WotW Awards Season 5: Best Dramatic Scene – Preliminary Round

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Now this category is a huge one for the Watchers On The Wall Awards- our preliminary round for Best Dramatic Scene in season 5 of Game of Thrones. 

Like all our categories, there is a wide variety of scenes that viewers considered best in the submitting process. We have the major dramatic scenes that were teased in the season 5 trailers, and the ones that were whispered and speculated about for months before we ever saw them. We have nominated scenes that never happened in the novels, and so they hit even savvy ASOIAF readers like a freight train. There are the quieter dramatic moments too, when not many words are spoken and the drama is largely crafted by the actors’ skills. There are the loud moments also, when the show’s famous gift for action and special effects kicks in.

They’re all worthy contenders, but we can only have five nominees in the final round, and so it’s time to vote and narrow down the list.

The Standard Rules: This is the preliminary round! Narrow this selection down to the top 5 contenders. In order to find your top 5 picks for Best Dramatic Scene we’re asking that each of you select up to FIVE nominees from the poll. You can choose fewer if you like, but you cannot choose more than 5.

At the end of 72 hours (Monday 8/31/15 at 12:00PM EDT), whichever five scenes have the most votes will continue on to the final round. (Note: in the finals, you will only have one vote to cast in each category!)

The results will be revealed when it’s time to vote for the final winner of Best Dramatic Scene, in a few weeks.

*Reminder: you may choose up to five nominees in this poll!*

Nominees are listed in random order:

You still have one more day to vote for Best Death Scene, so head on over to that poll and VOTE!

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    1. Severe overlap between “Best Death Scene” and this category.

      Also, the Hardhome sequence has been really diluted throughout this category…which one to vote for? I have a feeling their votes will be spread out, enabling others to shine.

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    2. Damn this was tough…I could have made an argument for just doing scenes from Hard Home but I felt compelled to share the wealth a little….still at the end of the day I think the Nights King will be the ultimate winner.

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    3. