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Game of Thrones may be a grim show but it’s laced with laughter. For all the carnage and grief, there are also scenes that have us cackling like fools. Today we’ll be celebrating the funniest scenes of season 6, as suggested by you, the fans and readers.

Humor is subjective, and the comedic moments are often sandwiched into scenes with darker content. So, use whatever criteria you like in deciding which are your choices for the funniest scene!

The standard rules: Select up to FIVE nominees from the poll. You can choose fewer if you like, but you cannot choose more than 5.

At the end of 72 hours (Wednesday 8/31/16 at 12PM EDT), whichever five funny scenes have the most votes will continue on to the finals. The results of the poll will be revealed when it’s time to choose the winner of Funniest Scene in a couple weeks.

Choose your funny 5!

Our preliminary award voting for Best Death is open for one more day, so if you haven’t voted in that category, swing over to that post to choose!

Thanks again to Greatjon of Slumber for his hard work in tallying the votes!

Sue the Fury
Susan Miller, Editor in Chief of WatchersOnTheWall.com


  1. I rewatched a lot of these while inputting the poll and damn it’s hard to choose.

    The scene with Sam and the maester at the Citadel cracks me up so much though. And the Hound, god I missed Rory’s timing.

  2. My favorite moments were, of course, Tormund and Brienne as well as Olenna’s sharp tongue with the Sand Snakes… I laughed so hard at that scene. Olenna is the best.

  3. Okay this was hard to choose.I went with Bron and Jaime before entering the siege,Jon explaining the pincer move to Tormund,Brienne and Tormund at the table,the Dothraki top 5 convo and I think the winning one is Sam with the master.John Bradley is so great.Honorary mentions to the Hound scenes I missed Rory

  4. I picked up three:

    1) Tormund/Brienne at dinner
    2) Tyrion tries to tell jokes
    3) Sam/maester scene

  5. Olenna’s burn was even hotter than Cersei’s wildfire. Absolutely savage!

    Tormund’s reaction to Brienne is a close second, though.

  6. 1) The maester at the Citadel scene
    – “This is irregular” -“I suppose life is irregular” HAHA

    2) Tormund + Brienne = love forever

  7. Hey-in the funniest scenes, you left out the guy in the tavern bragging about how Cersei was eyeing him during her walk of shame.

  8. My picks:
    The 2 Tormund and Brienne scenes
    Mace the Ace
    Yara and Dany
    Khal Moro

    I wouldn’t mind if either of the Tormund and Brienne scenes won.

  9. “High Fidelity”? That was (another) Monty Python reference crossed with a Conan the Barbarian.

  10. -Tormund makes eyes at Brienne at dinner. (Raw animal magnetism oozes through the screen)

    -The theater troupe’s first performance, with an oafish “Ned Stark” and a sweet “Cersei”. (“The line of succession!”/”What’s that mean?”/”The proper progression!”/”What’s that mean?”/”The lawful ascension!”/”WHAT’S THAT MEAN?”)

    -The Freys botch the siege, and Jaime and Bronn arrive to mock and backhand them. (“Let’s say that I threatened to hit you unless you shut your mouth, but you kept talking. What do you think I’d do?”/”I don’t give a rat’s …”/*CRACK*)

    -The Hound negotiates for the life of condemned Brotherhood men, and swipes Lem’s boots. (“Drop that arrow, you bloody girl. Tougher girls than you have tried to kill me!”/”You can have one of them!”/” … Two.”)

    -Sam is greeted at the maesters’ Citadel by the worst help desk in Westeros. (“This is irregular.”/”Yes, well … I suppose that life is irregular …”)

    Also Considered/Toughest Omissions:

    -As everyone leaves Castle Black, Tormund sighs over an unimpressed Brienne, and Dolorous Edd realizes he’s the Lord Commander.
    -The theater troupe’s Purple Wedding/”Tywin’s” death sequence.
    -Khal Moro and his bloodriders have a “High Fidelity”-style “Top 5” conversation about the best things in life.
    -Mace Tyrell gives a motivational speech before his soldiers march on the sept of Baelor.
    -Tyrion, Missandei, and Grey Worm drink and try to tell jokes.
    -Wun Wun smashes a Night’s Watchman against a wall; the other mutineers drop their weapons.
    -Bronn and Podrick reunite at Riverrun with talk of fucking and hitting.

