Four New Game of Thrones 2016 Campaign Election Videos


HBO has released four new campaign videos for each of the candidates running in the #GOT2016 Election showing what each has to offer their would-be subjects. Daenerys Targaryen and Tyrion Lannister’s video is called “Break the Wheel“, which she promised to do last season.  Jon Snow and Lyanna Mormont’s video, on the other hand, is called “Serve the People“, a fitting title methinks.   A video entitled “Power is Power” is, you guessed it, Cersei Lannister and Qyburn’s offering. And what else would Littlefinger and Sansa’s video be called but “The Game“.

Videos and more after the jump!

You may recall that a couple of weeks ago HBO announced a first:  an election campaign GOT-style to go along with the release of the Season 6 DVDs.   Along with the new hashtags you can use to support your candidate of choice and a snazzy intro video, they created a website where you can read their platforms and then vote for one of the four teams (not to mention links to buy Season 6 online).

HBO followed up that initial release with the following four videos.  Here is Dany being all regal and powerful and stuff with her wise but not so-sober adviser Tyrion.

Next our favorite no longer dead King of the North and his youngest and most vocal supporter Lyanna

Let’s not forget our power hungry queen, Cersei, and her Dr. Frankenstein and personal assistant, Qyburn.

Last but definitely not least the sinister mind behind the whole hot mess, Littlefinger and his increasingly more powerful young protege, Sansa.

With over 19 million Facebook likes on their page, it looks like Littlefinger and Sansa are leading with 34% of the vote while Dany and Tyrion and Jon and Lyanna are tied for second with 32% of the vote. If you haven’t pledged your support yet, what are you waiting for?!


  1. I think it’s 1.4 million votes. The 19 million refers to the number of Facebook likes.

    I’m not really buying into it anyway because the voting percentages don’t move despite hundreds of thousands of votes being cast.

  2. The real lineups:

    – Jon + Sansa + Davos + Lyanna + Tormund + Glover + Manderly + Cerwyn

    – Baelish + Robin + Royce(not really)

    – Dany + Tyrion + Theon & Yara + Missandei + Grey Worm + Varys + Olenna + ”Martell” bitchez

    – Cersei + Qyburn + Little Jim(i mean Gregor) + Jaime(?)

    – Euron

    – Night King

    Now choose.

  3. Halfman,

    I agree.

    OT: Saw Kit’s Infinity commercial last night for the first time. I came close to squealing like a young girl over Bieber.

  4. Cersei should have more than 1% just based on this video.It’s hillarious I lost it at beloved.LF’s sounds like it’s taken straight out of House of Cards Dany’s scared me a little Jon’s is fine but I think something more optimistic is needed for a campaign lol

  5. Jon, sweetie, stop telling people you don’t want to be friends. It’ll make you more of them!


    OT: Saw Kit’s Infinity commercial last night for the first time. I came close to squealing like a young girl over Bieber.

    I was not so successful. Many and more squeals were had ?

  6. Well, let’s see: Daeny’s a woman, and she’s speaking non-English. So, there goes the Southern Vote.

    Jon is being proclaimed “King in the North.” So, there goes the Southern vote.

    Baelish somehow just screams “Carpetbagger.” So, there goes the Southern vote.

    Cersei is a woman, but she’s showing brute force and command. And she’s hiding that her running mate might be some sort of scientist very well. So, I am seeing “cleanup” in the Red States for her. Well, unless there is voter fraud, of course….

  7. Halfman: I’m not really buying into it anyway because the voting percentages don’t move despite hundreds of thousands of votes being cast.

    You’ve got that backwards, me thinks. Because so many people have already cast their votes, large fluctuations would be suspicious. In any poll, once you go beyond say a 1000 votes, the final result should be already well reflected. For instance, exit polls usually predict the final outcome of a political vote quite accurately, although they are based on a fraction of a fraction of all voters.

    TL;DR: unless an entirely new group of strongly biased voters emerges (like the global Jon Snow fan club), the numbers as they stand should not change much anymore.

  8. Halfman,

    The bots issue has been fixed that’s why the votes are stable. You have to identify yourself as human before voting now.

  9. the voting is kind of unfair, because you cannot vote just once… and there is probably a bot or something that is influencing the vote.

