Filming begins in Sibenik with Maisie Williams, Mark Gatiss, Roger Ashton-Griffiths and Ian Beattie


Location shooting in the Croatian town of Sibenik for Game of Thrones season 5 began today, and several of the show’s actors were on hand for filming. snapped several photos of the scene being shot in front of the historic Cathedral of St. James. There was reportedly controversy over the use of the site but that appears to have been resolved.

The scene filmed involves Mark Gatiss as Tycho Nestoris, Roger Ashton-Griffiths as Mace Tyrell, and Ian Beattie as Ser Meryn Trant. With the characters present and the costuming of the extras, we can see that Sibenik’s square by the cathedral will be standing in for the Free City of Braavos.

Warning: spoilers below the cut!

The actors are wearing the same costumes as they were when they were filming on the waterfront in Kastel Gomilica, so this may be a continuation of that scene.

Filming is expected to continue until the 23rd of this month. Sets at the Fortress of St. John are being prepared.
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10wideextras 9MaceTycho also photographed the action in the square today, catching a broad view of the filming.sibcrowd sibextras sibmtextras

Even the Deputy Mayor of Sibenik, Danijel Mileta, joined the show as an extra, shown below. Mileta

One more thing! The other day, Emilia Clarke and Michiel Huisman were spotted on set in Split, with pics taken. Some more photos turned up later on that day, confirming the appearance of another character in that location shooting: Hizdahr zo Loraq, played by Joel Fry.


Update!  DalmacijaNews has posted several more photos of today’s production showing filming with Maisie Williams and Ian Beattie. Looks like Arya may have spotted the Kingsguard knight…

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    1. Gravemaster:
      Posted this under the previous article, but anyway, just so everyone can see: here’s a closer look on Arya in new costume and Mace chatting with David Nutter, among other things.

      Maisie looks in pain. I wonder if that bun she’s wearing is extremely uncomfortable

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    2. Anyone thinking with

      Meryn Trant in Braavos his life could be soon over? Arya and her list is roaming around fairly close

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    3. LordLannister,

      Mercy is Coming….

      On a side note, how funny is that photo of Joel Fry? Like he accidentally stepped out from behind the trailer or something and got photographed.

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    4. LordLannister,

      In the pre-released “Mercy” chapter from TWOW, Arya kills Raff the Sweetling, who is escorting Harys Swift, the Master of Coin at that point in time. In A Dance with Dragons Kevan sent him to Braavos to parlay with the Iron Bank, and apparently this has been brought forward, just as everything else to do with the Bank: in the show Stannis goes to meet the Bank before going to the Wall so that he can pay Salladhor Sann in advance; in the books the Bank goes to meet Stannis at the Wall, which will allow him to pay Salladhor.

      So it seems Mace Tyrell is taking the place of Harys, and Meryn Trant the place of Raff. In the books Arya’s reason to kill Raff is that he killed Lommy, but in the show he doesn’t exist, since Polliver not only took Needle but also killed Lommy, and he has already been dealt with (in a manner similar to Raff, too.)

      What’s brilliant about this is that Trant is also in Arya’s list, since he killed Syrio Forel, and it makes sense a Kingsguard would protect the Master of Coin (or whatever Mace’s role is), particularly if he is the King’s father-in-law. Honestly, I prefer this version of events to the original TWOW version.

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    5. What do you think will be the iron bank respond to the crown’s envoy?

      Even in the books we don’t know yet ! But they already backing Stannis ! Do you think they will go back to give money to To the crown *_* they won’t right ? I mean their words are gold and they give it to Stann /:

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    6. LordLannister,

      Yeah, when the news first surfaced about these actors filming in Kastel Gomlica many have people speculated that

      Mace Tyrell heading to Braavos to negotiate with the Iron Bank (taking on the role of Harys Swyft) and Meryn Trant accompanying him strongly implies that Trant will die at Arya’s hands in the show’s version of the “Mercy” chapter from TWOW (replacing Raff the Sweetling). This change would have additional layer of thematic resonance because Arya would be avenging the Braavosi Syrio Forel in Braavos. Furthermore, Trant’s death would open up a spot in the Kingsguard for Ser Robert Strong – a necessity since Arys Oakheart seems unlikely to play any significant role in the show.

      I think that it’s a safe bet, and I’m strongly in favor of it.

