WotW Holiday Giveaway Week Day 4: Raven Hoodie Prize Package!


Welcome to Day 4 of the Watchers on the Wall Holiday Giveaway Week! We hope you’re enjoying the prizes so far. We have another WotW-themed package to give away today. But before we get to that, let’s take care of yesterday’s business!

For the Wednesday giveaway, readers got a look at the brand new, just-released Jorah Mormont figure from Dark Horse Comics and one lucky winner is taking it home. We’re happy to announce that the winner of the Day 3 Jorah figure is…coming from Twitter…


Congratulations! We’ll be in touch shortly to see about sending you your prize.

Now, onto today’s worldwide Watchers giveaway!

bottomsDay 4’s giveaway: a Watchers on the Wall package of prizes consisting of:

  • A Watchers on the Wall decal

Entering the giveaway is simple- just leave a comment below! For more entry methods, check out the complete rules.


The Official Rules

This giveaway is worldwide.

How do you enter?

Method #1, Commenting: Simply comment on this post, using a valid email!

For additional or alternate entries (making it possible to have 3 entries total):

Method #2, Twitter: Follow our Twitter, WatchersOTWall, and retweet the Raven Hoodie Prize Package tweet (you must do both for the extra entry). If you already follow us, no problem. Simply retweet the contest post.

Method #3, Facebook: Like the WatchersontheWall Facebook page and share the Raven Hoodie Prize Package post (you must do both for the extra entry). If you already Like our page, again, no problem. Just share the contest post and you are entered!

Entries are accepted for 24 hours, until 2PM EST, on December 25th, 2015. The winner will be randomly selected and announced shortly thereafter on Friday.

**The contest is worldwide** The winner is selected by random drawing. The winner must respond within 48 hours of notification or will forfeit their prize and another winner will be selected. The winner must have a valid shipping address.

Twitter and Facebook are their own entities and are in no way associated with this giveaway.

227 responses

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    1. Ooh, love this prize pack – that hoodie looks super comfy 🙂 Also, good luck to all entering today, and congrats to @thepointyend_ on your Day 3 win!

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    2. Ahahaha that’s so cute! I want it like Sansa wants lemon cakes, although she’s probably turned off by them now because of that crazy aunt of hers…

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    3. Congratulations, Thepointyend! Cool name!
      Winter is coming, so I’d like to win the hoody + some boxers for my boyfriend.

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    4. Merry Christmas WotW peeps!

      I promise to sopport the site by wearing the hoodie everywhere. Not the panties, those are for supporting my bottom…

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    5. Happy Christmas Eve everyone! Or if you don’t celebrate, Happy Thursday!

      That hoodie is on my wish list. One way or the other I will have what is mine. ?

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    6. You know that if you ever give away a Tyrion figure, the first thing the winner will do is take off the clothes and check if it has a dwarf-sized cock, you know that’s what will happen, right?

      Don’t even pretend like you don’t know.

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    7. Pick me, pick me! I’ve been waiting for this one, want that hoodie! If I don’t win I will have to buy myself a late Christmas gift. LOL

      Merry Christmas to all of those of you who celebrate the occasion.

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    8. It’s unusually cold here in the Bay Area, and that hoodie sure would help keep me warm! Furthermore, while I did ask family for WotW merch., I couldn’t bring myself to ask them for underwear, so winning a pair would be great. 🙂

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    9. Somewhere in Varys’s lair
      He rued that he didn’t have hair,
      He thought it would be goody
      If he won a hoodie,
      But to be frank, he needs new underwear

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    10. Amagad. I’m a bit of a hoodie/pantsu/t-shirt connasuer/addict. That f***ing 5h1t is beautiful and I shall own this if I win or not. Not only r u guys/gals the finest suppliers of GoT/ASoIaF shiz around. You also have style !11 I love you.

      And a Merry effin Christmas TO ALL 🙂

      *pours moar*

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    11. Congrats to @thepointyend. Take care of Jorah!!!

      Would love to win the hoodie, though! I’m certain it will get cold again eventually…..

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    12. Merry Christmas everyone, especially the staff. Thanks for all you guys do! 🙂

      I love the distressed look of the hoodie, so beautiful, and perfect now Winter is Here 😉

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    13. Merry Christmas, everyone!

      …Entered. 😀

      Side note…will there be a hoodie available for purchase that isn’t distressed?

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    14. Merry Christmas! to everyone who celebrates it,
      and to all of you who celebrate a different holiday,
      I wish you joy in your holiday as well!

      To those who don’t celebrate a holiday at all,
      I wish you a day of love and laughter and good feelings!

      Jon Snow lives!!

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    15. Happy Christmas WotW. That is a wicked hoodie. I have onions to smuggle and all ten fingers to lose. Will work for clothing!

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    16. Gerris Drinkbeer,

      Does beer go flat if it has to be transported a very long way, Gerris?

      Congratulations PointyEnd. The prizes are all worthwhile – at least from looking on the internet – but unfortunately there can only be one winner per prize. And now, before I go back to Christmassy things, happy Xmas all, happy Xmas each.

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    17. I don’t know what to say in these anymore, hope you don’t pick the winner by the fun of the comment.

      Anyway, PICK ME.

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