  10. Ha ha ! The fun continues ! Brilliant

    Quite good videos all around, even though they feel a bit “rushed”. The marketing department wants to milk this idea for all it is worth and they are bloody right to do so ^^

    Daenerys’s spot highlights more the “blood and fire” parts than the “breaking the wheel” side of her… Which is an interesting choice.
    Jon’s video is a tad too somber. Thank all seven heavens for Lyanna’s passion and verve otherwise it would be quite downtrodden. They could have added a few frames of him smiling, for Pete’s sake ! We all know his smiles are as elusive as the chupacabra but he actually did give one of those when talking with Sansa behind the Winterfell parapet… Jon Snow, under the snow, in Winterfell, smiling ! Now, that’s a campaign poster (and is much more uplifting than the visual of him executing his murderers) ! 😉
    Cersei’s mix of on-screen text and visuals is as brilliant as it is delightfully ironic. Shame for the lack of voice-over though.
    Littlefinger’s video is… As Littlefinger-esque as imaginable. And I was delighted by every second by it ^^ (PS Why was Tycho Nestoris in that video ? I am intrigued)

    It’s a teeny wee bit of a shame that we do not get to hear any of the running mates, aside from Lyanna (who, of course, takes the cake with “King in the North”)… Give us a Tyrion line, a Qyburn quote, a Sansa remark ! There are quite a few to choose from.
    Tyrion’s “I believe in you” would have fit pretty well; Qyburn’s “Before we can usher in the new, the old must be put to rest” could have been a decent opener and Sansa’s “I know what you want” would have worked perfectly (and ambiguously) as a closing line.

    Also, and this is just me being obnoxiously nitpicky here, I feel that, aside from Littlefinger, they all got cheated with the music. Chaos is a ladder is one of the best themes in GOT, haunting, beautiful and evil all at once. Give the other three background music with more humph ! Season 6, and the season finale especially, was full to the brim with instant classics. There’s an embarrassment of riches to pick from.
    The second movement of Hear me Roar is brilliant, dark and intimidating, a mix of The Light of the Seven and The Rains of Castamere. Now that’s Queen Cersei !
    Same thing for Daenerys. The Winds of Winter feels “big”; it is uplifting and inspirational : that would work wonders for her campaign ad, making it somewhat less terrifying… ^^
    As for Jon, I feel like he really gets the short end of the stick here. The House Stark theme is of course gorgeous but it is quite unassuming and not that “distinct”. Give the man The North Remembers theme for the Seven’s sake ! It would inject some pizazz and magnitude into his otherwise somber speech. Come on team SnowBear ! Pimp that candidate out

  11. That Cersei video is amazing.

    And Daenerys is as terrifying in hers as I’ve been seeing her on the show. Just on the verge of becoming a full fledged bloodthirsty maniac.

  12. The iron bank being in Petyrs video plus the fact that LF has ties to Braavos means that eventually the iron bank will support Petyr Baelish.

    Also Sansa is firmly in Team Littlefinger. People here were so mad when Sophie spelled it out so clearly. Denial is a sad thing.

    Sansa wants to be queen, it’s what her entire arc is leading up to.

    Why else did Martin give her so many chapters about learning the game of thrones?

    Dany wants to conquer, Jon wants to defeat the others, tyrion wants to be loved & Sansa wants the throne.

  13. I pray for a glimpse of S7 news and all I see is HBO marketing !!

    Dee Stark,

    The LF votes had come before HBO identified the problem with bots. There was surge voting, I assume by a small group of people at the most, which took his share to around 65%, (Dany and Jon were stuck at a mere 18% then) . This was rectified by HBO to an extent I guess, but he still leads the poll.

    I stopped taking this poll seriously a long time ago 🙂 .

  14. Great stuff by GoT and HBO

    Cerseis video is the funniest, loved the “Revered bit” with the shot of her and Jaimie having been ditched at the SC

    Dany’s is a bit odd, could have easily been Dany and Daario with the Drogon speech to the Dothraki which sends a completely different message

    Could also make a Dany and Jorah and do the season 2 “sword in his hand” speech

    Best one of course is Jon, probably because it includes Lyanna Mormont etc,

    Would have been nice to see some Qyburn in Cersei and Sansa in LF, eg Qyburn “how many have you saved?” then boom goes the Sept of Baelor

    Some Sansa “I’ll be Queen, it’s all I’ve ever wanted from S1 E1 pilot” would have been good too

  15. I had a feeling the LF/Sansa vote would go up… Internet trolls and Sansa fans and all that lol Wonder what will happen at the end of the election.

