First Look at Arya’s Season Five Costume Change


Game of Thrones has some of the best costume work on television right now. Between the exotic silks Daenerys wears in Meereen to Margaery’s courtly clothes to Sansa Stark’s new raven-inspired frock, the fashion scene in Westeros has never been hotter.

However, one character in particular has missed out on the fashion train. For the last three seasons, Arya has lived the rough and tumble life of a war-orphan, and in between bouncing from the Night’s Watch’s scouting company to the Tywin Lannister’s cupbearer to the Hound’s hostage/BFF, there hasn’t been a whole lot of opportunity for some new duds. But all that is about to change…

Arya’s new look after the jump.

We’ve had some preliminary peeks at what Arya will look like when she hits the streets of Braavos next season- see our set photo post from Sibenik– but it’s hard to see any of the details of Maisie’s new look.

Thankfully, EW got an exclusive look at the concept art behind Arya’s first costume change in years:


They also had the chance to sit down with Maisie and get her reaction to Arya’s return to more feminine dress:

“I had my hair braided up to these big buns and bits of jewelry and a jumper thing with a long skirt, and I came onto the set and nobody recognized me,” she says. Getting rid of the clothing that Arya has worn through so much family tragedy over the years will even be a plot point in the show. “That was such a release — it was like no acting required,” she says of the scene. “This feels totally like a next chapter.”

Surely, her clothing won’t be the only big change for Arya next season, but it is definitely one of the more visible shifts that our direwolf pup is growing up- and growing up fast.

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    1. Not sure I’m digging this. While I can’t remember if it’s described in the books what Arya is wearing in Braavos I imagined her being in lighter, cleaner clothes but still being trousers and a shirt rather than jewelry and a skirt? Obviously the show doesn’t have to (and shouldn’t) stick exactly to the books, I still pictured her as being a ‘tomboy’ and not dolled up!

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    2. “Getting rid of the clothing that Arya has worn through so much family tragedy over the years will even be a plot point in the show”

      Looks like they are keeping

      Arya dumping her belongings into the river but refusing to toss away Needle. And instead burying it for safe keeping

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    3. Daeryssa,

      I agree with you but I mean, look at the outfit, It really is not that feminine. Compared to her old clothes, yep, but to nearly every other female character on the show these are not that feminine. The description of jewlery and stuff they gave sound exageratted, it’s not so extravagant. And I’m really digging this bravosi style, very distinctive. I just wish we had some pics of the sandsnakes on something other than their armor. No, I do not have enough sand snakes, it will never be enough, NEVER.
      And while we are talking about clothes,

      I really hope after daznak’s pit dany goes full targaeryen with black and red and badass armors and stuff, but again, we don’t even know what happens next on the books so, who knows.

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    4. RandomSand,

      Fair enough, I hadn’t seen the on-set pic and it’s definitely not as feminine looking as the drawing. I don’t know, I think I still thought it would be more like a ‘silk pyjamas ninja’ kinda look!!

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    5. As they said in the costume feature linked in the comments here a week or so ago, the Braavos look is inspired by the Dutch in the 16th and 17th century. Seems pretty spot on.

      I’m glad to hear her say the costume change will be a plot point btw. That AFFC moment where she flung her old outfit off of the pier was a pretty strong moment that would fit well into the early mid-season of s5.

      Maester of Ceremonies,

      You’re right, she’s basically in the exact same pose!

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    6. Daeryssa,

      Yep, by their description you would assume a totally different outfit. Too bad we don’t have set pics anymore, the waiting for the trailer will destroy me.

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    7. I’m assuming we’re not going to be getting any more important news until the next season actually starts? Not having a go at the site which is doing sterling work in the circumstances but I can’t remember the last time anything that interesting was revealed.

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    8. 2 things I love about this outfit:
      1) It’s very “renaisance” style as opposed to the more medieval styles of Westeros, good way to set Braavos apart, and fits with the feel of it in the books–dudes with rapiers, Shakespearian-style mummers, Hanseatic League-style sea merchants. Art direction and set/costume design seems well up to Baavosian challenges!

