Emilia Clarke sends good luck wishes to ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ contestant as Daenerys Targaryen

Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen. Photo: HBO

Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen. Photo: HBO

When you’re competing on a nationally televised show, you’ll likely take all the well wishes you can get. But “Good luck!” texts and phone calls pale in comparison to a video direct from Westeros and the Mother of Dragons herself, Emilia Clarke.

Clarke appears to have made the video in her trailer on the Belfast set of Game of Thrones — where Season 8 filming commenced this week– for comedian Susan Calman, a contestant on the BBCs Strictly Come Dancing, a competition that pairs celebrities with professional dancers. Clarke, her newly-dyed blonde hair hidden under a hair wrap, recorded the message upon learning that Calman and her professional partner will perform a Thrones-themed routine this week — and that Calman will be in full Daenerys Targaryen costume.

“Susan, my sources tell me that you are playing the Mother of Dragons this week on Strictly Come Dancing,” Clarke intones, staying in character as Dany. “As the Mother of Dragons myself, I wanted to wish you luck because you are my favourite.”

“My dragons and I will be watching, waiting patiently to see you win,” Clarke continues. “I believe in you Susan, you go get them!”

For her part, Calman was ecstatic with her special message, and posted the video on Twitter, captioning it: “Tonight I’m Daenerys Targaryen on @BBCStrictly. I just got a message from Daenerys Targaryen herself. Seriously. It’s actually her *swoons*.”

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    1. ::raises eyebrows:: O-kaaayyy. This is WotW, right? Not that other GoT fansite that must-not-be-named, where GoT-related humor is considered fair game, especially in the off-season? On more than one occasion, I have seen mods here look down their noses at comparably fluffy content on a competing channel (‘Well, if you like THAT sort of thing…but that’s not what WE do’).

      Not to say that I object at all to the inclusion of more lightweight material here, mind you. It’s clear from the comments section that many of the regulars have a well-honed sense of humor. And personally, I like a balance of chewy nuggets of well-researched info, critical analysis, tinfoil speculation and comic relief. I’m just a little confused is all. Are we seeing a shift in editorial policy here?

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    2. Firannion,

      It’s not cocktail videos or a Tv commercial mate
      It’s Emilia Clarke playing the mother of dragons
      Consider this your first great spoiler of season 8
      Daenerys somehow time jumps to modern day and is a fan of strictly come dancing

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    3. Firannion,

      Oh get off your high horse ffs,it’s just a fun little video from Emilia wishing good luck to someone, if you don’t care about this sort of stuff next time just don’t click on the article it’s not that hard and nobody forces you anyway .

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    4. Captain Sparrow,

      I’m not on a high horse at all – in fact, I find it a pleasant change, if they’re actually loosening up about what’s considered ‘appropriate’ stuff to cover. Just pointing out the inconsistency with WotW’s past approach. If covering a fan exchange over ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ is OK, why is, say, posting a link to ‘Gay of Thrones’ not?

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    5. I am delighted to see her perfect S8 face. Damn she’s beautiful. We are blessed, I tell you. And what an amazing thing to do .. She’s such a sweetheart.

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    6. Firannion,

      I get what you’re saying. I was also surprised to see this kind of post on WOTW. But I’m glad nonetheless. There’s so much cool stuff that goes on outside of filming and such.

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    7. Firannion,

      This story though is telling people Emilia is filming S8, a lot of people didn’t know if Emilia was filming yet as she hides like a ninja, people were freaked out about it so in a roundabout way this post says that she is currently filming which is news.

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    8. Much like Emilia, Susan Calman is one of the nicest people on tv, so I fully support their mutual support!

      (and I for one am perfectly happy with this kind of peripheral feel-good “news”)

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    9. Firannion: Are we seeing a shift in editorial policy here?

      I’m afraid not. The video has Emilia Clarke in her trailer, dressed as Daenerys ready for filming, and playing Daenerys to boot (for a laugh, yes, but still.) That’s why this was posted and other things weren’t. This is (albeit tangentially) production-related. It places Clarke not only in Belfast but currently filming.

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    10. I don’t know why some people here seems upset with this post, is not different from posting thing from Emilia Clarke´s IG, both thing have the same patterns: dress as Dany, currently shooting, etc

      Is fine post here her IG photo about her birthday dress as Dany but not this? I call it bs

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    11. Firannion,

      OK, I see you’re getting a lot of negative reactions… I’m thinking back a few weeks when Kit & Rose and then Sophie & her boyfriend announced their engagements, but WotW refrained from making stories about those, as those events are to do with the private lives of the people concerned, and WotW don’t want to butt in or cover such “celebrity gossip”. Fair enough, and I prefer it that way.

      However, Emilia’s social media clip was not anything personal, just a laugh, plus confirming she’s flming S8, which makes it relevant to this site.

      PS. Susan Calman is a terrible comedian. Not very funny at all.

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