WotW Holiday Giveaway Week Day 2: The Night King

night king watchers on the wall giveaway

Welcome to Day 2 of the Watchers on the Wall Holiday Giveaway Week, featuring five weekdays of Game of Thrones and WotW prizes for our readers. Yesterday we started the week off by adding a little color and warmth to the holiday season in our Day 1 Giveaway. Naturally today we’re going in the opposite direction!

For Tuesday’s giveaway, one lucky winner will win The Night King, one of the newest available figures from Dark Horse Comics’ line of Game of Thrones collectibles. The 8-inch figure accurately captures the frightening leader of the White Walkers as he was seen at Hardhome. The sculpting and costume recreation have amazing detail, and normally this would retail for $24.99. But of course one of you is getting it for free!

This giveaway is worldwide, and anyone can enter! Entering the contest is simple- leave a comment in the post here on WotW. You have 24 hours to enter each new giveaway every day.  (More detailed instructions and FOUR more entry methods can be found below!)

One more item of business- the winner of yesterday’s giveaway! The first winner of Holiday Giveaway Week, taking home the new HBO’s Game of Thrones Coloring Book is…. @mizarie_goo! Congratulations!

Now, let the Night King giveaway begin!

The Official Rules

How do you enter?

Method #1, Commenting: Simply comment on this post, using a valid email!

For additional or alternate entries (making it possible to have 3 entries total):

Method #2, Twitter: Follow our Twitter, WatchersOTWall, and retweet the Holiday Giveaway Night King Tweet (you must do both for the extra entry). If you already follow us, no problem. Simply retweet the contest post.

Method #3, Facebook: Like the WatchersontheWall Facebook page, Like and Share the Holiday Giveaway Night King post (you must do both for the extra entry). If you already Like our page, again, no problem. Just share the contest post and you are entered!

Method #4: WestworldWatchers Twitter: Follow our WestWatchers Twitter, along with retweeting the Night King tweet.

Method #5: WestworldWatchers Facebook: Like the Westworld Watchers page, then Like and Share the Night King post. (Do both for the extra entry.)

Entries for Day 2: The Night King are accepted for 24 hours, until 3PM EST, on December 14th, 2016. The winner will be randomly selected and announced shortly thereafter on Wednesday.

**The contest is worldwide.** The winner is selected by random drawing. The winner must respond within 72 hours of notification or will forfeit their prize and another winner will be selected. The winner must have a valid shipping address.

Twitter and Facebook are their own entities and are in no way associated with this giveaway.

Visit Monday’s post to check out our Holiday Week of Giveaways!

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    1. Could be useful for my partner if I pass away, could have her bring this puppy along and continue to taunt/raise his arms till I get up.

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    2. Well this would certainly make my christmas, though I might smash it if the Nights King gets up to anything really bad next season…


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    3. Can’t wait to see the night king next season ..

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    4. I already bought this for myself. Indeed, it looks awesome. I was slightly disappointed that the arms weren’t moveable to the “arise” position. I’m also wondering that: If this guy is so badass, why does he need to wear armor?

      Looking forward to S7 and Jon and Danaerys’ incest

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    5. I need the night’s king to freeze up my house because I live in Brazil and here Christmas is as sunny and hot as Dorne. Hahahah

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    6. I cannot wait for HBO to show us the land of always winter. I pray to the weirwood they ever explain where the salt throne and the other black stone carvings came from. For this night, and all nights to come, I shall check Watchers and Reddit’s Free Folk because season 7 is too far away after waiting 8 years to see if Jon Snow would wake up. Winds of Winter please finish early. The agony is too much.

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    7. Hell it’s been a long time since I commented on this website…been busy at the university. But I couldn’t just let this opportunity pass me by.

      All Hail the Night King! Let every other lord or king freeze to death in their stone castles and embrace the long eternal night!

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