      2) While the costume is a lot more feminine than her boy-disguise, a close look will show that it still gives Arya total freedom of movement in case she needs to jump a canal, stab a Braavo, or sprint from the scene of a stabbing she definitely had nothing to do with at all. (Not a spoiler, just for example.) The skirt is full enough not to hinder and not so long as to trip her up. The jacket looks warm enough for those foggy Braavos mornings and is open under the arms for full arm rotation–and none of those Sansa-style belled sleeves, which are a pain to actually do anything in. Hair is pretty but securely out of the way. This costume will help Arya blend in as a girl without interfering with any of her plucky tomboy ways. 🙂

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    9. I don’t get this look at all. Isn’t the poor in Bravos supposed to wear really bright and vibrant colours while the rich’s clothes are more dark and muted? Arya’s clothes look a lot like the Iron Bankers, colour-wise at least.

      Found this picture:


      “Bravos dress in flambouyant colors, contrary to wealthy Braavosi, who “dressed in charcoal grey and purple, blues that were almost black and blacks as dark as a moonless night”.[7] Officials of Braavos, called keyholders and justiciars, wear drab coats of brown and grey.[4]”

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    10. Ygrijjki,

      It’s the first official image that was released with permission from HBO. The previous pictures that we saw of Maisie in this costume were taken by a fan in Sibenek who happened to get close to the production while they were shooting those scenes. As it happens, the unofficial pictures were more exciting, but this is still cool and newsworthy.


      We should have more to discuss in the new year. There will be trailers, there will be featurettes and behind-the-scenes looks at the production, and there will be a steadily-increasing number of interviews and promotional materials circulated by various outlets as we get closer to the premiere. There’s also a chance that more casting news may leak once certain agencies get around to updating their actors’ CVs. Whatever information trickles out on that front is likely to be minor, but it will be something.

      It just so happens that the window that we’re in now – after filming wraps but before promotion for the new season starts – is always the slowest part of the year. Filming news was less exciting over the past two months because it all took place in Northern Ireland, and most of it was on closed sets or in remote locations that were relatively easy to lock down. The production tends to do a better job of limiting what gets leaked from those locations than they do in Croatia or in Spain, where they have to film outside in cities where people live.

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    11. I like the look. Reminds me of a plainer version of traditional Eastern European outfits women wear in the US at festivals and cultural events.

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    12. I just got a second text from the three-eyed raven and a new clip. Quick eye opening (Arya, I think), running thru the snow from what felt to be a wolf’s perspective, some fire, a hand grasping a sword pommel.

      Anyone else?

      Edit: possibly b/w door, it’s too fast!

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    13. Lady Grey,

      This isn’t the books. The garish, bright and flamboyant colored clothes from the books have been toned down in the show(eg: Daario). Only the Slavers’ Bay nobility still wear bright/flamboyant clothes on the show, but their hair and beards were toned down. I like what little I’ve seen of the Braavosi attire so far. It fits in with the show universe. If they stuck 100 percent to the way costumes were described in the books, I think most of Essos would have looked like the Capital residents from ‘The Hunger Games’, and I don’t believe that is a good thing.

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    14. The Sight Receiver,

      I got one too, I don’t really remember but I think I had a soldiers on horses (I think this was from when the Boltons were going to Winterfell), I think Arya’s feet from when she was practicing her water dancing (not completely sure about this one), somebody trying to pick up a sword but some one else swatting it down, Oberyn and Ellaria right before he died, a shot of the ocean at night, and the doors of the House of Black and White.

      Ugh, I should have paid more attention to it.

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    15. Got another text saying the raven brings the sight. This one was more underwhelming than the last. I tried to concentrate, but it was quick:

      –Shot of a soldier outside a castle, looked like it may have been a sentry outside Winterfell (definitely old footage – and now that others say it, yes, it looked like the Boltons headed to Winterfell)
      –Arya doing one of her flips during her Season 4 bit of water-dancing practice
      –Oberyn Martell looking at Ellaria (old footage, just before he fights the Mountain)
      –The damned three-eyed raven, cawing again
      –As someone else said, a shot of the ocean at night. Looked like a new shot, but it was water, so, hell, it coulda been the finale of Boardwalk Empire.
      –Some sort of feet or legs, walking or standing. Possibly new. Went by way too quickly.
      –Ended with a shot of the House of Black & White

      And of course, it says “the sight has come and gone.” ARGLE-BARGLE!