    Truthfully, I got a good laugh out of pretty much all of the options in the poll. In fact, this was probably the hardest category so far – I went down a YouTube rabbit hole reliving some of these moments and crack up again several times. I’d need to revisit some of the other seasons to be sure, but off the top of my head, I’ll say that I think Season 6 may have been the funniest season. Just want to put that out there before someone inevitably suggests that none of these moments are all that amusing – an opinion that I couldn’t disagree with more strongly (insert necessary caveat about the subjectivity of humor here). 🙂

  11. Rhaenys Stark:
    1) The maester at the Citadel scene
    – “This is irregular” -“I suppose life is irregular” HAHA

    2) Tormund + Brienne = love forever

    That line is really bad, but the way John sells it is golden 🙂

    Tormund and Brienne act 2 gets my top vote. God, that face Tormund makes must be the funniest face pulling ever 8D

  12. If Tormund eyeing Brienne at dinner doesn’t win this, I will have every fookin’ chicken in this room!

  13. The Hound negotiates for the life of condemned Brotherhood men, and swipes Lem’s boots – I missed Sandor Clegane so much in the season and a half he was off-screen, and this scene is a huge part of the reason why. His brand of humor is so in tune with the character, and Rory carries it off magnificently. The chemistry between Sandor, Beric and Thoros is great to watch, even when they haven’t appeared on screen together for three seasons (and even then it was only for a couple of episodes). Their trip north is one of the things I am most looking forward to in season seven.

    Sam is greeted at the maesters’ Citadel by the worst help desk in Westeros – One of my favorite things about Sam in this scene is his obvious sense of excitement and optimism. He is clearly looking forward to studying at the Citadel, and turns up with Gilly, baby Sam, and the sword he has stolen from his father; in spite of being in Oldtown, the welcome he gets is about as warm as Castle Black in a snowstorm. The “welcoming” maester is a perfect foil to the excitement on Sam’s face. I hope to see his dour face again in season seven.

    Tormund makes eyes at Brienne at dinner – One of the best things about Jon and Sansa’s reunion (outside of the fact that FINALLY there were two Starks together again!) was the crossing of paths between Brienne and “that wildling fellow with the beard”. I love these two characters, and the actors did so much when you consider that Brienne and Tormund never actually exchange words in this scene or any other. And the scene was topped off by Edd’s raised eyebrows. The Brienne and Tormund plotline was one that I never knew I wanted, and season six would not be the same without it. I love Brienne, and Gwendoline’s performance, and one of the many reasons I hope Brienne makes it back to Winterfell safely is the possibility of a Brienne/Tormund reunion.

    As everyone leaves Castle Black, Tormund sighs over an unimpressed Brienne, and Dolorous Edd realizes that he’s the Lord Commander – As I said above, I loved all the Brienne and Tormund encounters. I do think it would be interesting to see a scene between Brienne, Tormund and Jaime. I don’t think we ever will, sadly, but it would be a wonder to behold. I love that Brienne really doesn’t know quite what to make of Tormund, and his attraction to her strength I think goes back to the likes of Ygritte and the fact that north of the Wall, men like it when women stand up for themselves, fight and subvert the traditional gender roles established south of the Wall. And poor, sweet, dolorous Edd……..Ben Crompton plays this part to perfection, and I am dreading the day that the Wall comes down and we inevitably lose Edd. The sighing resignation of a man who knows he is beaten, when the remaining Night’s Watch look to him for leadership and guidance, is so in keeping with the character.

  14. Tywin of the Hill,

    Whoops. Sorry! That must have been missed in the tallying. Unfortunately I can’t add it to the poll now, it would erase the results entirely that we’ve already gathered. People can vote in comments though.

  15. – Wun Wun smashing a NW brother.
    – Sam and the maester at the Citadel.
    – Tyrion, Missandei and Grey Worm exchanging jokes.
    – Olenna and the Sand Snakes.

