New details about Game of Thrones Season 5 Special and promo video released!

A few weeks ago, you heard it here first at WatchersOnTheWall that HBO would be airing a special featurette entitled Game of Thrones: A Day in the Life on February 8th at 7:30PM. Now, thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we have more details about the season 5 behind-the-scenes documentary.

According to EW, the featurette is a half-hour long, and “covers one day of season 5 production on three different Thrones sets in three different countries – Belfast, Northern Ireland; Dubrovnik, Croatia; Sevilla and Osuna, Spain.”

EW reports that various crew members will be followed and that we’ll see “the epic sets, renowned cast and global scale of Thrones, as well as the more intimate and individual challenges of our subjects, giving the audience a new perspective on one of the most elaborate productions in television history.”

Sue the Fury: It’s great to know the featurette is actually that long, and not a misleading number on the schedule. I’m hoping we’ll get some cast moments in there, since the EW report doesn’t mention anything about that. The creation of the show is always fascinating to see but of course, I’d love to see some actual footage from the show, or at least parts of scenes.

Update: HBO has released a promo video for the special- we’ve embedded it above. The video does include new footage of some locations, including the Osuna bullring and we spy some Snake stunt action.

Visit our Tumblr to check out screencaps of the video, to take a closer look at the new footage!

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    1. I’m really excited for this, I normally am not a fan of BTS videos but when it comes to GoT I just can’t get enough!

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    2. It probably sounds like I’m not interested in the behind-the-scenes stuff up there, but we’ve had so little in the way of trailers, and raven visions are so unsatisfying. I’m just greedy. I want it alllll.

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    3. I’m really looking forward to this. HBO has obviously done BTS features for Game of Thrones before, but they’ve all been around 3-5 minutes long and generally focused on one specific aspect of the production (weapons, costumes, new locations, etc.). They’ve certainly never given us one of this length and scale. I’m glad to hear that this particular special will be a full half-hour and that we’ll be checking in on multiple locations including Croatia and Spain rather than just Belfast.

      We should learn quite a bit from this, and if we happen to get some new footage mixed in there as well, so much the better! But even if we don’t, we’ll have seen the first Season 5 trailer by then, so we should have a better idea of what we’re looking at and how it all fits together.

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    4. I hope we’ll get some of those Artisan videos in the week the IMAX trailer gets release. I need something or else I won’t be able to resist from reading trailer descriptions or view some crappy recorded version that will most likely be posted online.

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    5. The special follows key crew members and promises to highlight “the epic sets, renowned cast and global scale of Thrones, as well as the more intimate and individual challenges of our subjects, giving the audience a new perspective on one of the most elaborate productions in television history.”

      sounds like a really long version of those Artisan videos tbh. i think there will be season 5 footage in there.

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    6. Balerion The Cat,

      I was wondering how it would look for a 3D trailer to be recorded with a phone. I don’t think it would come out right. Shows at how many 3D movies I’ve been in my life and how much I know about this stuff…

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    7. Tormund’s Woman,

      Well, the trailer and the 2 episodes won’t be in 3D, just IMAX (never been to an IMAX screening, but I think the only difference from a normal theater screening is the much bigger screen and better sound).

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    8. I received a raven today, oh boy
      Four thousand golden men at Durran’s Defiance, Storm’s End
      And though their force was rather small
      We knew the count was not all
      Now they wonder how much wildfire it will take to fill the Alchemists’ Guildhall

      I’d love to turn you on…

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    9. Sue the Fury:
      raven visions are so unsatisfying.

      Who needs HBO visions when we have King Stannis

      King Stannis: I just had a vision. It appears it is different than the ones above.

      A piece of chicken being grabbed.

      A man with white beard being shown smiling but the camera angle does not show his eyes.

      The next glimpse is a round shadow sitting down

      It appears the man is typing, but only two sentences and gets back up.

      A glimpse of a football game

      And why the hell is Arya featured in the article picture ?


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    10. Hoyti Von Totiy,

      I’ve noticed that moment with Arya on the boat is often used in articles around the web which are tackling season 5 in general, since that’s the last thing we saw —Arya heading to Braavos. It’s kind of appropriate. Arya heading to a new world, a new direction; a tease of what’s to come in Season 5.

