Full Slate of Programming for Con of Thrones Revealed – Plus a New App!

Con of Thrones app

We’re especially excited about the latest news from Con of Thrones, because we here at the Wall had a hand in developing it. The Game of Thrones convention has racked up a long list of guests over the past few months, but now it’s time for news of a different sort: programming!

The complete schedule for the convention has been unveiled, featuring over a hundred hours of programming spread over three days. The speakers and panelists have also been revealed, confirming the CoT attendance of fandom favorites such as podcasters A Storm of Spoilers, Bald Move, History of Westeros, and A Cast of Kings, and YouTubers Preston Jacobs and Rawrist. And of course, you can look forward to meeting a whole lotta Watchers there!

As for the schedule, Oz and I volunteered to help develop some of the panels with Zack Luye (founder/director of Con of Thrones) and the rest of the con’s programming team.  I can tell you that over the past several months, the entire team has set out to craft a colorful range of panels that fans of Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire will all love. And I think we’ve achieved that.

Speaking of us, where will we be? The Watchers on the Wall will be doing an Everything You Need to Know for Season Seven Live Podcast on Saturday, July 1st, at 1:00PM in the Great Hall. We’ll be digging into the new trailers, pics, and interviews, getting everyone all up to speed and ready for season 7. Knowing us, most likely there’s going to be a lot of laughter, love, debating, and inappropriate humor. Oz, Petra, Axechucker, Bex, Luka, Vanessa, and I will be there on the live podcast and on a variety of other panels too- click on our photos in the Speakers listing to find out more!


A sampling of can’t-miss highlights of the con:

Spotlight: Carice van Houten: The Game of Thrones star discusses her role as the mysterious and deadly Red priestess Melisandre, in a spotlight interview with Zack Luye and Hannah Panek of Game of Owns. (July 1, 11AM)

A Lady’s Armor: The Fashions of Westeros’ Leading Ladies: The Emmy-winning costumes of Game of Thrones’ leading ladies are explored by fashion designer Hogan McLaughlin, studying the clothes and the character choices behind them. (July 1, 11AM)

The Great Debates: Con of Thrones’ battle of wits, where absolutely anyone can take part, stepping up to the mic to make their case regarding the panel topic. There’s no sign-up required, just show up ready to battle! There are seven topics (natch) for seven panels (see schedule for times and details):

The Worst Job in Westeros/Essos
The Best Season of Game of Thrones So Far
The Most Upsetting Deaths
The Best Place to Live in Westeros/Essos
The Best Ruler in Westeros/Essos
The Greatest Fighter in Westeros/Essos
The Best Idea for a New HBO Spin-Off

The Ghosts of Westeros:  The dead of Game of Thrones speak in this huge mainstage panel hosted by Joanna Robinson and featuring Iwan Rheon, Roger Ashton-Griffiths, Kate Dickie, Kerry Ingram, Sam Coleman, Aimee Richardson, and Miltos Yerolemou. (July 1, 2PM)

Twitteros: Axechucker (king o’ the GoT Twitter recap) discusses Thrones‘ social media juggernaut status, all its highs and lows, with two of Twitteros’ brightest! (June 30, 5PM)

Spotlight: Bringing Westeros to Life: Game of Thrones weapons master Tommy Dunne, sound designer Paula Fairfield and con lang expert David J. Peterson discuss what it takes to bring the world of Westeros to life, behind the scenes. (July 1, 12PM)

A Proud Taste for Scarlet and Castamere: Dipping into history, Pajiba‘s Genevieve Burgess explores the connection between two powerful women, one fictional and one very real: Cersei Lannister and Eleanor of Aquitaine. (June 30, 4PM)

And those are just the tip of a delightful iceberg! Check out the rest at conofthrones.com/schedule.

In addition to visiting the website, you can also download the Con of Thrones app, available for iPhone and for Android users. The app contains the entire con schedule, allows you to mark favorites and make notes, displays all the speaker information and beyond. So check that out if you live on your smartphone, and want all the con info at hand!

Sue the Fury
Susan Miller, Editor in Chief of WatchersOnTheWall.com


  1. I’m so excited! My only disappointment is that there are so many great panels, I will have to split myself in two or three to attend all the ones I want!

  2. To Sue the Fury et al.:

    •Will the panels be recorded and (eventually) available online?

    • How can Miltos Yerolemou be included in “The Ghosts of Westeros” featuring “the The dead of Game of Thrones”?
    Syrio is not dead! If we don’t see someone die onscreen he or she could still be alive! Surely there was a Red Priest hiding behind a rock to resurrect him! He could’ve picked up a metal sword ! The Greatest Swordsman Who Ever Lived could NOT be killed by Meryn F-cking Trant, even if Syrio only had a wooden stick and MFT had armor and a big f-cking sword! Noooo! Syrio can’t he dead ! He had Arya tell the God of Death, “Not today!”
    (Sorry for that. You can tell: I just loved how Miltos brought Syrio to life in just a few scenes. “Just so.”)

    • If I had known the first Con of Thrones would have such a fabulous lineup, I would’ve somehow found a way to attend.

    •. Oh, and thank you all in advance for all the help you’re providing. Since you guys are involved, I know it’s going to be a first-class operation and I’m sure the inaugural CoT will be a resounding success. 😎

    • PS… Would you consider some sort of WoW mini-contest or poll to invite from the community a proposed question or two to ask the guests/panels? I’m not suggesting we should glom time from people who are actually paying and attending. I was just wondering…Because (at least in my view) so many commenters here on WoW have posed so many intriguing questions and theories in our discussions.
    Again, I apologize if would be out of line to suggest something like this. I know we all love WoW polls and contests though.

  3. Ten Bears,

    1. Many of the panels will be recorded, particularly the mainstage ones in the Great Hall. The con would like to record as many as possible. This is not my department, but that’s what I’ve heard.
    2. He daid. Like OMG daid.
    3. There’s still a month and a half until the con. Keep trying.
    4. Question-gathering is up to the people running each of the panels. I wouldn’t presume to offer something like that for a panel I’m not running. I’m interviewing a few cast memebers (Rupert Vansittart in one session, Aimee Richardson and Kerry Ingram in another) so I probably will be open to questions from WotW people eventually (not right now in this post though, okay!). Down the line in a few weeks. 🙂

    I’m glad to see people so excited by the plans.

  4. Can’t wait to get there! Sounds like you guys have done an incredible job getting this thing together! 🙂

  5. Sue the Fury,

    I’m shocked. Shocked ! How great the lineup is.

    I also noticed – and didn’t realize – that an All-Star roster of WoW staff members will be there….along with Laura Stone, whose “HeyDon’tJudgeMe” blog I’ve found very entertaining and has a good spoiler-free community.

    I will try to get to Nashville. (Wish I didn’t have real life responsibilities.)

    PS Thanks for the info.

  6. Hoyti Von Totiy:
    So where is the trailer?

    I am thinking that HBO has already released all the Season 7 preview clips they are going to.

    The 3 walk to the throne…. Sunday July 16th 2017

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