Dinklage spotted in Spain, and the Wall returns to Northern Ireland


With exciting location shoots in Spain and Croatia, it’s easy for fans to forget that Game of Thrones filming is still carrying on back in Northern Ireland. In the last couple weeks, another set is coming together in a familiar quarry.

Mild spoilers below the cut.

Thanks to photos submitted by WotW reader Alan, we can see the sets at the Wall are taking shape at Magheramorne Quarry in County Antrim. These pictures were taken on October 12th. Along with the newly constructed fences and freshly sprayed “snow” on the Wall, there are also wildling huts in this area.

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And heading back to Spain, there’s one bit of news today: Peter Dinklage has been spotted! Skip the text below the photo if you don’t want to know where, for fear of Peter Spoilage.


Dinklage was seen in a hotel in Osuna, around the time the same Twitter user snapped a photo of Emilia Clarke and Nathalie Emmanuel at the hotel.

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    1. I wondered how they were going to fit Stannis’s and Mance’s armies inside Castle Black. Granted, it’s not like these armies are wholly inside the castle in the books, but the Castle is definitely described as much larger than the show version, which consists of two courtyards surrounded by towers. I like what seems to be the solution —a whole new encampment, with wooden walls, presumably for Stannis. Or maybe that’s where the wildlings are. Any ideas?

      What about the gigantic building in the last pic? Is it an unfinished building for the show itself or is it for the production crew? It’s wooden, so my bet is that it’s supposed to be part of the show. But what is it? Maybe they’ll house Stannis there, since the show’s Castle Black has nothing that could be equivalent to the book’s King’s Tower? Or maybe it’s for the wildlings?

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    2. So everything they shot for the Wall so far was internals? Looks like we’ll be seeing a lot of the Wall next season, then

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    3. minty,

      The structures in the first and last pics are new, but I don’t think they are supposed to be part of Castle Black, but something built to house Mance’s and Stannis’s armies. Just speculation, of course. As for what we can see of Castle Black itself, it looks the same to me.

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    4. So if they have only now started putting together the outside features of the Wall again, I wonder which “great scene” Kit talked about at CC that he was supposed to be filming back in July? Because I assumed that was the

      beheading scene

      , which can only happen outside. Except if they have been filming at the quarry on and off this whole time. Or the great scene was

      Jon giving his rallying speech with the pink letter, which happens inside.

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    5. Thanks Greenjones, and I remember now Carice v Houten posted a picture of a Baratheon soldier a while back at set CB.

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    6. Arkash,

      No, and that’s really weid because the amount of photos people are taking with the actors is just crazy. Fans are waiting in the hotel and reporting every sight of any of them so I’m pretty sure Barristan and Grey Worm are not in Osuna yet… or at least they weren’t yesterday or during the week.

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    7. LukaNieto,

      They look like them, that’s true, but I’m not sure they are. What is for sure is that yesterday or during the week the actors didn’t shoot anything in the plaza, that’s 100% confirmed. So the only way that could be them in the pictures is that those images are from today shooting. Could be, but who knows…

      Edit: the wind has destroyed the green screen in the plaza de toros this morning, bad luck: https://twitter.com/lenatwitteada/status/523787834675982338

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    8. sevens! the whole WiC team and the commenters moved here? I was still lingering in (now shitty version of) the wic.net wondering what happened to everybody. Why did you not tell you would be here? I feel like the boy who isn’t invited to the parties. 🙁

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    9. Cami,

      Interesting. That huge screen is indeed vulnerable to wind gusts. Hopefully just a minor setback and no major damage. The perils of maintaining outdoor sets!

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    10. No Barristan? No Grey Worm? No Yezzan?

      I don’t want Barristan to be an hostage, i want him to witness the poisening attempt and do his coup!

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    11. Oh My GOD! Peter in my country… :)))
      Amazing shots of The Wall, I can’t wait for season 5, My fav storyline!!
      Mel, Stannis, Jon, Davos, WOW!!!

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    12. TheTouchOfFrost,

      Yes. The fact that the actor hasn’t been spotted in the set for a single scene must of course mean that his character will banish for the whole season without an explanation 😛

      But, now, really. Maybe he’s sent to do something else. Maybe he’s there but hasn’t been spotted. Maybe the character is there but won’t do anything important or interact with anything or anyone, or maybe the actor is busy, so they’ll film his scenes in green screen. There’s many reasonable explanations.

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    13. jentario,

      The green one looks more “showy” for obvious reasons. It looks good. And the one Greenjones has in her/his post looks perfect for “traveler in-hiding” so to speak.


