Check Out This Fan-Made Anime Game of Thrones Intro!


For a great, albeit unexpected way to kick off your weekend, take a look at this fan video, “And If Game of Thrones Were an Anime?”

The intro to a hypothetical animated version of Game of Thrones features a heavy metal rendition of Ramin Djawadi’s theme sung in Japanese while hand-drawn versions of our favorite characters pose dramatically in extreme camera angles.

All hamminess aside, it’s beautifully animated and manages to capture the spirit of each character in their brief appearance. It even includes Jon’s famous pout!
The YouTube channel, Malec, has previously specialized in rap battles between cartoon characters but, after watching this latest video, I hope they continue to experiment with animated intros for live action shows.

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    1. That was unexpectedly brilliant and hilarious, right down to the nonsensical English phrases in the lyrics. They capture the characters in anime form incredibly well.

      If I didn’t know anything about the series, I would totally believe that was a real anime.

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    2. Ten Bears,

      Omg yes … please … just 1 scene of them going for the wights like that will be the best game of sequence ever … somebody please tweet this @ David and Dan it’s not too late they can add this to the scripts

      I didn’t even know I wanted a scene with the 2 of them attacking together until I saw this …
      My concern is Drogon attacks smaller animals
      We’ve never seen him interact affectionately even with his siblings
      I’m worried Drogon may eat Ghost
      Yep there’s D&Ds solution for the ghost budget
      Have a scene where tension builds because Jon and Dany see drogon with a white tail sticking out of his mouth
      Or they can go cheaper and have Jon and Dany come across a giant turd with a large tail bone in it
      Wait can we have a scene of drogon bursting into the throne room and taking a shit the way tywins horse did 😂😂😂😂

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    3. As someone who is currently on an anime bender – more specifically, historical-anime-with-supernatural-elements bender (think Samurai Champloo, Rurouni Kenshin, Hakuouki), this was hilarious.

      GoT is more like Berserk, though…

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    4. Ten Bears:

      How do you think the “writing” was so terrible it ruined it?

      Er, it’s a “BookWanker meltdown” joke…

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    5. Sansa's Knight,

      “I didn’t even know I wanted a scene with the 2 of them attacking together until I saw this …
      My concern is Drogon attacks smaller animals
      We’ve never seen him interact affectionately even with his siblings
      I’m worried Drogon may eat Ghost”
      1. Drogon wouldn’t attack Ghost, just like he didn’t attack Jon, and the other two didn’t attack Tyrion: dragons, like birds, can sense who’s part of their “flock”, and who’s an enemy or potential snack. (*And yes, I feel like an idiot analyzing the psychology of a fictional, CGI creature.*) Especially when it comes to Ghost, I think Drogon would pick up on the Targ connection to Jon. Instead of attacking Ghost, Drogon would preen his fur: a sign of affection.

      2. Drogon has interacted affectionately with his siblings. (I’m projecting avian behavior onto dragons again): Roaring and snarling are just ways of showing off or establing a pecking order. Fighting over food mid-air is a way of playing. Cruising in formation (eg final scene of S6) and coordinating attacks from the air (Masters’ armada ship-broiling in BoB) are “intra-flock” interactions.

      3. To me, Drogon accepting Ghost would be no different than the way a large dog is introduced to a new-born (human) baby, and becomes its protector; or how a huge Labrador will make friends with a parakeet if the animals see that their respective humans are friends. (*Insert “Yes, I feel like an idiot..” commentary from paragraph # 1 above.*)

      Anyway, we’ve seen Drogon put himself in harm’s way to protect Dany and attack her enemies. Nymeria did the same for Arya. Ghost alerted Jon to a wight infiltrator and even jumped in to protect Jon’s buddy Sam. And Summer sacrificed his life for Bran & Co.

      Drogon & Ghost teaming up to fight wights wouldn’t be manga fanfic. It would be consistent with their behavior.


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    6. Hexonx:
      Love the animation, not so much the song.But at half speed it is starting to grow on me.

      How do you get it at half-speed? My idea of anime is Myazaki–nature, children, peace, love, fantasy–so this was really on steroids for me. As best I could tell, it was interesting and the character renderings spot-on.

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    7. Firannion:
      Ewww. Noooo. Not a treatment of GoT I ever want to see.

      I agree. I’m not against animated versions but not this.

      Stark Raven’ Rad: How do you get it at half-speed?

      You can watch YouTube videos at different speeds using the gear options at the bottom of videos. OR on mobile hit the three dots in the upper right and select playback speed.

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    8. I’ve often thought that this book series could work great as an anime. However, if it ever were to happen (which I doubt), I would prefer original renditions of the characters/sets/etc and not just make everyone look like the actor in the tv show.

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    9. Alfador:
      “…I would prefer original renditions of the characters/sets/etc and not just make everyone look like the actor in the tv show.”

      I’m not challenging you; I’m just curious: After seven years, haven’t the faces and voices of the actors inhabited their “book” counterparts in the minds of most readers? That’s the impression I’ve gotten from most of the comments by book readers on this site.
      For what it’s worth, I thought the animator did a fabulous job capturing the look of the actresses and actors.
      How would you like the characters to look? I’ve seen many different versions of illustrations of the book characters, done before the show aired. Are there any in particular you’re referring to?

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    10. That was beautifully drawn. I would watch that series!
      Sandor and Brienne fighting wights side by side ☺️

      Emilla has such a sweet face, she is perfect for anime.

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    11. Wow haha!! AMAZING. I’m a big anime fan and I think an actual Game of Thrones anime series would be brutal and awesome. The lyrics cracked me up though. SEX IS FREE. Oh man lol…

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    12. Ten Bears,

      Your right i believe that the actors faces and voices are mostly what comes to people minds when they read the books, Emillia and Kit faces will always comes to mind when you think of Dany and Jon.

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    13. As funny as the lyrics are, liked the character descriptions the best. I laughed out loud at Sansa- “an annoying woman” and white walkers “smurfs but completely different”.

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    14. QueenofThrones:
      Does anyone have a translation of the non Engrish lyrics?

      Here’s a rough translation for you:


      There’s something hot between us
      It’s burning
      I don’t know don’t know if it’s love or hate
      Take my hand
      I don’t really know what I’m saying but
      Winter hating love
      I’m not afraid even though winter is coming
      Sing, burn, become fire
      I don’t feel the cold
      Winter hating love
      Even though we are related, sex is free
      Sing, burn, become fire
      I’m tired so this is the end
      Game of game of game of game of game of thrones

      A woman who seems to be going crazy

      Jon Snow
      A guy who knows nothing

      An aggravating woman

      Little Finger
      A sneaky guy

      A scary woman

      A guy who can’t use his right hand

      A hobbit

      A woman who has sex with her family

      (The Mountain)
      I wonder who this is

      White Walkers
      They look like Smurfs
      But are completely different

      It has nothing to do with that anymore
      From now on
      It’s a battle!

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