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    11. Having been lucky to have worked as an extra on Thrones ,I know first hand how amazing all of the crew are, and the long hours they put in ,often ( in NI) trudging through mud ,soaked and cold. This will hopefully be a good and well deserved tribute .

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    12. I like how they used some cut material (sansa walking angry down a corridor?) in season 4 previews. Or alternate takes, and it was still cool to see the scenes a bit different than the trailer. I like that they even bother to keep it fresh.

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    13. Watching the video that was just posted, new shots I caught were one of an icy seaside village, wildlings charging a wooden gate, and a fight scene that appeared to be Jon versus a wildling. The wildling could have been Tormund, but I doubt they’d have a shot of something that spoilery in here. Also there was a council scene with Dany, Barristan, and Missandei.

      The snake fight looked like it was Jaime vs. Obara plus Bronn versus Tyene. I didn’t see Nymeria present.

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    14. OMG! I don’t know what to do with myself! I don’t know what to think of 0:21 and 0:26.

      I mean it looks like Hardhome would. Ice slope next to the water, some wooden gate and small wooden houses, wildlings charging inside.

      This is so awesome!!!

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    15. Well shit now I’m all hyped, this video (!!!) my eyes got wet I can’t handle this. Now let’s watch it again 7893 times stopping at each frame.

      Actually it’s Nym fighting Bronn in the background, if you go back to the leaked Sandnakes pics you will see that looks like nym’s skirt (a light fabric); Tyene’s is more like Obara’s (dark leather)

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    16. Two or three shots of Cersei, including one slo-mo (though probably not show footage, more likely behind-the-scenes footage.)

      I wonder who Jon could be killing in that one dramatic shot…or where that could be? It seemed like a one-on-one battle, with no one very close to them. Though, again, this could be behind-the-scenes footage. Not everyone that will be on set for that shot may have been on set. It could very well be a rehearsal.

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    17. Neat, I guess, but not much substance here.
      Only thing of “note” I noticed is Hizdahr sitting on Dany’s council next to Selmy. Here’s to hoping they actually make Barristan a character this season.


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    18. Awesome! So glad to actually have some footage even if it is behind the scenes stuff.

      I actually think that might be

      Jaime and Bronn

      fighting the Sand Snakes in that one shot.

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    19. Why is Jon still fighting the wildlings? Where is Stannis? Why am I overanalyzing a preview for a preview? Where is Stannis?

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    20. lmaoooo Jaime in Dorne is going to be so unbelievably cheesy.
      here for Dany wearing red and Lena Headey’s bitchface though

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    21. Renly’s Peach,

      Cool! I always thought Dickon and Mors Manwoody would make a good buddy spinoff, especially with their goofy sidekick, Darkstar. Now, I guess we’ll have to settle for Jaime “Lefty” Lannister, Boobman Bronn and those wacky, sneaky snakes. Can’t wait ’til they pull those pranks on Hotah! He’s so Punk’d!

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    22. Millions:
      what looks like Deepwood Motte!

      Wooden fort with wildlings charging in. It must be, either that or the Giralada if they want to retcon it from a motte and bailey castle into a gothic cathedral.

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    23. Having a tough time trying to piece together how the show’s version of Hardhome plays out:

      -The assumption would be that Jon is LC at this point, I’m not sure why he feels the need to go on this mission if that’s the case

      – He’s fighting a Wildling in this clip so obviously it’s not a rescue mission. Wildling on wildling fighting is happening so I’m not sure what the deal is that is giving the NW-sided Wildlings the motivation to take on their own

      – We know that the White Walkers are involved in this somehow and based on this footage, it would appear like they might be showing up in the middle of things or afterwards which would suggest the Walkers aren’t the reason Jon and co head there in the first place

      – We’ll have to wait and see what the reasoning is here but at this point, it seems like simply a convoluted way to get Jon to face off with White Walkers so the audience doesn’t forget about that threat.

      – I had always assumed that the show would never bother with Hardhome because it would depict a conflict without any characters the audience gives a shit about. They solved that by having Jon go but they’ll need to come up with a pretty damn good reason why the LC is going on a random mission Beyond the Wall with Wildlings when the 13 or so NW guys remaining after last season should probably be more concerned with getting their act together at Castle Black.