    But for me, the winner is definitly :
    – The Hound and the Brotherhood trading lives and the Hound taking Lem’s boots ! That scene was pure dark hilarious delight !

  16. Jaime slapping the Frey (my first choice)

    Jon explaining the pincer movement

    Jon and Co visiting Lady Sassy Bear

    Tormund/Brienne leaving Castle Black and Edd realizing he’s Lord Commander

    The first play in Braavos

  17. Nothing about any of the Lannisters is funny. I’ve also had it with Bronn. However, one of my choices was the Tyrion/Grey Worm/Missandei telling jokes scene, but it was because of Missandei that it was so funny.

    My other picks:

    Sam at the Citadel
    Jon explaining pincer move to Tormund
    Lyanna Mormont scene

  18. Wow – while a few of these made me smile, I can’t say any were really laugh out loud funny like I’ve seen in other seasons. But a selection needs to be made, so

    Tormund eyes Briene

    Sam at the Citadel

    Brother Ray and the Hound

    Queen of Thornes and Sand Snakes

    Dinklage eating the baby

    This last one tho – it was old and done before. Thought ‘nostril’ was so much funnier. Well Ive obviously been spoiled by the embarrassment of riches of seasons past in this category….

    Wonder if we can get a category for best ironic moment?

  19. While I did get to choose Tyrion, Missandei and Grey Worm drinking and trying to make jokes, that wasn’t my favorite funny Tyrion scene. That would have been “I drink … and I know things.” delivered by Tyrion completely deadpan.

    Oh, well.

  20. Brother Ray asks who brought the Hound down and has a good laugh over it. I love the sound Ian McShane makes after Sandor says “Just one”. And his laugh… so contagious 🙂
    The Freys botch the siege, and Jaime and Bronn arrive to mock and backhand them. Winner.
    Sam is greeted at the maesters’ Citadel by the worst help desk in Westeros. We’ve all been there.
    As everyone leaves Castle Black, Tormund sighs over an unimpressed Brienne, and Dolorous Edd realizes he’s the Lord Commander. Especially the last part. Poor Edd must be thinking “Jon Snow, you son of a bitch.”
    Tyrion tries to help a mother- who thinks he’s trying to eat her baby. A.K.A. Tyrion needs Rosetta Stone right now.

  21. Tormund and Brienne! 🙂 Tyrion ‘wanting to eat a baby’ had me in stitches though xD. I found Jorah’s missed sand attack funny as heck but alas it’s not among the choices. Still a pretty nice list.

  22. Tywin of the Hill:
    Sue the Fury,

    But I did nominate it. So did Dee Stark and The Dragon Demands.

    Sure, it’s a worthy option, but I don’t think it matters since the chances that would win aren’t very good, imo. Personally I didn’t even consider it as a funny scene.

  23. I wouldn’t call it the funniest season ever, simply because the writers gave Dinklage so little opportunity to exercise Tyrion’s wit. I really missed him having good lines. Some that were intended as jokes, like ‘If I ever do that again, hit me in the face,’ just sounded way too contemporary to work well. Now if he’d said, ‘Cuff me on the ear,’ like Dunk is always threatening to do to Egg, it would be a little funnier. Even the baby-eating scene was a comedic opportunity for Varys, not so much for Tyrion.

    That said, all the Tormienne scenes were a gift. It wasn’t Tormund sighing in the departure scene that made me cackle; it was his abject fail at producing his winningest smile. My second choice is Olenna dismissing the Spice Snakes – again, not on account of any brilliant writing, but because Dame Emma Peel knows how to sling a sarcastic line with perfect aristocratic aplomb. A truly talented actor can sometimes take mediocre material to another level. Sam’s visit to the Oldtown Motor Vehicle Bureau was another example of this.