      I hope to see Ser Grandpa myself! Frankly, I also hope to see

      a certain duel too if D&D’s adaptation of the source material is allowing. I thought that was a well written, character-displayed-to-perfect-advantage and a rather kickass chapter. And it could make for a very good scene for Ser Barristan.

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    14. Cami,

      And? What if they’re doing Hizdahr/Dany/Tyrion/Jorah close ups today? Why call everyone in for every day of filming? I definitely expect Barristan and Grey Worm to be in this scene, hold your shit together people. There’s still a week or two to film.

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    15. It’s obvious why Ian McElhinney (his double) was not present for that portion of the shoot,

      Ser Barristan isn’t going down onto the pit floor. We know Tyrion and Dany will (from the books) and obviously show Daario does too. They only needed the doubles for distance shots of the characters during the pit fighting.

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    16. Finally they are setting up for the North and Vale shooting that will recommence in November, just in time for Ms Christie’s return from Star Wars filming which completes at the end of the month. So where will she end up, the North or the Vale?
      I believe filming will go well into December, they need the cold air and hopefully some snow storms to film the scenes in (fake snow or the real stuff). They might even have set aside some filming for deep in Winter, late January or February, leaves plenty of time for post production, since the latter episodes won’t be aired till June.

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    17. Dragonslayer,


      This is really ugly. Something must be done about it for sure.
      After I found wic.net I just stopped looking at other got sites.
      I wouldn’t be here if not for a coincidence. I think there are many people like this.

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    18. Strider,

      I am also really hoping the duel is included- I would love to see that on screen, and we can see that Ser Grandpa really still has the goods 😉


      I think it will be the Vale (does not exclude the North, also)- because she has said she’s heading there, and because Sansa’s storyline is mostly caught up it will be something to do in the Vale. A question is, will Sansa and Brienne meet? If so, what will be the result? Show Brienne has seen Arya as of S4 so, would Sansa then find out her sister is (was) definitely still alive?? Is that a butterfly effect problem?

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    19. Strider,

      I’m hoping for the same scene although I think it will come in Season 6. Old Whitebeard really comes into his own after

      Dany buggers off on Drogon

      . Shows why he’s such a legendary knight.

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    20. TheTouchOfFrost,

      Some GoT fans who also read the books are certain that Season 5 will completely exhaust the existing material and go into WoW territory. I myself don’t think so now that I see Daznak’s Pit is left for Ep9.

      Like you, I believe that Meereen power struggle and plot after Dany’s flight, Tyrion’s escape and alliance to a company of mercenaries, Ser Barristan’s rise and Hizdar’s arrest, the preparations for war and the scene in question will fit in somewhere in the beginning of S6, if they don’t cut it. ADwD had Quentyn too but that is clearly cut. We’ll see how much we are getting out of it.

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    21. Strider,

      This is embarrassing. Spoiler tags didn’t work and somehow I’m not able to edit either, even though it’s less than 1 min since it posted. If a mod could put spoiler tags I’d appreciate it.

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    22. Strider,

      I too think

      Dany leaving on Drogon

      will be the cliffhanger ending in Mereen this season. Really want to see the

      Selmy coup and him destroying that champion gladiator

      . Also, hoping for

      the Ironborn turning up at the siege of Mereen

      but that’s looking like a longshot now!

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    23. TheTouchOfFrost,

      The Daznak’s Pit scene is in episode 9 and, if I had to guess, a cliffhanger ending. Just as you, I don’t expect to see much or any of the aftermath in Meereen, not until season 6. However, in terms of designing a proper story arc for a character, they must include Dany’s last ADWD chapter, right?

      I’m talking about character arcs here, so the Dohtraki can wait for next season. But, after Dany leaves on Drogon, I fully expect to see her arc for the book/season finalized: thanks to a number of hallucinations (particularly Jorah), she remembers her identity as a Targaryen and decides not to fuck around anymore trying to achieve piece; it will be “fire and blood” from now on. Without that, well… a cliffhanger is nice, but a fully realized season arc for a character is more important. D&D seem to move the timeline around a lot in order to achieve this; they don’t usually end the season with one of these main characters in the middle of their arc.

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    24. Luka Nieto,


      As powerful a scene as the fly will be, a final shot with Dany/Drogon in the Dothraki sea, ready to come back and fry some ass would be absolutely goose bumping and a great way to end the season. Either that, or they would have to bring up Dany’s doubts, changes and character development before the Pit so that the fly is the final peak of her arc… but I would like some Mommy/Dragon quality time.

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