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    24. Wildlings going to deepwood motte? but then we see Jon fighting a wildling in what looks like the same set (looking at the gif its cleary not tormund, even if it looked possible at first). so i don’t think its the motte. But its also weird that Jon is still fighting wildlings…

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    25. Abyss,

      Barristan, Hizdahr, and Dany are all in the room with Missandei in that one shot but there is one other person sitting at the table that I can’t pinpoint. I assume it’s Daario but I can’t be sure.

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    26. Why are we assuming Jon is fighting

      a live wildling? Can it not be a dead wildling? I mean supposedly book Hardhome is hit by the Others/WW and their Zombie army before the NW arrives there, which includes dead wildlings.

      Thank you Abyss for the gifs!

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    27. King Tommen,

      While that is clearly a Wildling outfit, the lighting suggests that this Wildling may be a wight. “Dead things in the water…”

      As for the LC stuff

      I can see the show opting to bring a Hardhome-type incident (where Jon chooses to fight the real enemy while many of his Brothers disagree with his decision) to the fore. It more directly and neatly sets up, “For the Watch.”

      Can’t tell if spoilers are working. Hope so.

      Abyss, you ROCK!

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    28. Turncloak,

      Thanks, there are Okey, but it always makes me a bit sad that you lose so much color range with GIFs… I would upload APNGs, but the format isn’t well supported in all browsers. I will try to upload in WebM next time, that should solve the problem. 🙂 /endnerdytechtalk

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    29. Abyss,

      Arena 2: some Meereenese people are running away from something there! Also in the background looks like some Unsullied take defense position.

      Drogon on the loose!


      Definitely Jamie. I saw Abyss’s gif five times to see his face features. Not super clear, but I think I recongize NWC face by now even blurry in my sleep LOL

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    30. Mance did say in S4 ep10 that he had another force of 400 wildlings that was planning to attack further down the Wall. Maybe they didn’t get the word?

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    31. off topic – i’m not complaining about it, but it frankly wouldn’t surprise me if there was no

      for the watch

      in the show. Honestly, after

      the walk and dragon pit

      , I am not sure what they’ll line up with in the show. it just is its own thing now

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    32. I think we’ll see FTW early in season six. I’ve been saying that for months.

      When the show starts again I’ll wheel out my prediction posts from ASOAIF and see how close to the nail I was.

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    33. as far as

      jon going to hardhomme, he was originally going to do that before he got stabbed I just remembered. so maybe he is doing that indeed, then gets stabbed when he gets back… i think someone said that above

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    34. Well, this is supremely interesting. I was happy that we got some more information on this BTS feature, but I certainly wasn’t expecting to see a trailer for it as well. All in all, it turned out to be a surprisingly eventful day here on the Wall, didn’t it?

      There’s lots of intriguing footage here, particularly

      Jaime dueling with Obara (it looks like Keisha and she’s wielding a spear, so I’m almost positive that it’s her) and Jon fighting the wildling/wight in a village that appears to be Hardhome or its equivalent.

      My sincere thanks to Abyss for making the gifs and to Sue, Blaqfyre and the others who work on the Tumblr for putting up all of the screencaps. Great job, guys! I’m looking forward to pouring over all of these images again with fresh eyes tomorrow morning.

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    35. As always, thank you Abyss !

      Looks like we’ll be getting some great behind the scenes tidbits based on the trailer.

      Starting to get board with all the Hardhome theories yall have been proposing. Ahhhhh.

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    36. hmm.. i’m definitely concerned about the sand snakes fighting scenes, i was already skeptical but that little footage is making my fears come true i think?

      something about the look of that fight just doesn’t look very convincing, it looks too orchestrated (i’m aware in that shot they might be practicing but its not just the speed of the fight, its the the whole approach.. i know nothing about fighting with spears.. its true but my intuition just tells me thats not how Oberyn or the Asian man who played his stunt double would fight.)

      which raises another question .. can’t imagine it being difficult to find an asian man with dark hair well skilled in wushu and spear fighting.. but a light skinned lady? maybe it was hard to find a double with those skills??

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    37. Abyss,

      Thank you for those. Very cool of you to always post so quickly.

      Cersei looks like she’s been through the ringer. Seen better days. This may be Lena’s season. Is that the back of Trant’s head in Cersei2?- must be before his voyage.

      Is it HH?

