Daemon Targaryen Throws a Tantrum at a War Council in Latest on Set Photos


We’re finally getting a look at Daemon Targaryen’s violent, warlike side. New photos from set give us a glimpse of Daemon wearing armor and an interesting war council scene. You know that saying “Don’t punish the messenger?” Daemon certainly doesn’t.

The twitter account, House of the Dragon Brasil (@HOTDBr), tweeted photos of Matt Smith on set as Daemon Targaryen looking very Rogue Prince-ish, indeed, in armor.

Curiously, there’s no sign of the Targaryen three-headed dragon on his breastplate but, rather, a … semi-circle with three points that is either a sigil I don’t recognize or a tear in his armor. 

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Members of the Kingsguard and “new injured extras” (one of whom looks like he’s having a blast) were also present.

@HOTDBr also posted a photo and video of House Velaryon holding a war council that includes Corlys Velaryon (obviously) and Daemon Targaryen, which supports speculation that these scenes take place during the War for the Stepstones.

In the video we see a royal messenger deliver some bad news to Daemon Targaryen who proceeds to beat the stuffing out of the poor guy before storming off. I hope those who were worried about Daemon’s portrayal after Matt Smith was cast are put at ease by this. #MattSmithAsDaemonTargaryenApologistForLife.

And apparently that’s a wrap for filming on the beaches in Cornwall, according to @HOTDBr. Nice to know that the team cleaned the beach and left a thank you note for locals. 


  1. Wow House of the Dragon Brasil has been all over it! Intrigued by all of this…
    Wonder if we will get great photos like this again if the beach is a wrap.. Thanks Petra! 🙂

  2. It’s been a while now since I read Fire & Blood but I don’t recall the battle of the stepstones at all, which may be good when the show finally airs next spring.

  3. Hey I just wanted to ask…the “Fire And Blood” novel currently available is only the first volume… isn’t it?! If so that means that there is another one due…at some point in time, which given The GRRM’s penchant for deadlines means that that time frame is probably between ten years and never. Which also begs the question, assuming that HOTD endures for a multiple season run…will it overtake this book as well?

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