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    7. LukaNieto:
      Lady Nym,

      They lent money to Stannis, but they aren’t exclusively funding him instead of the Lannisters. Bryan Cogman confirmed it in the GOO podcast.

      WTF !! But the crown never pay them back ! Aren’t they supposed to back stannis as a respond to what happens whenever they aske for their money back ??

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    8. D&D know what they are doing, the more I think about it.

      Meryn Trant being name-checked repeatedly throughout Season 4, including Arya’s explanation of what exactly his crime was (killing Syrio), not only made perfect sense in context but it will also be a perfect way to remind people of Trant when the moment of Arya killing him comes. They might also just explain it again, maybe with Tycho pointing out something offensive like how unlikely it seems that such a man could have killed the First Sword of Braavos.

      They did the same thing with the Iron Bank, repeatedly mentioning throughout the second, third and fourth seasons so that even the most casual watchers at least had an inkling of who they were when Stannis came to ask for money.

      Also, this makes me think the seemingly random mentions of the Golden Company have a point. I firmly believe fAegon is gone, but they must be doing something with the Company this season, because in Season 4 Davos suggests them to Stannis, and Jorah mentions he had been a member right after his exile, even though in the books he hadn’t (he had been a mercenary, but it’s not specified more.) I wonder what their role will be, in the absence of the Griffs.

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    9. This all Braavos except one pic.
      Interesting costuming, except for hair styles , which I never had an image of, this does indeed look like 14 and 15th century Europe.
      Costume colors could have stepped out of a 15th Dutch painting.

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    10. Lady Nym,

      Presumably that’s going to happen in the future. My impression is that Cogman’s clarification is to indicate that the Stannis/Bank interactions so far were just the groundwork for it-

      So far, they’ve given him some funding, but haven’t yet thrown support by him rather than the Lannisters, because the Lannisters have not yet refused to repay them

      Also, wanted to comment that I really like the Braavosi outfits. Very Renaissance-y, and I like how everyone is neatly dressed and you can’t easily judge social class.

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    11. Sue the Fury,

      I don’t know how it all works, but aren’t these ones free for use? When you register on their website they are available. You have to purchase the full resolution versions, though.

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    12. What I find most interesting about those pics is; If that is in fact the Nutter,

      Did Arya already go blind and get her sight back by this point in the season?, Or does the season end with Arya going blind as punishment for killing Merryn? Or does she not go blind at all?

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    13. Bravos looks great so does Maisie and the kingsguard Armour is awesome as always. Only one minor complaint is wouldn’t it make sense for the lord of Highgarden and the reach have some Knights from the reach as a guards not Lannister men.

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    14. rudie,

      Arguably, but he’s in Braavos on official business, so it makes sense he’d be traveling with royal guards (who granted, happen to be Lannisters/Lannister toadies). Knights from the Reach are more likely to be with Maragaery at court.

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    15. Tyrion spotted filming in Seville! 🙂

      And no, he’s not suddenly in Dorne, obviously. It’s probably Volantis. They always use their new locations for more than the obvious (Iceland for the Vale and some of the North, for example.)

      The original Spanish tweet has already been retweeted by The Watchers on the Wall; since they’ll be making the article soon, I won’t bother posting it here. I’ll just say this: Peter Dinklage looks amazing as a disguised, bearded, drunken Tyrion.

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    16. Felt Pelt,

      Hm… I’m pretty sure that comment came along with the “I don’t want to play a stereotypical fantasy dwarf.” So I think he meant the typical long beard, along with every other dwarf stereotypes.

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    17. Braavos is shaping up to be a lot of fun this year!
      Each set of photos I see impress me more than the previous I think….
      Kudos to the production crew!

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    18. Luka Nieto,

      When did he film there, because wotw has also retweeted a tweet about him now being in Split airport…

      Anyways, today is just great. After so many slow GoT newsdays we get so much now.

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    19. I really like the consolidation of Arya

      killing Meryn Trant instead of that Night’s Watchman who deserts Sam and Gilly. Though because Sam and Gilly haven’t been spotted filming in Braavos, that makes me think we won’t get the scene between Sam and Arya. Which is unfortunate, because that was one of my favorite scenes from the 4th book.

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    20. Mine is the Furry:

      I really hope D&D can improve that scene with better quality of writing then from whats in TWoW.One of GRRMs worst chapters IMO.