      I guess I should feel more stoked on the Dornish stuff. The Bronn and Jaime thing just looks a little bit like Lawrence of Arabia or something. Sand Snakes have so much promise…. please DnD don’t fuck it up. Hoping to be surprised here.

      Hodor’s Bastard,

      Found her way into a tent and had a smoke, and Maggie spoke and Valonqar became a dream

      …and this is what it means.


      Death to the ones you love; Golden boy or Second Son?


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    38. Kyle,

      The can work wonders in post. And they do. That’s what they do. A song ain’t really gonna come across until it’s mixed.
      But yeah, looks a little cheesy outta the gates, and I share your concern somewhat

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    39. Apologies if someone has already said this, but in the Missandei GIF is it

      Tyrion sitting closest to us with his back to the camera?

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    40. OT:
      Apparently Sky Germany is planning a new GoT themed event canal. There isn’t much info as of yet but the canal will be called Sky Thrones HD and will probably show Game of Thrones non stop around the time of the season 5 premiere. Here is the source (in German).

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    41. I know it’s completely off-topic but why does the GameofThrones Youtube channel never upload a video in 1080p? It’s 2015 not 2010.

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    42. Lady Nym,

      I was amongst those who doubted Hardhome would be included. However… a wildling village between a cliff and the sea? They couldn’t have found a better Hardhome if they tried. It’s Hardhome. Maybe that’s a wight, maybe… who knows! We haven’t gone to Hardhome in the books yet, so we don’t know what happens there. I don’t know the context, but that’s Hardhome.

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    43. The Hound,

      I was wondering that as well. The only explanation I have is that HBO shows the content in 1080p on its pay TV canal and therefore doesn’t want the free youtube canal to have the same resolution.

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    44. Abyss,

      Wow, that sucks. The best looking show on TV deserves no less than 1080p on Youtube. Even The Walking Dead/AMC has 1080p :@
      Such a minor detail, but a very annoying one!!

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    45. Luka Nieto:
      Lady Nym,

      I was amongst those who doubted Hardhome would be included. However… a wildling village between a cliff and the sea? They couldn’t have found a better Hardhome if they tried. It’s Hardhome. Maybe that’s a wight, maybe… who knows! We haven’t gone to Hardhome in the books yet, so we don’t know what happens there. I don’t know the context, but that’s Hardhome.

      I think you are right . I hope its hardhome

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    46. Renly’s Peach: Here’s to hoping they actually make Barristan a character this season.

      Amen to that. I thought they did a great job of that in Season 1 but since then he has been utterly pointless. I also hope he changes his garb and shaves at some point so he looks more like the gentleman badass he was in Season 1.

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    47. Lady Nym,

      The show is taking a ton of liberties this season so anything can happen.
      But I didn’t say it wasn’t Hardhome, we just have to wait for a confirmation.

      Edit: There’s a possibility that it’s not even Hardhome nor Deepwood Motte.

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    48. This makes me pretty concerned about the depiction of the Sand Snakes – sure looks like they will be stereotypical, cut out characters (& kind of cheesy). D&D are great – but not good at nuance.

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    49. Pretty confused by the Jaime / SS fight scene taking place (apparenltly) in the Water Gardens.

      I assumed their confrontation would be elsewhere in Dorne and then, they’d be brought back to Doran, but unless this is just a training (unlikely considering they’re all dressed up), Jaime and Bronn will sneak directly in the Water Gardens before being stoped by the SS and Aero (?) (possibly all that under Doran’s watchful eyes).

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    50. Patchy Face:
      This makes me pretty concerned about the depiction of the Sand Snakes – sure looks like they will be stereotypical, cut out characters (& kind of cheesy).D&D are great – but not good at nuance.

      You got that from 1 and a half seconds of behind the scenes footage of a fight scene?

      You guys are always entertaining. LOL

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    51. Laurence:
      Luka Nieto,

      It could be Eastwatch-by-the-sea…. With the barracks and the little boats, it doesn’t look like HH.

      Eastwatch by the Sea is supposed to have an castle though as they have mentioned in the GoT previous season already.

      And this is the quote that describes

      Hardhome in ADwD that made me think it could be it:

      Jon had a map before him on the table. He turned it so they could see. “Hardhome sits on a sheltered bay and has a natural harbor deep enough for the biggest ships afloat. Wood and stone are plentiful near there. The waters teem with fish, and there are colonies of seals and sea cows close at hand.”

