The Concept Art of Game of Thrones Season 6: Part 2

Balon Greyjoy’s death, on Pyke

Yesterday we took a look at some of the beautiful concept art created for Game of Thrones season 6 by German studio Karakter, and today we have another batch to enjoy! Artists Kieran Belshaw and Jessica Sinclair worked on season 6, and have shared several images of their concept art on their websites. Here’s a sampling of their art for the show:

(All images can be opened in a new tab to enlarge!)

From Belshaw’s concept art:

First, we have the concept for Lyanna Mormont’s hall on Bear Island:

Cersei’s new chamber and the exterior view:

The jaw-dropping library of the Citadel:

The temple of Vaes Dothrak, and Dany’s confrontation with the khals:


The frozen wasteland with the Three-Eyed Raven’s tree, from Bran’s vision, and the invasion of the wights:


Davos’ discovery, among the ashes:


Daenerys’ new meeting chamber in the pyramid:

Artwork depicting Nagga’s Hill, the site of the Kingsmoot (more closely in line with the books’ version of the Kingsmoot site):



The poison room in the House of Black and White, during Arya’s training:

The hold of the ship, during Sam and Gilly’s journey:

There are many more images at Belshaw’s website, so be sure to visit the source!

Jessica Sinclair’s Season 6 concept art:

Jaime’s arrival back in King’s Landing:

Jaime home

Jaime at Riverrun:


Sam and Gilly at the Citadel:


Varys and Missandei in the pyramid:

Varys Missandei



Myrcella’s wake:


Heartsbane, the House Tarly sword:


Balon Greyjoy’s coffin:


Bran’s Travois:


From the Lannister/Frey siege of Riverrun:


There are more at the source, so visit Jessica Sinclair’s website.

Sue the Fury
Susan Miller, Editor in Chief of


  1. Interesting.

    So by the looks of the concept art, Jon wasn’t supposed to be trapped by the Bolton shields. I know the part where he’s suffocating under the bodies was not in the script, so it makes me wonder what the original plan for the battle was.

  2. Yeah, there is more art at the artists’ websites so I really do recommend checking out the full slate at the sources. There is more battle stuff there.

  3. Damn. Why would they leave out Nagga’s Hill, other than budgetary reasons? Would have been awesome.

  4. Ser Roger Sterling:
    Damn. Why would they leave out Nagga’s Hill, other than budgetary reasons? Would have been awesome.

    Agreed- might actually have made those god-awful Kingsmoot scenes less cringeworthy.

  5. AaaRrghh! So disappointed not to have gotten Naga’s Ribs! The Kingsmoot scene was very underwhelmingly done and this could have helped make it something really special.
    They could have at least had it far in the background or something for one or two shots. Should have found the money to do that. grumble grumble

  6. These are beautiful. I love seeing the details that didn’t make into the final product: all those potions in the HofB&W, the top part of Bear Island’s great hall, the horse on the front of the ship carrying the Dothraki, etc.

    Great to see Master Luwin!Good to see he is having a good ol’ time at the Citadel lol

    I LOL’d at that. As well as Greatjon Umber on top of the pile of bodies at BotB, the ghost of Rakharo in the Dosh Khaleen temple, and the Iron Born bald guy that sacked Winterfell now at the Kingsmoot. Other than those oddities, these are gorgeous.

  7. Amazing! But it’s a shame these artworks aren’t bigger. I used some from the first post as new wallpapers.

  8. Sean C.:
    Sophie interviewed by ET at the event she attended yesterday; nothing new, but she looks amazing:

    Somebody mentioned in the other thread that Sophie Turner has got her S7 scripts. So should we start paying closer attention to their interviews lol?
    Here Sophie lays emphasis on Jon’s Targ reveal and how it will affect Sansa and Jon’s relationship. She says “when” Sansa finds out and not “if”. She also refers to it in terms of Sansa realizing that Jon is a Targaryen and not a Stark. I wonder what effect that will have on his brand new status as king.

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