  16. THE QUEEN,
    Sansa wants to be queen, it’s what her entire arc is leading up to.

    But…after all the scheming and suffering she’s been put through the only thing poor Sansa wants is to be safe at home, with family, sitting by a fire knitting and drinking hot cocoa. Her fans know this and they keep trying to tell the rest of us that if she does do any scheming of her own, playing the game, it will be to turn the tables on Littlefinger. After all she’s endured to gain back Winterfell surely she doesn’t have amibitions to go back to the awful place called King’s Landing where her father was beheaded?! Couldn’t be. 🙂

  17. LadyStark,

    What is it about this guy anyways lol? I’m too old to swoon over a dude. My “crush” is waning as of late, I mean it’s been over a year, can’t sustain it forever 🙁 but yeah I fell hard for Mr. Snow I think it hit me middle of S5 not long before he “died” so last off season was quite painful at times not knowing for sure if we’d get him back haha.

  18. Theses promos are silly and are borderline detracting from the artistic integrity of the show.

  19. Cersei’s video is the best and funniest! Great music and text. Danys Santa is the lamest! Baelish was second best.

  20. Inthenorth,

    There wasn’t an EU exit poll, and the 2015 GE exit poll was largely correct. I think you’re mixing the opinion polls conducted before polling day with the formal exit polls.

  21. Inthenorth:
    Tar Kidho,

    I can only guess you’re not in the UK… The exit polls for the EU referendum and last general election were wildly wrong

    You are confusing pre-vote polls (which are almost always off as many people are undecided, don’t want to participate, or even lie about who they will vote for) with exit polls. A quick Google search led me to this article that might interest you:

    That said, if there really was a bot problem on the HBO website as mentioned above, then normal statistics of course don’t apply…

  22. LatrineDiggerBrian,

    Somebody doesn’t have a sense of humor…

    Relax mate, it’s supposed to be a funny silly thing, you really think they care about ”the artistic integrity of the show”?

    It’s entertainment, don’t take it so seriously.

  23. Tar Kidho,

    Actually few polls were THAT wrong with Brexit, most were pretty tied and YouGov, a respected poll gave ”leave” a +2 lead, which was the result in the end.

  24. GRRM throws a lot of information at us in the books. One of the book themes that keeps repeating itself with various characters (Arya, Theon, Sansa) is the idea that a person can forget who they are, and to find yourself again. It was pretty clear from reading Sansa’s book arc that 1) she was becoming the bastard Alayne Stone that Little Finger created, and 2) she finally understood what Jon suffered growing up, establishing a connection with him she never had before. Now SHE was the bastard. The clues are there but they are kind of hidden at times. Does she still want to be Queen at this point or does she just want to go home? I do believe LF molded and influenced Sansa, but it’s that battle to find yourself again that GRRM repeats with his characters so we will see what happens. I don’t believe it’s as black and white as simply Sansa wants to be Queen.

  25. ygritte,
    To be fair, there is no contradiction between wanting power and eventually backstabbing Littlefinger… These two story arcs are not mutually exclusive ^^
    She has always wanted to be Queen, that’s true. It is firmly in her story arc. But so is her growing attachment to Jon (through her fake bastard status, in the books). The question is : through which means does she intend to become Queen, if she still intends to do so ?
    Sansa drinking hot cocoa in Winterfell would only satisfy people who believe that wanting / holding power is somehow “not the Stark way”, not being a “true Stark”. Which, considering that the Starks have always been a very powerful family and have produced two different KitN over the last five years, seems counter-intuitive to me 😉

    ghost of winterfell,
    The lack of news is frustrating, I couldn’t agree more. But with a delayed start to the season, there is not much to hope for aside from marketing. At least for a while, unfortunately.

  26. Mihnea:
    Tar Kidho,

    Actually few polls were THAT wrong with Brexit, most were pretty tied and YouGov, a respected poll gave ”leave” a +2 lead, which was the result in the end.

    Being a scientist dealing with data quite a lot, I’l play – apologies for going rather far off topic 😉

    Most Brexit polls were quite tight in the final months indeed:
    Even though the “average” just before the vote predicted a reverse 48%-52% split in comparison to the actual result, I’ll grant you that polls were quite accurate.

    However, for most elections that I have followed (mainly in Belgium, the Netherlands, and the UK), the polls fared much worse. Here’s the example of the 2015 UK general elections:
    – polls:
    – final result:

    And in case this topic interests you:

    But of course none of this matters to Westeros – there, “elections” are still decided by the good old virtues of Fire and Blood 🙂

  27. Mihnea,

    I replied to you with some links to comparisons of polls and election results, but the message is stuck “in moderation”. Who is that unelected mod bot that tries to shut us up!?? I say we revolt! 🙂

  28. I love this – well played HBO!!!!!!!!

    Once again…King in the North!!!!!!!!!! 😀

    I would agree on the music with you ACME: there are so many wonderful pieces of music to choose from to add to the momentum!!! JoBear would go nicely with the ‘winter has come’ – with that epic bit of it after 1:15!!!!!