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    52. Patchy Face,

      It’s one second of fight footage.

      Also one of those women isn’t even the actress but one of the stunt people with the whip we saw back when we first got GoT filming pics.

      So that’s a pretty premature assessment.

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    53. Really looking forward to this, more than the trailer, It’s preety much like the Forshadowing thing but double the minutes!
      But I’m guessing when they say it’s about one day of filming they mean like a day on each different set right, cuz in the promo you can see a lot of scenes that aren’t from the same episode, plus D&D have to be in every day of filming or am I wrong?

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    54. Arkash,

      We can’t be sure but it seems the water gardens will be a part of sunspear on the show, it’s simple streamlining and I like it but I do not think this is supposed to be there. Just some random garden inside sunspear. I also doubt Doran will be watching, what I think (from the all the info that we have) is that when Jaime knocks down Trystane and the SS appear to fight, either Myrcella will run away to call Aero or he will hear the fight and come (bullwhips crack quite loudly, so it’s very possible he could hear it from other parts of the castle that were somewhat close to the said garden).
      Also, the water gardens must have water and children running around so I doubt that’s where they are fighting.

      Sue the Fury,
      Didn’t jessica have prior experience with whips? I recall reading that somewhere but I’m not sure. Oh And I agree that people are assuming way too much for such a short clip; the actual thing, though, will be very fun to speculate over.

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    55. John M W,

      It was entertaining two years ago, now it’s just tiresome. It’s like telling the same joke over and over. ‘D&D are hacks, D&D hate Stannis, D&D ruined the books, D&D are mediocre writers’ ‘blablaBLABLABLA

      It’s time to move on folks. The show is not as good as the books so what? Take the show as a bonus then.

      WOTW is a site made for fans after all.

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    56. Tormund’s Woman,

      i thought hardhome would be a devastation…

      «Traders and a ship sent by the Night’s Watch to investigate reported only nightmarish devastation where Hardhome had stood, a landscape of charred trees and burned bones»
      «Nowadays there is no shelter there for people but for the caves, dubbed the screaming caves by the men of the Night’s Watch.

      But who knows how they decided to adapte it..

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    57. Ashara D,
      Luka Nieto,

      I’m 99% Jon is not fighting a wight and here’s why. The way the wights move is VERY different than a living person. Look at the speed at which that person ismoving and how he bends backward to avoid Jon’s sword. All the wights we’ve seen so far do little to avoid a sword stroke nor do they feel it much, if at all. If that was a wight, he’d probably put up his arm or something, but he wouldn’t move like that. And would a wight fall like that? They seem to fall like trees being felled not like a human writhing in pain. So if it’s a living person, a wildling, then who and where?

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    58. Oh the irony on showing only glimpses of Cersei’s hair.

      I cant wait for the trailer and the featurette since last year’s Ice and Fire foreshadowing was pretty good and this year’s twice as long!

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    59. I seriously doubt the production team would work on two major scenes the same day, this cannot be show!Hardhome. Take a look at the set, it’s just a wilding camp they’ve created.

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    60. Ozymandias,

      Not necessarily. I highly doubt that the footage shown will be from a day’s filming at all, but instead will just be presented that way. It sounds better if they say it is a day’s filming, rather than another more convoluted way.

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    61. Why is everyone assuming that this wildlings are “normal” wildlings, and not wights wildlings? the location is perfect for Hardhome, with the dock and the cliffs. Jon fighting with his sword is maybe to keep it away, not to kill it (although, in the books it is implied that Valyrian steel can actually kill wights, maybe they confirm that this season). Besides, that red light behind the wight looks like some kind of vfx-indicator for post-production.

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    62. Dame Pasty,

      Good observations. I took another look at the clip, you’re right that the way that Jon’s opponent is moving is more evocative of a living being than a wight (although it could just be the stuntman moving backward to avoid Kit’s sword. Whether or not we see him fall will depend on the camera angle that’s being used for the actual shot). Furthermore, having killed a wight back in Season 1, Jon would know that fire is the key to defeating them rather than swords. It’s certainly possible that Jon will still be contending with hostile wildlings this season, although if he’s venturing North of the Wall, I expect that the White Walkers and wights will still be involved somehow.

