Emilia Clarke makes the rounds on late-night and morning shows, talks Daenerys Halloween costumes and the infamous coffee cup


Emilia Clarke does her best impression of Kit Harington’s dance moves on an Oct. 30 appearance on “The Tonight Show.”

Oh, Emilia Clarke…your most famous character may have gotten a lousy death (don’t @ me), but you’re always such a joy to watch in interviews! Fortunately for us, it’s something she’s been doing a lot of lately as she makes the press rounds for her upcoming holiday rom-com, Last Christmas.

On the morning of Oct. 30, Clarke appeared on Good Morning America, where she was asked what it’s like to know that a character she made so famous is still a popular choice for Halloween costumes. Clarke said that since Halloween isn’t celebrated “quite the same way” in the UK as it is in America and she hasn’t seen many Daenerys costumes in person, “if I saw myself on the street, I’d probably run.”

That same night in an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Clarke seemingly solved the mystery of who left the infamous coffee cup on the table during Season 8’s Episode 4, “The Last of the Starks” — a major gaffe that Sophie Turner tried to pin on Clarke on an appearance on Fallon’s show in May. Clarke refuted this, instead placing the blame on none other than the Spider himself, Conleth Hill.

“‘Emilia, I’ve gotta tell you something, love — the coffee cup was mine!'” Clarke told Fallon, relating what Hill apparently told her at an Emmys after-party this year. He apparently confessed to the whole thing, also apologizing for letting everyone think it was hers.

Mystery solved, or at least until Hill disputes this account? He’s already betrayed his queen once, though — who’s to say he won’t throw her under the bus a second time? Later in the interview Clarke also does a wonderfully spot-on imitation of Kit Harington‘s “poncey” (read: somewhat douchey) dance moves and Jason Momoa‘s haka-inspired ones; the whole interview is only about five minutes long and very worth your time.

Lastly, in a interview alongside Last Christmas co-star Henry Golding, Clarke touched on the “epic” Game of Thrones cast reunion at this year’s Emmys, singer Camilla Cabello bending the knee (yes, really) and relating to her Last Christmas character, Kate, and her health issues.

If you’re interested, Last Christmas arrives in theaters on Nov. 8, — and in the meantime, you can amuse yourself with all three of these clips!

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    1. The coffee cup scandal was one of the most annoying things I’ve ever seen. People on social media were awful about it. Especially considering majority of people were calling it a “Starbucks” cup, when in fact it was not Starbucks 🤦‍♂️

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    2. Right. Daenerys would not be a suitable character for Halloween in the UK. You might get away with dressing up as Melisandre, and certainly the Night King would qualify.

      Halloween costumes here are traditionally spooky or scary. Witches, zombies, ghosts, vampires, ghouls, anything to do with haunting or horror. Or pumpkins, of course!

      Pirates, princesses, superheroes and the like are not seen at Halloween. They are general fancy dress, and appear at parties and events throughout the rest of the year.

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    3. I loved her Kit impression. 😆 I’m not British, but 95% of the television I watch is, so I forget that some people don’t get certain words either. Hee! I also generally despise rom-coms AND Christmas, yet I’ll probably see this because…Emilia and Henry. Dang.

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    4. Pigeon: I loved her Kit impression. 😆 I’m not British, but 95% of the television I watch is, so I forget that some people don’t get certain words either. Hee! I also generally despise rom-coms AND Christmas, yet I’ll probably see this because…Emilia and Henry. Dang.

      Me too! (My dad loves them though and will only allow Christmas-themed movies and TV episodes in his house from November through to December. It’s a painful two months when I must see him. He has declared me as ‘cold’ for my dislike of ‘Elf’ ;D).

      There’s this Box of Lies segment with EC and Jimmy Fallon, which features “solid” vs. “salad” at one point (she changes her accent to clarify she is saying ‘salad’, god bless her forever and ever 😆).

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    5. Jack Bauer 24,

      Tell me about it. It’s such a technically brilliant show with immense attention to detail in the craftsmanship and visuals of every scene – which makes the coffee cup gaffe that much more baffling and humorous. Wasn’t just D&D who missed it; countless actors, directors, and editors missed it too. Big oof.

      Still though, the response to it was a perfect example of hypercriticism – making mountains out of anthills. If there had been a coffee cup spotted in say “Blackwater” or “Winds of Winter,” pretty much no one would have cared, and there would’ve just been some light-hearted ribbing. But when 8×4 came out, people were angry at the show for broad narrative decisions that didn’t give them what they wanted, along with a few scenes in that episode that were written or executed kinda sketchily. So they wanted to find something, anything, that would help to justify their opinions that the showrunners just didn’t care anymore.

      Rant over. At least the cast and D&D have taken it in stride, laughing at themselves over it.

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    6. I love Emilia! I’m looking forward to her movie! That sounds like the perfect movie for her. But to be honest, no movie can be as good as the interviews she does. She is soooo funny in all her interviews! I just love watching her!

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    7. Emilia is great fun in her public appearances. I’m a person that doesn’t care very much about the idea of “celebrity” but I always enjoy her interviews. And we know that the Mother of Dragons doesn’t mess around when it comes to payback. If Varys had been more careful about the Starbucks cup, maybe he could be doing great as Master of Whispers somewhere 🙂

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    8. Arrest Conleth!
      No coincidence, though, that the cup AND two water bottles appeared in that particular season and became symbolic of its essence.

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    9. Oh I so agree; I love any interview of hers! I also really liked the host – paying attention and asking relevant questions, how unusual! And Henry Golding is so much fun (when she was asked what would win her heart, and she lists, I was expecting her to turn to him and say – oh yeah, he’d work! ) I am not a big holiday movie fan (Harry meets Sally probably my fav) but I am so looking forward to seeing this!

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    10. Got to love Emilia, she’s such a charming and down to earth person – the complete contrast to Dany. Also glad to get confirmation that Conleth was the coffee cup owner.

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