    (Or else use ‘The Trooper’ HBO people (paraphrazed):
    ‘You’ll take my life but I’ll take yours too
    You’ll fire your arrow but I’ll run you through
    So when you’re waiting for the next attack
    You’d better stand there’s no turning back’

    Hmm I may rewatch BoB listening to that 😀 )

    ghost of winterfell:
    I pray for a glimpse of S7 news

    Me too :/ I can’t wait till the filming begins!

  29. -edit idea came too late:
    … and they could have used more inspiring Snow words like ‘The White Walkers don’t care if a man’s free folk or crow. We’re all the same to them, meat for their army. But together we can beat them!’ , for instance – this is a campaign for God’s sake 😀 😛

  30. Well let’s break it down.

    Cersei is an obvious no go. She makes enemies, not allies. Wouldn’t work for a president. I’m seeing lots of illegal executive orders that Congress ends up having to block and eventually impeach her. She might try to stop them or kill them all, but army won’t stand behind her like it does in Westros.

    Snow is noble and all, but I feel like his having to be pushed into everything and always doing the reluctant hero bit won’t work in Washington. No one is going to push him, the worst elements of Congress and bureaucracy will tell him just to sit back and let them do the real work.

    I feel like Dany would get frustrated working with the cesspool that is Washington. Tyrion (and Varys) being there helps a lot, but I think eventually she probably goes the Cersei route and kills everyone, except she does it for the people rather than for herself which might make it harder to stop her. But I like democracy. Ask me again in 4 years after whichever horrible person is allowed to be president. Minus the loathsome personality traits, she is a bit of the Trump of this campaign – burn it all to the ground.

    Littlefinger would be the opposite. He’d fit right in with Washington. He’d absolutely act the racist if he thought it would help him win. As terrible of a person as he is, he’d probably be the most effective. We don’t need a drinking buddy, we need a president. I’d probably have to go with him.

  31. THE QUEEN:
    Why else did Martin give her so many chapters about learning the game of thrones?

    Any number of reasons?

    Dany wants to conquer, Jon wants to defeat the others, tyrion wants to be loved & Sansa wants the throne.

    The first three of those have been consistent themes throughout their arcs. The fourth is not.

  32. Sean C.,

    Sean C.: Any number of reasons?

    The first three of those have been consistent themes throughout their arcs.The fourth is not.

    Season 1, episode 1 has Sansa begging her mother to let her go to King’s Landing to marry Joffrey and be Queen. She was aware of power from the beginning, observing that her father will be the second most powerful man in the Kingdom if he agrees to be Hand.

  33. Anon,

    Er, yeah, she starts out with a childish romantic notion of being queen consort. When Joffrey has Ned executed, that notion vanishes alongside all her other visions of a romantic destiny with Joffrey. From that point onward, she never shows any interest in being queen, or wanting power, generally. Hence, it is not a consistent theme, unlike the other examples cited; it’s something she turns away from at the end of the first book/season and never looks back.

    It is theoretically possible that her notion of being queen consort as part of her assumed romantic destiny could be replaced by a strong desire to be queen (regnant or consort) for the power of the office that she is now aware of (which she was not before), but there is as yet no sign of it. Her fairly consistent reaction to the game of thrones has been to want out, and while I have every expectation that events will continue to keep her involved and ultimately take a more active role on her own initiative, she doesn’t require a burning desire to be queen to do that. Characters’ fundamental motivations become evident over time in the series, and GRRM doesn’t have them do sudden, massive swings.


    I see people still think Sansa is Tywin or something. That’s cute lol

  35. Sean C.,
    I strongly agree with you on pretty much everything however I would say that, while there is no burning desire to be queen in Book or Show Sansa, both seem to have an understanding of the need for power.

    It is undoubtedly true that Book (and Show) Sansa gave up on her fairytale-induced idea to become queen consort as soon as Ned’s head was cut off. But it was replaced by a growing comprehension of what power affords and what the lack thereof entails. While Book Sansa is clearly foreign to the idea of seeking power for power’s sake and oftentimes finds the “game” abysmal and abhorrent, she is shown to understand the necessity of it insofar as it affords its better and/or privileged players a certain level of protection and agency bystanders are deprived of.
    Whether she still, on any level, wants to be a queen/lady is still very much up in the air, unquestionably so. But she certainly realises that the powerlessness of a traitor’s legitimate daughter, a dead KitN’s sister or a relatively new lord’s bastard daughter is not helpful in any way.