      Maybe Jon and Tormund lead a rescue party beyond the Wall to rescue a group of stranded wildlings who refused to come south, and have to contend with a hostile leader who doesn’t trust them or their proposal. Then the Walkers attack, and everyone has to band together to survive.

      I won’t speculate too much, because we should learn a lot more once we see the actual documentary. Perhaps the trailer will also shed some light on what’s happening here.

      However, I do still believe that this will end up being Hardhome, or at least something similar that takes place close to the Wall. Some people are speculating that this could be Deepwood Motte, but even if that’s in, I can think of no reason why Jon would join Stannis on his march there. Even if he did, they would be fighting Ironborn, not wildlings (If anything, the wildlings would be their allies on such a campaign, especially if the speculation about them potentially replacing the Northern clans in Stannis’s army comes to pass). The White Walkers will certainly have a presence in Season 5, and Hardhome is the most logical way to keep them involved in the story.

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    63. Jeb,

      They showed images from Spain and Croatia – two locations that were never filmed on the same day. Heck they showed material from two different days in Spain (Sand Snakes and Pit).

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    64. I don’t think the fact that he’s fighting a wildling means it isn’t Hardhome. It makes sense that they would probably meet resistance from the wildling leaders at Hardhome. The wildlings chose to go there, and they aren’t going to want to leave until it’s already too late.

      Also, for all the joking we’ve had in these threads about Deepwood Motte, I think that then adapting Hardhome actually increases the odds of Deepwood happening. If Jon’s story is going to be padded out with a big detour to Hardhome, Stannis will probably need padding, too, to keep the two of them in sync, and Deepwood’s the only thing that could really come between Castle Black and Winterfell for him.

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    65. Hoyti Von Totiy,

      Except that Jon’s fighting a wildling there and wildlings in their grey north of the Wall garb are there. It doesn’t need to look like bookHardhome to narratively take its place as a settlement where wildling refugees are gathered. Also the cliffs fit with what we’ve heard about s5’s WW scene from that reliable chap on reddit.

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    66. Jofrey’sCunt,
      You may well have gathered this from other people’s comments, but just in case, the phrase “a day in the life” is often used as an example of things people might be doing in a typical day, rather than literally what they do in the same (one) day. (Although obviously it could be here’s what each of our units was doing on day X.) If they’re talking about a variety of the production roles in a tv show rather than just say, D&D, that could include some which take place at overlapping, or very different, stages in the process, sometimes months apart.

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    67. Lulu’s Mum,

      I apologize If someone mentioned this before me, but it was an inherant doubt I had. But yeah that’s what I thought, because the Forshadowing was exactly the same thing, besides, if you watch it again it contains even small fractions of scenes from last episodes of season 4, even Gwendoline Christie mentioning she bit a man’s ear, so I expect some more of those hidden spoilers in this one for us to analise and discuss.

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    68. Jofrey’sCunt,
      I’m not a book reader and so don’t tend join “in my opinion” type discussions very much, more the “aah this is factual (and usually fairly off-topic*), I know a bit about this” sort of thread.

      Analysing and discussing, sometimes to the point of obsession, is done very well on here by a lot of people and I bow to their (vastly) superior knowledge. Now we’re starting to have pictures to look at and a trailer in sight there will be A LOT of it, I imagine. In the space of a few weeks we’ll have gone from starved of info to total overload and that’s before the new series even starts. My only useful contribution to this is possibly the fact I have photoshop which is good for zooming in or playing with light and colour so you can see things in better detail, otherwise I just ask the occasional question and try not to seem a total dim-wit.

      * A bit like this reply, I do ramble on sometimes! Note to self, try and be more succinct.

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    69. Hoyti Von Totiy,

      It could be a wildling wight. Or it could be a wildling led by the show equivalent of the Weeper; some oppositional wildling that Jon and Tormund go against. I imagine Varamyr Sixskins and the “Wildling Elder” will take this role and they’ll gather some scatterings from Mance’s army at a coastal shantytown that may or may not be called Hardhome in the show. From there I don’t know how exactly Jon’s ranging and the WW attack will intersect but it will all very likely be in ep. 508 (because the Wildling Elder and some willding wights are appearing in that ep.).

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    70. Sue the Fury,

      Hope I am wrong about the SS and they live up to expectation. Just worried the cut down, televisionized version is going to be run of the mill with lack of personality differences.