  24. Although there are many hilarious scenes in this lineup,but I am going with the ones that made me laugh out loud when I least expected it.
    1. Jon explaining the Pincer move to a hilariously clueless Tormund. His delivery of “good” at the end was spot on 😀
    2. The Khals discussing the top 5 things in life in dothraki was unexpectedly funny.
    3. The Hound negotiating with the brotherhood was priceless. Rory is an expert scene stealer.
    4. Tormund ogling a very disinterested Brienne before they leave Castle Black. Too funny. The way his face lights up when he looks at her,its almost as if he is imagining what their kids will look like 🙂
    5. Sam meeting the bureaucratic maester at Citadel. The way Sam says “Hello!” filled with misplaced enthusiasm & the deadpan response it receives still cracks me up 🙂

  25. Definitely Tormund making eyes at Brienne over dinner. Watched all the episodes together with a friend of mind and we both just had to laugh so hard of this. Perfect acting on part of both actors.

  26. 1. Sam at the Citadel
    2. Daenerys and Yara
    3. Theatre troupe plays the oafish Ned and the sweet Cersei
    4. Tormund and Brienne scene 1
    5. Tormund and Brienne scene 2

  27. Rich Stark: Jon explaining the Pincer move to a hilariously clueless Tormund. His delivery of “good” at the end was spot on

    I agree. It took me a little while to warm up to Show!Tormund because he’s so different from short, stout, jolly Book!Tormund. I missed ‘Har!’ But Hivju has really sold me on his interpretation. I can now totally buy that he’s dumb as dirt but still commands the respect of his fellow Free Folk (well, except for Ygritte). His loyalty and friendship for Jon have evolved nicely over time, and I hope that the mutually bewildered dynamic between Tormund and Davos gets a chance to blossom as well.

  28. I very well may be biased, having been a Rory McCann fan for years, but damn if that guy doesn’t run away with the most on the ball, casually caustic remarks ever. “You’re shit at dying.” He wins every time. “You have friends?” “Not anymore.”

    Tormund giving Brienne the eyeballs at dinner was so fantastic (as was his stuck-dumb gaze when she arrived), but Edd’s expression was the reason I laughed so hard in that scene. “What is….oh. OH. Yikes….”

  29. Voted for:
    -The Freys botch the siege, and Jaime and Bronn arrive to mock and backhand them.
    -Rogue Brotherhood members discuss love techniques, until the Hound interrupts the fun with his axe.
    -The Queen of Thorns puts the Sand Snakes in their place.
    -Yara and Daenerys form an alliance with banter and mild flirtation.
    -Sam is greeted at the maesters’ Citadel by the worst help desk in Westeros.

    Honorable Mentions: Wun Wun smashing the Night’s Watchman against the wall, Bronn and Podrick’s reunion at Riverrun, Khal Moro’s “best things in life”

  30. Such strong contenders. Even if none of my five nominees win, I’ll be more than happy.

    Bronn and Jaime talk about plans and promises before reaching Riverrun. Bronn is sick and tired of Tyrion, then Cersei and then Jaime promising and not delivering, so having him cut Jaime off before he can make his usual Lannister promise was just golden (approprietly.) One of those great subtle callbacks the show likes to do for those really paying attention.

    Sam is greeted at the maesters’ Citadel by the worst help desk in Westeros. A great bit of comedy, which may feel too modern for some, as we’ve all had such experiences with stiff clerks, but it was still great.

    Tormund makes eyes at Brienne at dinner & As everyone leaves Castle Black, Tormund sighs over an unimpressed Brienne, and Dolorous Edd realizes he’s the Lord Commander. The North was an unexpected treasure trove of comedy this year, wasn’t it? Brienne and Tormund’s little moments are just wonderful, and Edd’s farewell for the season was appropriately dire and darkly comic.

    Yara and Daenerys form an alliance with banter and mild flirtation. “I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of shippers suddenly cried out in glee.” Oh man. What a moment, and so unexpected. After Yara showed her interest for the ladies in Volantis, many of us thought it’d be great for her to flirt with Daenerys, but how many were actually expecting it? I wasn’t. But it happened! And it was glorious. I don’t know if it was “funny”, exactly, but close enough.

  31. Hands down I gotta go with Bronn and Podric, I loved that scene.

    This is an interesting topic to me, because there was some weird stuff tonally this season when it came to humor.

    The Dothraki High Fidelity scene is a prime example, something we really didn’t see in previous seasons that sort of stood out in a “wait what?” sort of way.

