Extended SDCC House of the Dragon trailer breakdown


By now you’ve surely watched the extended House of the Dragon trailer and marveled at the extra 2.6 seconds of footage it provides. Admittedly, the additions are quite minor (it’s an extended trailer, after all, not a new one) but not so minor that a seasoned nerd like myself can’t glean interesting tidbits from it.

The first extra shot we get is, in fact, the very first shot of the trailer. The editor clearly knew we’d be biting at the bit for new footage and decided not to make us wait for it. Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, Harrold Westerling, opens the door to the throne room for young Rhaenyra and, in the next shot (which was in the original trailer), we see that Daemon is waiting for her on the Iron Throne.

The meeting is obviously supposed to be a secret since Daemon is sitting there on the Iron Throne, so Harrold Westerling’s presence is surprising. Apparently Daemon has the White Cloaks as well as the Gold Cloaks under his thumb. This might make the moment later on when Westerling pushes Daemon back with his sword all the more significant as it demonstrates to Daemon how the power dynamics have changed in his absence.


Also, Rhaenyra’s wearing the same dress she has on when Daemon snatches the necklace out of her hands. So, for one reason or another, they’re going to discuss the necklace in this scene. Perhaps this is when he gifts it to her.


We get a closer shot of those two riders in the forest and can now confirm it’s definitely young Rhaenyra on the white horse. The woman’s face doesn’t look much like Milly Alcock’s, but I suspect that’s because we’re looking at her stunt double. The important thing is that her dress is the same one we see Rhaenyra wearing when she asks Criston Cole (the rider behind her) if the realm will ever accept her as queen and Cole draws a sword from his discarded armor. Looks like these two spend a significant day together.


Young Rhaenyra approaches her father, Viserys, as he stares at Balerion’s skull. He then tells her, “the Iron Throne is the most dangerous seat in the realm, and our line is vulnerable. Too easily ended.” I’m interested to find out whether this scene takes place before or after Viserys names Rhaenyra his successor.


We get three new shots of young Alicent and Rhaenyra praying together. They’re probably kneeling before the Maiden, but it would be fun if it’s the Stranger and Alicent and Rhaenyra bond over being goth girls.


Also, of the two necklaces Rhaenyra is wearing in this shot, I’m pretty sure one is the one she’s wearing at the tourney and during her conversation with Rhaenys. I’m about 98.5% sure Daemon gifts it to her.


Lord Corlys Velaryon kneels in the throne room, preparing to swear his loyalty to Rhaenyra, as we hear Corlys on voice over say, “the lords of the realm bent the knee.” Going by the editing, this is to reassure his wife, Rhaenys, after she tells him that “Rhaenyra’s succession will be challenged.”

Oh, Corlys, you sweet summer child.


We get a shot revealing who, in the original trailer, was standing in that cave staring at fire: it’s Craghas Drahar! Apparently, people are confident that’s who the man in the mask is. I’m not sure why but I’m rolling with it.


“Targaryens are closer to gods than to men,” Rhaenyra tells Daemon. Okay, so maybe I can see why certain non-Targaryen characters who are set up to be her friends early on don’t stay that way.


Viserys (note the ring on his hand, if you’re unsure) places the Catspaw dagger in a flame to show Rhaenyra the distinctive rippled pattern of the Valyrian steel.

looking into flamesHOTD11

Note that Rhaenyra’s wearing the same dress she has on during her conversation with Rhaenys. So, it’s likely the poor teenager goes straight from a conversation about the glories of Old Valyria to being told she’ll never inherit the Iron Throne because the world sucks too much. Or vice versa.


Any details about the trailer I missed? And what characters have you most intrigued so far? Tell us below.


  1. I did read the story Dance of the dragons, but it was long time ago. I’m not going to reread it because I’d like to be surprised.
    But I do like your trailer breakdowns. Just a little bit information but not too much.

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  2. • Are my perceptions skewed, or does it seem from the trailers that Young Rhaenyra is going to be getting lots of screen time?

    ”We get a closer shot of those two riders in the forest and can now confirm it’s definitely young Rhaenyra on the white horse.”

    The white horse is back?

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