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Con of Thrones merch package

Con of Thrones is officially less than a month away and we are officially freaking out at how close it is. It’s not weird to start packing this early, is it? I don’t care, I’m doing it. The panels are set, the vendors are lining up, cosplayers are furiously completing their looks for this year’s costume contest, and we’ve got just four weeks to wait! How to kill the time? Another giveaway, of course!

This week’s giveaway, courtesy of Mischief Management, is a special Con of Thrones Merch Pack, featuring THREE prizes! The package includes:

  • The Hour of the Wolf T-shirt
  • The official Con of Thrones pint glass
  • The official Con of Thrones zip-up hoodie

How do you win? It’s easy, and you don’t have to be attending the con to be a winner! Anyone can enter, worldwide. Find out how now:

To enter, list at least 5 named swords that have appeared on Game of Thrones. You may leave your entry in comments on this post, or tweet the answer @WatchersOTWall.

We’ll choose the winner randomly from among all the people who submit valid entries. Thank you and good luck!


Entries are accepted for one week (7 days), closing the giveaway for entries on Friday, May 4th, 2018 at 12 midnight EDT. The winner will be randomly selected from among the entrants and announced on Saturday.

**The contest is worldwide** One (1) winner will be selected from among entrants by random drawing. The winner must respond within 72 hours of notification or will forfeit their prize and another winner will be selected. Winners may be responsible for local taxes/importing fees. The winner must have a valid shipping address.

Twitter and Facebook are their own entities and are in no way associated with this giveaway.

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    1. 1. Well of course, Needle.*
      2. Longclaw
      3. Oathkeeper
      4. Heartsbane
      5. Widow’s Wail**
      6. Ice
      7. Dawn

      “All the best swords have names, you know.”
      “Sansa can keep her sewing needles. I’ve got a Needle of my own.”

      “Needle. Of course you named your sword.”
      “Lots of people name their swords.”
      “Lots of c*nts.”

      ** Dumb name. “Little s*it deserved to die,”

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    2. ICE

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    3. Not to get hypertechnical here…

      The Instructions above say:

      “To enter, list at least 5 named swords that have appeared on Game of Thrones.”

      • Question #1: To qualify, must the sword have been identified by name on the show (as opposed to the books)? I don’t recall if during the ToJ flashbacks anyone ever referred to “Dawn” by name.

      • Question #2: “Lightbringer” was named by Melisandre when reciting the prophecy in S2e1. What if a sword we’ve already seen turns out to be Lightbringer?

      • Question #3: Do “tinfoil” swords count? Arya fangirled over Visenya Targaryen and her sword “Dark Sister” when talking with Tywin. What if Arya’s dagger is Dark Sister (reforged)?

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    4. Ice
      Widow’s Wail
      Dark Sister (mentioned by Arya when talking to Tywin Lannister)

      That’s 8, adding a little extra padding

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    5. Needle, Ice, Longclaw, Widow’s Wail, Oathkeeper,

      Thank you for these giveaways that help count the months until… sometime next year!

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    6. Needle, Oathkeeper, Longclaw, Widow’s Wail (he really was a c*nt!), Heartsbane, Lightbringer

      Death is so terribly final, whereas prizes from Watchers On The Wall are full of possibilities.

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    7. Lion’s Tooth; Oathkeeper; Needle; Ice; Longclaw

      To ease the off-season inertia
      Give it to the Dame of Mercia *

      * Well probably not because I won something a few years ago and it’s only fair someone else should have a chance but it’s fun to take part.

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    8. Needle
      Widows’s Wail

      And I don’t know if they appeared on-screen:
      Brightroar (that one can’t possibly have appeared actually)

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    9. Oathkeeper, Needle, Ice, Heartsbane, Longclaw
      I didn’t want to mention Widow’s Wail because of the scene where Joffrey names his unearned sworn and uses it to destroy the book Tyrion had given him as a wedding present. I hope Jaime will restore the honour of this sword by using it.
      I’m sorry I can’t attend the con. Taking part in this giveaway helps.

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    10. Dawn – Sir Arthur Dayne @ the Tower where Lyanna was being held
      Imaginary Dark Sister – Arya was ‘playing’ with her recreation of Dark Sister (which I’m hoping the REAL Dark Sister ends up in Arya’s hands for REAL in Season 8)
      Heartsbane – Samwell took the Valyrian Sword right from under his father’s nose
      Ice – Ned Stark took the head of Will in the first episode because he broke his Night’s Watch Vows
      Oathkeeper – Tywin had Ice melted down into 2 Swords. Oathkeeper was one which went to Jaime Lannister who caringly gave it to Brieene of Tarth

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    11. Lions Tooth
      Heart Eater
      Dark Sister
      Light Bringer
      Long Claw
      Widows Wail
      Oath Keeper

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    12. * edit * I stepped away after I started my post and didn’t refresh to see Stacy just listed it:

      So far nobody has remembered (or listed) one named sword on the show… Joffrey’s new sword he got before Battle of the Blackwater to replace Lion’s Tooth that Arya threw in the river. He pulled it out in 2×09 and said to Sansa, “My new blade. Hearteater I’ve named it. Kiss it.”

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    13. ICE
      LONGCLAW (Apologies for what you are about to see– me)

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    14. Thanks again, Watchers! That pint glass is calling my name 🙂

      Longclaw, Ice (Widow’s Wail and Oathkeeper… insert crying emoji), Dawn, Needle, and Heartsbane.

      And if you’re taking honorable mentions… Arya did mention Dark Sister when taking to Tywin! I had to stick at least one Targaryen sword in there.

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