Dark Horse Releasing a Limited Edition Bust of Jon Snow in Battle of the Bastards

Jon Snow statue

Dark Horse’s Jon Snow – Battle of the Bastards Limited Edition Bust

Fun news for collectors of special Game of Thrones items: Dark Horse Comics and HBO announced today that this summer they’re releasing a new limited edition bust inspired by a character from Game of Thrones: the Jon Snow – Battle of the Bastards Limited Edition Bust.

The newest addition to Dark Horse‘s line of Game of Thrones statues depicts Jon Snow with his Valyrian steel sword Longclaw in season 6’s epic battle, as he faces off against legions led by Ramsay Bolton in the fight for Winterfell.

According to Dark Horse, the pre-painted bust measures 6” from base to the top of his head, plus sword extension. The statue comes with full-color deluxe packaging with a Certificate of Authenticity. The Limited Edition bust retails at $89.99, and will go on sale August 23rd.

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    1. The moment in Battle of the Bastards where he faces down the Bolton Calvary rushing towards him at full speed, That look in his eyes, and how he unleashed Long claw.
      That shot, the music XD
      Hands down one of my Favorite TV/Game of Thrones moments of all time 🙂

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    2. I wonder if they’re selling the bottom half separately. Not gonna lie, the detail is great but he kind of looks like he’s popping out of a chimney.

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    3. Tensor the Mage (Still Crying A Little Inside About The Death of Ramsay Snow, You Magnificent Bastard) says:

      He can’t become The King In The North, he hasn’t got Northern sh*t all over him.

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