    The other one that stood out to me (which I think should’ve been included on here) was the Hound’s remark about chicken when they were sitting around the camp fire which was like a little wink to the audience. Hadn’t really seen that before. Then of course, he goes and takes a piss in the river which seemed like some Lady Stoneheart meta.

    There was more funny stuff than usual.

    There was also a lot of stuff too that was just bad and unintentionally funny.

  32. The Hound’s negociating skills crack me up to no end. So does Wun Wun smash (entirely random therefore hilarious) !

    But who could defeat the raw sensuality of Tormund biting into a piece of meat fantasising about Brienne while Dolorous Edd looks on ?

  33. Khal Moro’s scene is by far my winner out of this group. It is known.

    Though judging by the comments, maybe not… I enjoyed a lot of these other scenes, but few made be laugh out loud quite as much as the “top 5 things in life.” That was all the more impressive given that’s it’s (1) unfamiliar characters, and (2) in Dothraki, so we had to catch the humor through their tone and the subtitles

  34. I think it was the Dothraki “Top 5” conversation that had me chuckling the most

    the other scenes were a bit tricky

  35. -pincer move
    -Lyanna Mormont!
    -Pycelle farts
    -Sam and the help desk fiasco
    -Tormund & Brienne forever

  36. Tywin of the Hill:

    I actually don’t see that scene mentioned at all in any of the comments where we were accepting nominations. Point it out to me, perhaps? I have missed things before (a bad miss last year with Tyrion’s “The Mormont way” quote that might have been the winner), but I didn’t notice this one, and I still don’t see it now.

  37. Way too many choices here. Very difficult to narrow this down. Had to go with:

    –The High Fidelity-esque discussion of the top 5 things in a Khal’s life (adding in a couple of random “it is known” ladies was a bonus)

    –Sam at the Citadel was just gold.

    –The Hound. It’s so great to have him back. I’ve also always appreciated the consistency the writers show in Sandor Clegane’s disdain for archers, which is referenced in seasons 2 and 3 on frequent occasion.

    –Lady Mormont throwing a lot of sass at Jon/Sansa/Davos.

    –But of course this is all going to come down to Tormund Giantsbane lasciviously chomping on a big chicken leg in front of Brienne.

  38. It’s very difficult to say which 5 scenes will finally make the cut. Everyone’s choices are so diverse in this category!

  39. T: “Despite appearances I think you’ll find the city’s on the rise”
    D: “The city is on the rise?”

    This to me was the funniest moment haha Tyrion looks like he’s fearing for his life. Dany keeps approaching and he keeps backing away lmfao

  40. Greatjon of Slumber,

    Tywin of the Hill
    Funniest Scene:
    Tyrion the baby eater.
    Walder Frey lectures his sons on the meaning of the word “lose”.
    Jaime teaches Black Walder not to make idle threats.

    Dee Stark
    Funniest Scene: Walder Frey lecturing his sons.
    Bron and Podrick
    The Hound and the Brotherhood deciding who he can kill

    The Dragon Demands
    Funniest Scene
    *Tarly dinner scene
    *Walder Frey berates his sons for “losing” Riverrun castle

  41. As usual, I have regrets for not being allowed to vote for more nominees. I would have voted all the scenes with Tormund & Brienne, the Hound (I had missed him so much and his lines and acting were pure joy for me), Bronn (I feared he would not come back) plus Lady Olenna versus the Sand Snakes, the top 5 for Dothraki, Yara and Dany. Finally I chose The Hound and the Brotherhood; Tormund, Brienne and Edd at the dinner table, Sam at the Citadel, Bronn and Podrick; Davos, Jon and Sansa face Lyanna Mormont. Bella Ramsey is not only precocious and talented, but very funny.

  42. This one was tough because Tormond and Bronn were just hilarious this season.

    Tormund telling Jon that he’s not a God, because no God could have a pecker that small was great LOL.

  43. Oddly, I don’t think anyone else has chosen the same 5 I did. I went with:

    The Hound. ALWAYS the Hound.
    Khal Moro and the 5 greatest things.
    The Queen of Thorns eviscerating the Sand Snakes.
    Tormund and Brienne at dinner, sold by Edd.
    Yara and Dany.

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