      I think it’s excellent and one of the best Arya chapters he’s written in a while, and certainly stronger than any of the other released TWOW chapters.

      And D&D must also like it, since they copied the dialogue from it for episode 4.01.

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    21. jentario:
      His Door Solar Rack,

      Hopefully the latter. I don’t think it will work well in TV.

      Why wouldn’t it work?

      I hope they don’t cut it, it’s an interesting part of her training, and

      Arya using her warging abilities to finish the job

      was an important and really cool moment

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    22. Luka Nieto: The original Spanish tweet has already been retweeted by The Watchers on the Wall; since they’ll be making the article soon, I won’t bother posting it here. I’ll just say this: Peter Dinklage looks amazing as a disguised, bearded, drunken Tyrion.

      No, we won’t be. Not right now anyway. It’s been denied by good sources that there is any sort of GoT filming taking place in Spain at the moment. So the photo is either a decent fake, or Dinklage was in Spain just doing a photo shoot, as the tweet referred to. I’m still checking around, but there’s no verification that the pic is real, at this point.

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    23. H. Stark,

      That works way better. Especially since they just filmed with that brothel guard and young Clea. I take it he’s sitting on the establishment’s porch in the now-hard-to-find photo sorrowfully chugging from the wineskin. Good stuff.

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    24. His Door Solar Rack,

      Still not convinced Syrio is dead, so her killing Trant for vengeance (and in fact not even for vengeance if he isn’t) would fit with her disobeying orders so to speak. Not sure they’ll have the blind part as the timeline would be messed up so maybe they’ll just start to go into further aspects of her training and (I believe ) eventual leaving of said training as she can’t remain emotionless.

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    25. I love that she’s staring him down in plain sight.

      As Sue pointed out the photo seems to be fake as the tweet says it’s from today’s filming. If anyone can refine my horrible Spanish translation:
      “Friends of GameofThronesTM, Greetings from Seville(Volantis) photo of filming GOT this midday. Long teeth?”

      “Long teeth”? Also, has anyone seen a few ‘shops in their time and would be able to comment on pixel arrangement?

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    26. Felt Pelt,

      “Dientes largos”, or “Long teath”, means “Anybody jealous?”, basically.

      The new Arya and Meryn photos are great. If there was any doubt about Meryn taking the place of Raff, there is not any now.

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    27. Lol, what has happened to WiC? I was just over there and I won’t give names but the editor of the post believes the shooting in Sibenik is for K.L. and thinks Tycho is visiting not the other way around. They keep scouring the pics for Lena Heady and her entourage, lol. They don’t even realize looking at the costumes it’s not K.L., fashion trends changes aren’t that fast.

      Alba Gu Bràth

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    28. The fourth from last pic – see a green screen in front of the catherdral entrance – my guess is that it serves for the I B of Braavos entrance.

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    29. Luka Nieto,

      Thank you. It’s an neat phrase. From Googling it apparently comes from the idea of a hungry animal opening its mouth to shows its fangs when it wants to eat. That’s cool.

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    30. The extra in costume with his arms behind his back watching everything by himself makes me think of the King’s Landing Page, who was also a casting director and who introduced people when they walked into rooms for a little bit in the first season.

      It would be cool if he showed up for some reason again, to be tortured by Cersei and then dragged along to Braavos, though I’m sure it’s just an Braavosi extra.

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    31. So I’m assuming

      they will speed up the story and wed Hizdahr zo Loraq and Dany… then the end of s5 will be Dany flying out of the pit… For once I’m actually excited to see how Daenerys’ story will play out on screen!

      Those set pics are amazing! Ser Meryn better watch his back, there’s a cockle vendor following him. 😉 This is going to be so great!

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    32. LukaNieto,

      It was my assumption that Stannis has hired the Golden Company. Since Davos suggested it to him, and then he shows up to the wall with what can only possibly be a group of sellswords. It just seems really unlikely to me that the writers would have Davos mention the GC by name, only to have Stannis hire a totally different group of sellswords. What would be the point of that?

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    33. Luka Nieto,

      I can’t confirm or deny your 4000 number without going back and re-watching the pertinent scenes in the episodes. But I was under the impression that Stannis didn’t have crap for men, which is why Davos suggested the GC in the first place. It seemed like a rather substantial army to me that he had at the wall. Looked like a hell of a lot more than 4000 even.

