Dragons Descend Upon Westeros in Latest Update to Game of Thrones: Conquest


In Fall 2017, Game of Thrones: Conquest made its mobile game debut on the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. At the time of its debut, I was fortunate enough to visit HBO HQ and test the game out. The game has spent more than 25 weeks in the App Store’s Top 50 grossing iOS apps, peaking as the no. 1 free-to-play strategy game in the U.S. And yet, through all the conquering and building, family feuding and grain growing, fortress defending and army construction, there’s been one notable thing missing from the gameplay: Dragons.

“The worldwide success of Game of Thrones: Conquest just one year after launch is a testament to the title’s widespread popularity as a leading mobile strategy game,” said Tom Casey, VP, Studio Head at WB Games Boston. “Our priority is to continue delivering the best gameplay experience for our players. With Dragons being the most requested feature, we are thrilled to finally unveil the mythical beasts in Game of Thrones: Conquest and kick off the next chapter of the game’s success.”


Yes, somehow dragons have evaded this game over the course of the last year. But all of that is about to change, when the update launches today! This will be the biggest update since the launch of the original game, one which has been teasing players steadily over the course of the year. Ever find yourself tactically assigning your army, when an ominous dragon-shaped shadow roars overhead? You know, something akin to the season 3 poster? Turns out, that wasn’t a fluke in the system; they were hinting at what’s to come, and what’s to come is dragons indeed.


I had the opportunity to sit down with the team and learn a little more about the game, and it turns out that (unsurprisingly) the inclusion of dragons have been the most highly requested feature for players (Khaleesis too). Dragons don’t start out at season 7 size, however. You’ve got to grow and hatch them first. What happens is that every player at an early level (in game) is going to unlock a dragon pit. Once built, every player then gets a dragon egg for free, which you can tend to by stoking the fire. Eggs will eventually turn into hatchlings, whose life you’ll sustain through feeding them livestock. Training them as well will help level them up. Research points will also give you permanent boosts, and teach you how to, ahem, train your dragon.


Arriving in-game on the first anniversary of the title’s release, dragons will introduce an entirely new strategic element to gameplay in Game of Thrones: Conquest, serving as a formidable weapon against enemy keeps or a powerful defense for player cities. Available on the App Store and Google Play, all players will be able to build a Dragon Pit to hatch their very own Dragon Egg, raising the newborn hatchling to a whelp, adolescent, and eventually to a fully grown adult in upcoming releases. Players will also be able to unlock access to specialized research, combat, and talent options to train their newest ally for battle.

For more information, visit the Game of Thrones: Conquest website. Additionally, you can check out the trailer. Lastly, follow Game of Thrones: Conquest on Facebook and Twitter.

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    1. The game has many bugs. I am not able to collect any daily reward. As I am a free player (does not buy packs) I normally encounters these types of bugs daily.
      Further, there are bots in the game if you are un-shield for 1 minute some who has bots will attack you. In this you have to take the shield every time. These are some other tactics used by the developers

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