three-Eyed Raven”, will also be available to sample (ahead of its April 1st street date). Finally, no Game of Thrones attraction would be complete without sporting a replica of the Iron Throne itself upon which attendees can sit, and SXSWesteros is no different.

In other news, heavy metal band Mastodon has shared “White Walker”, its contribution to Catch the Throne: Volume II, in full.

Catch the Throne: Volume II releases on March 17th.

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    1. The Mastodon track is pretty cool, but I remain utterly unexcited about the whole Catch the Throne thing. It’s still bizarre to me why they’re even making this…

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    2. I think the Mastodon track is pretty damned good. People write music inspired by Game of Thrones (hellooo Stevie Nicks) even without being part of the Catch the Throne so it makes sense they’d do an official type of recording.

      Actually I’d pay for an entire Stevie Nicks CD of GoT-inspired music.

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    3. Each season, it seems like we get a pic of either the Hound or Arya texting. It’s Arya’s turn this year (see above) after she stole the Hound’s phone. Glad she got Valar Dohaeris service in Braavos.

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    4. Anya,

      It gives us a pretty good look at the concept art for the season which we had previously glimpsed in “A Day in the Life.” I can spot how the CGI-enhanced Daznak’s Pit will look like from the inside and the outside (we’ll see the big-ass warriors statues), the House of Black and White, Arya’s room, some sort of village in the coast, a manse, a boat among ruins, and the slave auction fighting pit. There are a couple of pieces specifically obscured to avoid spoilers, too.

      The other stuff is great as well. The statues at the House of Black and White (The Weeping Lady of Lys, the The Lion of Night of Yi Ti), the set for the Long Bridge of Volantis, the filming in Seville…

      Oh, and Tyrion is obscured in one of the shots in which they show the filming of Daznak’s Pit.

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    5. Pretty rad song. I’m honestly not super familiar with Mastadon so I can’t comment as to whether this is a departure for them stylistically, but speaking as a GoT fan I will at least say that I think it’s “White Walkery” enough… kind of moody and almost folky and certainly dark enough.

      In general, I’m pretty excited they’re adding some rock artists to this year’s tape… I’m no shunner of hip-hop, but the heavy stuff just seems like a better (if more obvious) fit.

      Either way, the mixtape is such a cool and unique idea… tremendously ambitious and generous in terms of these little tidbits of “stuff” studios give fans while they’re waiting for the next season of a show. I still can’t get over how many people bitched about the first mixtape… it’s FREE MUSIC.

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    6. Harma Dogememe,

      Their stuff tends to be much heavier and not particularly folky. But I’m rather out of it, I don’t think I’ve heard any of their other stuff released this decade.

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