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    34. Alejandro,

      I was under the impression he needed the money to keep the men loyal and bankroll ships, provide supplies (possibly for the Northern lords he wanted to get onside), etc. I think if the Golden Company had joined him they would have made it more prominent.

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    35. Alejandro:

      It was my assumption that Stannis has hired the Golden Company. Since Davos suggested it to him, and then he shows up to the wall with what can only possibly be a group of sellswords. It just seems really unlikely to me that the writers would have Davos mention the GC by name, only to have Stannis hire a totally different group of sellswords. What would be the point of that?

      I seem to recall them saying something about the Golden Company being unavailable in one of the Meereen scenes. Does anyone else recall that? I don’t think they were hired by Stannis.

      I fully expect the GC to be introduced when they invade the “Blank” with “Blank” next season. I doubt they would namedrop them so much if they were to be omitted.

      Where the frank is the spoiler button? It seems to have disappeared

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    36. AHHHH! Arya in Braavos is the story line I am looking forward to most! Lots of intricate details they could take in different directions. I am hopeful her training won’t be short changed.

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    37. Ice Dragon,

      That’s what I’ve been saying all along. He may have some simliarities to Raff, but in the story, he’ll take Dareon’s place. Note how much hair Arya has in these pictures. Meaning, she’s not bald. Meaning, she’s not Mercy.

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    38. LukaNieto,
      Fancy word for a sellsword,

      Ok, you guys forced me to go back to watch the scene when Davos mentions the Golden Company, and I am now 100% certain Stannis does have the Golden Company. I’m not going to quote the entire scene word for word, but it went like this:

      Stannis has Davos read the message that Joffrey is dead, credits the leaches, and yells at Davos for releasing Gendry.
      He tells Davos “I am now faced with a great opportunity, and I am powerless to take advantage of it.”
      Davos replies, “We’ll find you an army, Your Grace. I’ve been working day and night…”
      Stannis cuts him off and demands, “What progress have you made?”
      Davos lists three houses he’s enlisted.
      Stannis then replies, (and I can’t believe I forgot this because it’s such a great line!) he replies, “They don’t have enough men between them to raid a pantry.”
      Davos then says, “Westeros isn’t the world, Your Grace. We need to look East for ships and men. 10,000 skilled soilders fight for the Golden Company.”
      “The Golden Company?” said Stannis
      “They’ve never broken a contract,” replied Davos.
      “They’re sellswords!” yelled Stannis.
      Davos then goes off on a speech about how they’re willing to use the Red Woman and black magic so why would you not pay soilders. He admits the Red Woman’s visions and prophecies are real, but says that visions and prophecies don’t win wars, soilders win wars.
      Stannis says, “We don’t have any gold.”
      Davos says, “Not yet.”
      Then Stannis goes off on his speech about how he needs to press his claim now, he won’t be a page in someone else’s history book, etc.

      So a couple things I note here. I don’t hear anything about 4000 men. I hear he doesn’t have enough men to raid a pantry. And I’m pretty sure 4000 men could raid a panty. Secondly, Stannis seems to concede that Davos made a point about soidlers winning wars, and seems open to purchasing the GC when he says “We dont have any gold.”

      Of course, they do get gold, and suddenly the have more than enough men to raid several thousand pantries. So why would the writers have Davos specifically suggest the Golden Company, say that they have 10,000 men, and have never broken a contract, only to have Stannis show up to the wall with entirely different army? It doesn’t make any sense. So I’m absolutely convinced now they have the GC, and it will probably be clarified again within the first couple of episodes of Season 5.

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    39. Alejandro,

      Well… I can only say you’re just wrong, to be honest. Tycho asks Stannis and Davos about their resources, and they admit they have 4000 man, but nothing to feed them and only 30 ships to transport them. Also, the number of mounted men that appear on the Wall is fewer than 4000. It just seems more, but it isn’t. They are perfectly aligned; it’s not difficult to do a rough estimate.

      They don’t have the Golden Company. They paid Sallahdor for his ships (which we DIRECTLY saw after their scene at the bank; they couldn’t have been more obvious, although apparently they needed to, for some people) and bought resources for his already existing army, which you can COUNT on-screen in episode 10. And it’s not even the whole army Stannis says he already has, in episode 6!

