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A new and unique addition to the world of Game of Thrones merch arrives in stores soon- the Game of Thrones Tarot, landing everywhere March 20th and available for pre-order now! Created by Liz Dean and illustrated by Craig Coss, the deck includes a complete set of beautifully illustrated divination cards of the Major and Minor Arcana, and a useful hardcover booklet explaining the symbolism of each card. The richly detailed cards are a collector’s item, as well as a fine and fun gift for any fan. The Game of Thrones Tarot retails for $24.95 but this week, we’re kicking off a giveaway, so one lucky reader will receive the complete deck for free!

For the next seven days, we’re accepting entries in this worldwide giveaway. To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment here! (See below for more entry methods.)

The Official Rules

How do you enter? You can enter in 3 different ways, earning up to 3 total entries!

Judgement tarot cardMethod #1: Simply comment on this post!

Method #2: WotW Twitter: Follow our Twitter, WatchersOTWall, and retweet the Game of Thrones Tarot Cards Giveaway tweet (you must do both for the extra entry). If you already follow us, no problem. Simply retweet the contest post.

Method #3: WotW Facebook: Like the WatchersontheWall Facebook page, and Like and Share the Game of Thrones Tarot Cards Giveaway post (you must do both for the extra entry). If you already Like our page, again, no problem. Just share the contest post and you are entered!

Entries are accepted for seven days, closing the giveaway for entries on Friday, March 9th, 2018 at 12PM EST. The winner will be randomly selected and announced shortly thereafter on Friday.

**The contest is worldwide** One (1) winner will be selected from among entrants by random drawing. The winner must respond within 72 hours of notification or will forfeit their prize and another winner will be selected. Winners may be responsible for local taxes/importing fees. The winner must have a valid shipping address.

Twitter and Facebook are their own entities and are in no way associated with this giveaway.

Sue the Fury
Susan Miller, Editor in Chief of WatchersOnTheWall.com


  1. I’d love to play with these cards, I could make my own ‘Maggie The Frog’ prophecy now!

  2. These look so freaking cool, & very detailed too!! Might as well throw my had into the ring for this one.

  3. I live for Game of Thrones and often do some Tarot card readings. Perfect combo!!!!

  4. I’m a genuinely serious GOT fan. I’ve watched every episode of the series, thus far, over and over again. I have a growing collection of the show’s merchandise that I’m very proud of, and enjoy — so I have to win! The tarot cards say so.

  5. Not on Twitter or Book of Faces, so taking a chance here. This would be the perfect keepsake, once GoT has ended.

  6. Awesome! Am a HUGE Game of Thrones fan AND a Tarot reader, so it goes without saying I would LOVE to win this beautiful Tarot deck! 🙂 Thanks, Watchers on the Wall. And good luck to everyone.

  7. These GoT tarot cards looks so good! Would be fantastic to win such an original version of tarot cards!

  8. As someone who occasionally performs card tricks for my friends (at least they were my friends before I asked them to “pick a card”), I can think of several ways this could brighten up my routines with tarot cards.*

    *Yes, that’s an actual thing in the conjuring sub-genre called Bizarre Magic.

  9. My Tarot cards are 40 yr old. The tarot reads are best when the cards are given to you rather than you purchasing your own. (If your intent is to “read” the cards rather than to collect them.) I would love to read these cards. I wish you good fortune …

  10. A comment in exchange for the power to read the future, got to be worth a shot as it may reveal who will sit on the throne at the end of season eight 🙂

  11. So pumped on this! Great job btw guys – your doing a great job finding out everything for the new upcoming series!! 😀

  12. “Judgement” on the Night King card should be spelled “Judgment”, without the “e.”

    – King Stannis, Protector of the Realm

  13. Ten Bears:
    “Judgement” on the Night King card should be spelled “Judgment”, without the “e.”

    – King Stannis, Protector of the Realm

    You’re correct Ten Bears – Well spotted 😉

    I thought the difference was between US and UK English, but not so. See – http://www.dictionary.com/e/judgement-vs-judgment/

    I noticed the author/editor of the deck Liz Dean is British, so perhaps why its spelt ‘Judgement’ which is also acceptable in UK English? However, the illustrator Craig Coss is American so surprising that he didn’t pick up on that!

  14. Please pick me! I want to use them to ask about the things to come after the long wait!

  15. Whhhhattt! I actually shrieked with excitement when I saw this giveaway. I’ve actually already preodered these on Amazon but would love to win them instead. Besides tarot cards are supposed to be gifted to you so this would be perfect!!!! 🙂

  16. These cards are so beautifully designed. I’d love to have them. I’ve been collecting all things Game of Thrones lately. Even apparel!

  17. Awesome set for any GoT fanatic! WotW with another great giveaway. I can’t wait for Winds of Winter + Season 8! Hopefully, they’re within reach of one another…one can only hope, as the night is dark and full of terrors…

  18. “When the snows fall, and the white winds blow, the lone card dies, but the tarot pack survives.” — Ned Stark (kinda, maybe)

  19. These are the best thing ever! Please make my day full of great fortune (pun intended)!!!

  20. Prophecy will bite your prick off every time.

    If Marwyn’s words apply to divination as well, Liz Dean might be facing compensatory damages…
    If she’s willing to risk it, then so am I.

    $24.95 is just $0.05 below the free shipping limit. Smooth.

  21. Hey, I’ve done a couple fortune-tellings and this would ramp up the credibility 🙂

  22. Ten Bears,

    Judgment can also be spelled “judgement,” and usage experts have long disagreed over which spelling is the preferred one. Henry Fowler asserted, “The OED [Oxford English Dictionary] prefers the older and more reasonable spelling. ‘Judgement’ is therefore here recommended.” William Safire held an opposite opinion, writing, “My judgment is that Fowler is not to be followed.” “Judgement” is in fact the older spelling, but it dropped from favor and for centuries “judgment” was the only spelling to appear in dictionaries. That changed when the OED (Fowler’s source) was published showing “judgement” as an equal variant. Today, “judgment” is more popular in the U.S., whereas both spellings make a good showing in Britain.

  23. Magic, GOT and art – this Tarot pack of carts is a cool embodiment of the things which help me going.

  24. I’m not gonna give a long story about why I should win cause a random draw won’t care :p but yes i’d like to win!

  25. If I win I promise I will not spoil the ending of season 8 that I’m gonna see in those cards

  26. LOVE IT! I need Game of Thrones tarot cards! It would be a great way to spend time with friends…while sipping wine from my GoT glasses…eating lemon cakes…

  27. @WatchersOTWall
    This website is amazing! I visit it multiple times every single day to stay updated on upcoming Thrones Seasons! Now after years and years, we are finally approaching our last. I haven’t won yet in these giveaways and my time is running out. Maybe I’ll be lucky enough this time around! I’m putting my account forward for the Game of Thrones Tarot Cards! Everyone have an awesome day/night!!!

  28. Is it really a coincidence that WotW is giving away a game of divination and fools involving Trump cards? Your timeliness is impeccable!

  29. 🙂 Shared on facebook and retweeted on Twitter too but I’m not sure how they’re tracking the extra entries. Good luck everyone!

  30. I’m not sure if my other comment went through… but I shared this on facebook and retweeted on Twitter too. Good luck everyone!

  31. Thank you for the chance to win these cards. And good Luck to all. I would really enjoy winning these cards and If I did win they would be my first ever deck of tarot cards. Again thank you so much for the chance and Good Luck and Congrats to the winner .

  32. Wow ! With these cards i may be able to work out the endings for all the characters in both the books and the TV series 🙂

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