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    16. Again I didn’t get a “sight” text. Looks like the promotion footage sucks anyway. 9 seconds of old shit and 1 second of new footage

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    17. Greatjon of Slumber,

      Same here…Thx for the recap. It is like HBO outsourced this crap to a bunch of high school interns.

      I’ll be really pissed if they don’t explore the “sight” (greenseeing/warging/weirnet) at all during S5. Shouldn’t this concept have some relevance to the storyline? Yeah, right…how foolish of me…

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    18. Tyrion Pimpslap,

      Yes, I know it isn’t the books and partly I agree with you.

      My point is that I’m afraid the show won’t show the culture in Braavos. With these costumes the wiever might think that Braavos is founded by northerners when it isn’t. Braavos is founded by Valyrian slaves and I would like to see more southern influences to the city. I have always imagined Braavos like a Bollywood movie set in a misty part of Ireland. That is the culture in Braavos.

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    19. Is HBO just screwing with our heads or have they just indiscriminately decided that some subscribers will receive and others won’t. Have not seen anything from them yet – tweet or text. Gah!

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    20. New raven vid:

      Saw winterfell from ep 1

      Shot of Arya turning

      A sword briefly

      3 eye raven again

      oberyn and ellaria right before mountain fight

      Crucified slave child from season 4

      Ended with a shot of the house of black and white doors

      ETA: right yes, shot of the ocean as well. That might have been new.

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    21. I guess HBO is being selective with who receives the “sight”, much like in the books. Very few have the gift, and those who are new to it can’t decipher the visions. If this was planned, I’d call it brilliant. As that is unlikely, at least it’s only December, and this isn’t the main marketing for season 5, at least I hope not.

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    22. As long as we get a proper trailer early in january I’ll be happy. It bothers me more that haven’t gotten a single “in production” video like previous years.

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    23. Blind Beth,

      Great observations. Braavos does indeed seem more culturally advanced than Westeros and definitely more Shakespearean Renaissance than Medieval times and the costumes, (and what we’ve seen so far of the Iron Bank,) seem to reflect that. And yeah those threads while cute, do seem practical for Arya’s ‘studies’ as well and I expect we will get a first hand demonstration of just how practical they really are.

      The latest HBO trailer sounds disappointing but now that filming’s completed I’m expecting more revealing tidbits any day now; if not trailers then at least publicity stills.

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    24. OK, I really hate HBO! This TheSight marketing is annoying as hell! Make it available to everyone or don’t bother doing it. I still haven’t received my first teaser and I probably won’t receive this one either.
      This was supposed to get me excited, and I could probably get over the fact that they barely show anything new if I could actually watch these damn teasers!

      Sorry for the rant, but I’m really mad right now!


      Yes, I signed in using Twitter. I also tried registering again yesterday (thinking that maybe something went wrong when I first registered) but the site said I’m already registered.

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    25. If one looks at the ‘set-capture-pics’ all women in Braavos dress in similar costume, and Arya is dressed that way except she seemed to be wearing Clod-Hopper boots unlike the shoes in the drawing or the ones the extras are wearing, not sure whats with that?
      From the books yea there should be more color , but also seems when on the docks of Braavos most people , except sailors were kind in poor-dressed down mode. Not that Aray looks dressed-up, but a little more up-scale than is described on the page.
      At the House of Black and White , until she gets her robe she dresses in simple shifts.

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    26. Well, I finally got my DM on Twitter. However, the video wouldn’t play on my phone; I just had a black screen. And, of course, there are no opportunities to replay it.


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    27. Luka Nieto,

      I think I definately preferred the fun of seeing what random person has spotted a sign around N Ireland phase! I guess it’s goood in a way but still very curious as to the direction most of the plotlines in Westeros are heading and which characters will be putting in an appearance.

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    28. Hodor’s Bastard,

      True, but in an odd way I do find this funny. It’s December 18th. Usually by this time we have nothing, maybe an ‘In Production’ feature. The truth is, nothing they do will draw in more fans than positive ‘word of mouth’ already has. This sight thing has been a clunker, at least after the first one, but even then, all we got a was a quick shot of the door to the HOBAW. By the sounds of it, the new videos give us little to no new footage. I’m content to wait for the more traditional promotions(year end video/trailer/In-Production).