      And why mention the Golden Company then? The same reason they did it in the case of Jorah; the showrunners are doing something with them next season, and they want to set them up. I doubt it’ll be their role in the books, since that character seems to have been cut, but still, they may find a use for the Company.

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    40. Alejandro,

      The “Mercy” chapter won’t exist in its exact form anyway, since Polliver already took Raff’s role in killing Lommy as well as the matching death scene.

      I strongly suspect that they’re going to get through all of Arya’s existing storyline this season, up to and including their adaptation of the Mercy chapter, and as a result, some elements may need to be condensed or cut. I think it’s quite possible that the Blind Beth and Mercy identities could be cut, and Arya could go through her whole Braavos storyline as just Cat of the Canals, or perhaps only wear other disguises briefly (such as during an assassination).

      The Mercy chapter seemed to imply that after killing Raff, Arya would have to abandon the Mercy identity, which means that that disguise probably isn’t relevant outside of that isolated chapter. The victim’s role and identity have been given to Meryn (with Arya clearly in her “Cat of the Canals” disguise in these photos) and the method of the kill (as well as the reason for that specific method) was already given to Polliver, so there’s really nothing else relevant left of the Mercy chapter to adapt, and thus no reason to include the Mercy identity on the show at all. If the Mercy identity is cut, then Arya’s hair is not relevant (not to mention that they might not do that anyway. For example, Daenerys never got her hair burned off in the show like she did in the book).

      Likewise, the Blind Beth identity is primarily relevant to Arya’s warging ability, which so far they seem to be eliminating entirely (no wolf dreams, no Nymeria and her pack). If they’ve cut Arya’s warging, cutting the Blind Beth identity makes sense too.

      Circumstances seem to be adjusted a bit (pushing a fish cart rather than acting in a play), but the core action (killing the guard of the Iron Throne’s envoy to the Iron Bank) is very much more like the “Mercy” chapter than the “Cat of the Canals” chapter, even though she’s wearing the Cat of the Canals disguise.

      Since these scenes with Meryn & Mace are apparently in episode 9 or 10, they’re likely after Cersei’s walk (like Raff & Harys Swyft’s visit to Braavos). Mace is obviously going to meet with the Iron Bank (as Harys did), and Meryn is going to guard him (as Raff did). In terms of his own actions and purpose, Meryn is definitely more like Raff than Dareon. In terms of timing (being apparently right at the end of the season), it’s also more like Raff than Dareon. In terms of how they interact with Arya’s training, both Dareon and Raff are people who Arya kills for her own reasons rather than for the Faceless Men, so in that sense, Meryn could be filling either/both roles.

      So overall, Meryn is much more “Raff” than “Dareon”. It’s certainly possible that they are cutting Sam & Dareon’s visit to Braavos, since Sam hasn’t been spotted in Braavos yet (though I haven’t entirely given up hope on this), but that doesn’t mean that Arya’s storyline is being held back. I’m pretty sure Meryn is being Raff, and Dareon will either be cut entirely or included basically as he is in the books. The Sam/Dareon/Arya scenes seem like a good mid-season storyline for all of them, so I hope they leave that in.

      If they were really using Meryn as a replacement for Dareon in Arya’s storyline, that would basically mean ending S5 with her blindness cliffhanger from AFFC. I just can’t see them doing that because it would put her way too far behind everyone else chronologically. By all appearances, they’re going to be pushing through pretty much all of Feast & Dance this season, and even digging into Winds a bit so they can finish the series in seven seasons.

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    41. So Cersei sends Jaime to Dorne and Mace to Braavos. Littlefinger is away and Varys is with Tyrion. That really just leaves Cersei alone with Qyburn… What could possibly go wrong?

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    42. Tenesmus,

      Of course, Cersei vs Margeary will be a big thing next season. She will also probably interact with Olenna, whenever she comes back to King’s Landing, and Mace will interact with her as well for most of the season (the scenes between Mace and Tycho were directed by David Nutter, who is directing episodes 9 & 10.) From filming reports and such, we know Jaime won’t go to Dorne until episode three or so, so Cersei has him for the first couple episodes. Then, as you said, Qyburn will be present, as will Pycelle, in her new Small Council. Also, if Kevan comes back, well, that’s another person.

      There’s enough people to make the storyline interesting. But yeah, in story terms, Cersei only has Qyburn and Pycelle as her loyal servants, and Pycelle has been spurned repeatedly, so who knows.

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