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    71. Ozymandias,

      But again it makes no sense for NW to go fight the wildlings ANYWHERE north of the wall.

      Thats why they have the wall to stop them and no need to risk the jurney north just to kill some of them.

      It only makes sense if that fight is SOUTH of the wall, then the NW have to react.

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    72. Millions,

      Maybe because they don’t have immediate access to fire. So what are you gonna do? Just not use their swords and punch them with their to defend themselves instead? They don’t have lighters. You must be a troll

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    73. Hoyti Von Totiy,

      Unless Jon’s there to encourage them to come south of the wall and someone decides they’d rather fight Jon than talk (it’s not like he didn’t make enemies among the wildlings in a variety of ways).

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    74. Millions,

      To cut him down, destroy his body to not be a threat anymore? If he cut his limbs off, that thing won’t be a threat anymore because it won’t be able to move, so it can’t hurt anyone.

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    75. Ozymandias,

      The same reason why Dany is super blonde but yet she has brown eyebrows, I know it sucks and it always bothered me, but come on man, don’t quit the show because of that hahah.

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    76. Ozymandias,

      oh no! i think the black beard goes well with the character. –) We know book tyrion has mismatched eyes, now he has mismatched hair instead! It is a clue Tyrion is possibly a bastard… We could have little «hints» of that in the narrative starting this year! We had little hints of that in the books since the first chapters, it is time to be adressed in the show…

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    77. Jofrey’sCunt:
      Lulu’s Mum,

      Everyone is free to write whatever they want, as long as it doesn’t offend others, succinct or not, obsessively or not.

      I’ve hesitated replying to this because it’s very difficult to word without sounding like I’m being really rude to you, which certainly isn’t my intention. I’m guessing from the way you phrase some things that English may not be your first language, so you may be blissfully unaware that the second part of your user name is considered really offensive by some people. There has been recent specific discussion on its use in the reggaeton mix tape thread and people have been asked not to use it. So you might want to stick in some asterisks or otherwise alter it.

      If on the other hand you’re being sarcastic, trolling or don’t care, just carry on as you are!

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    78. Lulu’s Mum,

      Ok maybe we started on with the wrong foot, I’m sorry if I missunderstood you, you’re right, english is not my first language, but it is certainly my second, but I guess speaking comes much easier for me than writing, and as you know better than me, (since english is your language) english can be very tricky when written, and sometimes you don’t know when someone is being sarcastic,but…I understand perfectly what my nickname is, and if anyone finds it offensive it’s basicly saying that the show is offensive, since it’s a quote from the show, and it’s not being used to offend anybody.

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    79. Jofrey’sCunt,
      I think we’re getting on fine, all is good, no problem there! I just thought you might not realise some people find it really rude (others don’t care at all of course, it’s all relative). If you’re happy with it then carry on as you are. It can be really hard to tell what emphasis people are trying put over when things are just written – tone of voice is so useful sometimes. I often end up putting little faces at the end just to let people know what I’m thinking. So you get an everything’s fine ignore my previous email smilie 🙂

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    80. Lulu’s Mum,

      I’m happy to hear that. And I agree, it might sound sheesy but people should use smilies more, because that’s the all point of them, to make you understand what mood the person is in when writing something. But as you said, everything’s fine, so here you go. 🙂

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    81. Jofrey’sCunt,
      I was trying to say I thought you were being sincere and only put in the bit at the end about sarcasm as an after thought, but my internet connection is a bit wobbly at the moment and I ran out of editing time. Anyway, all is good and everyone’s happy – well us two at least. It’s bed time here now (12 midnight) so I’ll bid you good night 🙂

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    82. One thing I noticed in the clip was that D&D didn’t appear to be very happy (to say the least), perhaps it’s the day after the spy picks leaked of Tyrion seated in the Royal box with Dany. I know that I personally would be quite livid if such a circumstance happened and I was co-producer; or that was like the 13th take for a scene and their patience is waning.

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    83. Holly shit that is awesome! Honestly, sometimes I forget how massive and epic this production is! But you know what?! All that hard work and all those resources put into the show really pay off in seeing the finished product be what it is, a TV series unlike any!

      Two thumbs wayyyyyy the fuck up! Can’t wait!

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