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    29. Blind Beth: It’s very “renaisance” style as opposed to the more medieval styles of Westeros

      It also might be a way for the show to communicate that Westeros is (in many ways) very backwards compared to the rest of the world. “Feminine” in Braavos at least can include more practical clothing. Moreover, Braavos itself is a more egalitarian place: and egalitarianism and feminism do go hand in hand.

      As for this being a plot point, I can see it being even more a story point. We will see!

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    30. Lady Grey,

      I think part of why they are skipping the brightly-colored clothes for the lower classes is that bright color palettes come in basically three catagories–primary colors (already associated with Westerosi sigil designs), jewel tones (already being used in Slaver’s Bay) and bright pastels (already used in Qarth and in the Tyrell retinue–used to contrast with Dothraki earth tones in the one case and Lannister red/black/gold in the second case). So using bright colors would associate Braavos with either Slavers Bay, Qarth, or Westeros when the designers want to make it visually very different.

      In regards to loosing the sense that the city was built by escaped slaves of many cultures rather than just north-westerners…well, I’m sure the history of Braavos will be covered at least briefly in the HoB&W. Even more importantly, the vital heritage of Braavos is the idea that slavery is unacceptable and that being aggressive and dominant towards neighboring regions is not the way to get ahead. The Braavosi value freedom and free trade. I think those elements of their culture are actually more important than having visual references to the more southern parts of Essos. And the show is probably going to hit several new locations throughout Essos this season, so it will be very important to keep them all visually separate to avoid Unsullied confusion.

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    31. Boojam:
      If one looks at the ‘set-capture-pics’ all women in Braavos dress in similar costume, and Arya is dressed that way except she seemed to be wearing Clod-Hopper boots unlike the shoes in the drawing or the ones the extras are wearing, not sure whats with that?

      If the boots were black instead of brown, I’d take it as a good sign that a certain scene was included, but since they’re not, I don’t know. Apparently good boots are hard to find in Braavos.

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    32. Tyrion Pimpslap,

      I agree with you in spirit (and the idea of it). It would be so cool if it was a random set of images sent to all who signed up, which could be collected, discussed and organized into a puzzle of sorts. Maybe all this clunkiness is actually meant to emulate Bran’s training…he (and we) has got to put all the images in context and noodle them out…. 🙂

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    33. Greatjon of Slumber,

      Basically using old footage to foreshadows plot points of upcoming season I think these are

      In this case,
      1. It’s the Stark soldier outside Winterfell from season 1 (Blu Ray menu too). Foreshadows the Bolton/Stannis storyline for this season IMO
      2. Obviously there is Oberyn and Ellaria, foreshadowing the fallout from that and presumably Ellaria becoming Arianne queen maker Plot and intent on revenge
      3. Arya training, presumably her training continuing etc but this time as a Faceless person, the footwork seemed to be a pivot, so perhaps a pivot from water dancing to faceless training but that simply might be reading too much into it
      4. Slave pointing to Mereen signpost, probably foreshadowing a resurgence of hostilities with slavers (of Yunkai but perhaps Astapor as well) as a plot line
      5. Ocean, I reckon it is the Coast of Dorne, foreshadowing Jaimie/Bronn heading there

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    34. Balerion The Cat,

      They could show it to everyone as traditionally is the case…but is seems to be part of trying to adapt to new consumption patterns and they are trying to create a new database of subscribers to whatever to market at/sell access to advertisers

      While thing is quite annoying. Maybe they are trying make some people feel “exclusive” and “privelaged” but I basically just waited for someone to upload to youtube

      What I don’t get most of all is the single view. People are always going to want to re-watch trailers. Especially short cryptic ones, especially asoif fans whom pretty much re-read the books and re-interpret passages while they wait several years for new books

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    35. For mine I thought the clothes looked odd until I saw the wider pic and it seems fine in that sense, she certainly “blends in”

      Not sure anyone would be selling fish or jumping around Boats on Canals on that though? Depends on the scenes

      Haven’t got a problem with the tone, Braavos strikes me as a “sober” city full of seriousness which Banking/Port towns are because of the seriousness of trade industry but also it’s roots as a safe haven from serious threats (eg slaves escaping from slavers who would be after them way back when), so I’ve always seen it as distinct from other nearby city-states like Myr, Lys, Volantis etc. in this case all the Peacock dress would be isolated to specific places

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