CafePress Unveils New Game of Thrones Merchandise in Time for Season 7


The hype train is in full steam as we all get prepared for the long-awaited Season 7. To commemorate the occasion, our friends over at CafePress have unleashed a huge assortment of Game of Thrones gifts and merchandise (including the one pictured above). CafePress is the only place where you can create your own merchandise, using Game of Thrones designs straight from HBO and the show (legally). So if you don’t see what you want, you can create it yourself. Check out more of the items below the cut!


A Girl Has No Name


House Lannister Mug

Spirit Animal


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Your Name of House Stark (other Houses available)

To see the full line, head on over to the CafePress Game of Thrones store and follow their Facebook page and Twitter!

CafePress is the ultimate Game of Thrones merchandise shop for fans of GoT. Share who you are and your love (or obsession?!) of GoT with the world, or maybe your viewing partners!

See you guys in a few days… winter is almost here.

Oz of Thrones

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  1. I am thinking of making a shirt saying “Unspoiled, unbent, unbroken”, because for the sixth time in a row, I have managed to stay clear of all the spoilers! (the first season I didn’t and I hated knowing most of what was to come)

    It’s been hard as always to not read most articles here, and to stay out of the comments sections, but it will make the viewing all the more exciting for me. Just five (or six where I am) more days of waiting…

  2. used to have really nice GOT shirts that weren’t licensed by HBO…. I guess HBO put a stop to that because now their site redirects all apparel to the HBO site and theyre all ugly and stamped with the GOT logo on them.

  3. Does this mean we can make custom tee shirts with a character’s (actor’s) likeness?

    Because I’d love to have a Hound wardrobe with an image of his snarling face with the quotes:

    • “Remember where the heart is”
    •”F*ck the King.”
    •”I’m going to have to eat every fuc*king chicken in this room”
    • “What the fuc*’s a Lommy?”
    • “Eat s*it, dwarf”
    • “You’re alright, Little Bird”
    • “Kick all you want, Wolf Girl”
    • “Aye, that’s what I’m doing”
    • “Shut up about it. Shut up about everything’l
    • “I don’t care if he ate your friend.”
    • “You’re a talker. Listening to talkers makes me thirsty…and hungry”
    • “You heard the girl!”
    • “Is being born Clegane a crime?”
    • “F*ck water. Bring me wine.”

    and so on.

    Even more Arya quotes…

  4. I have always wanted a GOT memorabilia that has my personal touch. You have given me just the very thing I wanted most for so long. I’m so happy to finally have something that is personalized and that something that I know I have helped with. It’s a perfect collection that is also in a sense my creation so thank you very much for this.

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