    Show Sansa is further down the same road, I believe.
    Contrarily to her literary counterpart, she experienced power. She wielded it in the Eyrie when she testified in Littlefinger’s favour, thereby not only saving him from the Moon Door but also serving him the Vale on a platter. And if the look they exchanged and the conversation they had afterwards are anything to go by, she knew what she was doing and why.
    Furthermore, as Dornish Tyrell mentioned somewhere else (I cannot remember exactly where, oops ^^), the idea of being named Wardenness of the North in her own right appeared to appeal to her back in the Winterfell crypts. Though initially taken aback and possibly reluctant, once the notion sank in, she did not seem that adverse to it.

    Neither Book nor Show Sansa is consumed by an all-devouring ambition, a trait which distinguishes both of them from their former role model, Cersei. Neither, I think, lies awake at night fantasising about the Iron Throne or any other throne. Nonetheless both understand that independent power is a necessity, to protect oneself and others. To extrapolate on George RR Martin’s gardening concept, Book Sansa has the seeds and a few roots of the notion of power; Show Sansa has a couple of branches and perhaps a flower poking out already 🙂

    Oh ! Winter is here is a great theme, you are right. It certainly would have worked wonders to lift the mood of an otherwise rather dour video 😉

  36. Heh, I think the ‘campaign’ and videos are cute and gives me some GOT content until we finally start getting S7 filming news. (Fingers crossed that won’t be too long now)

    My favorite of the videos is Cersei’s. I love that she’s such a terrible candidate that they decided to go for laughs. I LMAO at the scenes they chose for “discreet”, “revered”, and “followed”. I notice her running mate is barely seen and definitely not heard. As if there was any doubt Cersei would share the power.

    I think Jon’s works really well with She-Bear Lyanna forcefully talking up her running mate before he speaks up for himself. I can imagine Jon being the good cop to Lyanna’s bad cop in their administration. Lyanna would crack heads and get shit done, while Jon, the war hero, can enjoy the adulation of the people.

    Littlefinger’s video is great, as well. You can’t go wrong with his ‘Chaos is a ladder’ speech. This guy is a true politician and probably the best candidate of the 4, but I still didn’t vote for him. They’re going all in making sure we know it’s a Baelish/Stark ticket by showing Sansa in half of the clips standing right by Littlefinger’s side.

    Dany’s video was the most disappointing. If this is a Westerosi campaign why is it all in Dothraki? She’s given a dozen similar speeches, why didn’t they use one where she speaks the Common tongue? And the line “I bring your enemies what they deserve” while showing her dragons burning shit up doesn’t give me the impression of a moderate ruler.

    It’s good to see they fixed whatever rigging/ballot stuffing was going on. Now it’s an even race between Dany, Jon, and Littlefinger. LOLCersei is still dead last at 2%.

  37. ACME,

    Nothing you say there is implausible in terms of development. I was simply speaking to the notion that from what we’ve seen in the books, Sansa’s development is obviously about a desire to be queen that puts her in Littlefinger’s camp against other people in her family. As yet, we’ve spent quite a lot of time in her head, and she’s never shown any desire for power since AGOT (as well, her relationship with Baelish in the books is completely different than it is in the show).

  38. Benjen,

    Lol! Of all the people in the country we will end up with one of these two extremes as prez, it boggles the mind I tell ye.

  39. 1. Terrible campaign managers! The Dany-Tyrion campaign won’t get anywhere with wishy washy social issues, “Break The Wheel” whining will get no votes (the poor don’t bother to vote anyway). Their strongest issues is security and fighting terror by all means, so the slogan should simple be “Blood and Fire” to all our enemies.
    2. How come some candidates have their family names on the ticket and others only their surnames? A Targaryen-Lannister will get a lot of votes from older folks remembering the good ol days, so why not use it for Dany and Tyrion?

    Is it because something might be revealed about the real family name of the VP candidate, and a Targaryen-Targaryen ticket might bee too much (althought it worked fro the Underwoods…)? [ / spoiler]

  40. Isabelle: Well that’s gotten my day off to an excellent start Thanks for the link!

    I have to work today, but this was a good way to kick-start this morning.

  41. Sean C.,
    I wholeheartedly agree.
    Of course, the poll does pit two Starks against each other and the writers have made it clear there would be some conflict brewing between the Direwolves next season. However, conflict is neither war nor betrayal. Nor is it necessarily the prelude to a “for the watch” moment 🙂

    Flayed Potatoes,
    Well, to be honest, Tywin himself was pretty cute ^^

    Far from me the desire to challenge the notion that the Old Lion was remarkably smart however I believe it would be erroneous to consider him an extraordinary “player”. Did he understand the game ? Yes, mostly insofar as it relates to intimidation (Hear Me Roar, indeed). Was he a brilliant man ? Undoubtedly. Was he that impeccable a player ? Well…

    Both his greatest “moves” (Castamere, Red Wedding) owed more to Tywin’s ruthless use of lucky circumstances than to genius foresight. His main talent was to bet on the odds rather than against them : the Red Wedding would have been unthinkable hadn’t Robb, quite all on his own, lost half his army and insulted the Freys; the annihilation of the Rains would have been much more difficult and uncertain hadn’t a majority of Castamere been underground

    (luckily for Tywin, he simply decided to kill all its inhabitants and flooded the underground air ducts to drown everyone… Hey, another Lannister using tunnels to kill enemies ! 🙂 )

    For the rest, it is less stellar.

    He refused to see or acknowledge the incestuous relationship between his eldest children, thereby allowing it to develop and ultimately threaten his House’s entire legacy.
    He lost all his onfield battles against Robb.
    He chose not to listen to the Martells’ demand to have Gregor Clegane punished, which created an ongoing feud and bitter animosity between his House and Dorne.
    He insulted his smartest child, taunted, berated him and failed to notice his resentment festering with the deadly consequences we know.
    He remained blissfully ignorant of Littlefinger’s concerted effort to ruin the Seven Kingdoms and, by constantly feeding the Crown’s coffers, ultimately became responsible for his own House falling into bankrupcy…

    So Tywin was a fantastically intelligent man with quite thought-provoking notions about the whole “game”. However, his ego, frequent tonedeafness and many, many blindspots kept him from being a truly efficient player and, eventually, a good chunk of the Lannisters’ erosion can be traced back to him.

    Well, that was off topic ! I do apologise… Go vote ! ^^

    Oh and great interview with Kit Harington. He seems like a very sweet and thoughtful person.

  42. Littlefinger and Sansa, of course. At least Littlefinger has a brain, more than I can say for Jon, Dany, or Cersei. I would have voted for Jon and Lady Mormont if the positions had been reversed, and Mormont were up for queen, with Jon in the secondary role.

    Also, interesting that Jon is described as “the Lord of Light, R’hllor’s Chosen Son.”

  43. Vote for Petyr Baelish – the smartest man in the game. He didn’t born with power. He earned it!

  44. maria,

    Dany and Jon have plenty of brains thank you very much.Not being evil,having scruples and being unwilling to do shady shit doesn’t mean you are stupid.Just a decent person.

  45. Jenny,
    Welllll…ok, but I disagree. Dany survives because the gods (creators) are on her side, and things break in her favor. Without that, she would have died many deaths; the woman has the brains of an overgrown pumpkin, with sincerest apology to pumpkins. Jon is smarter than a pumpkin, and his decision to use wildlings to defend the Wall was brilliant. However, he is a terrible politician, and suffers fits of irrationality. How many wildlings died because Jon wrecked his own battle plan and rushed at Ramsay like a maniac? He knew he was outmanned, yet he went.

    I’d be way more comfortable with Tyrion as king and Dany as eye candy, or with Mormont as queen and Jon as eye candy. Better yet, get rid of Jon and Dany and let Mormont rule, with Tyrion as advisor. Imagine Mormont sitting down, conferring with Tyrion. It’d be a thing of beauty.

    The list as it is, though, leaves me little choice but Littlefinger and Sansa. Littlefinger is smart and ambitious. If he believed that succeeding as a leader would prove once and for all that he is better than all the upper-class assholes who tormented him and would also be in his own interest, then he would succeed. He is the only one of these people I can say that about.

  46. I vote for jon snow every day the numbers for everyone of these characters doesn’t change I think this is all bullshit Lil finger has the most votes his character is not liked in the show i honestly think are vote doesn’t count this vote game is rigid
    Because I know Jon Snow the king in the North will win hands down

  47. maria,

    So ONE mistake by Jon and suddenly he’s not a good strategist? Despite the fact that he’s defended the wall against wildings well and he fought to bring them in to the side of the wall to not only protect them but to protect the north from their reanimated dead bodies.

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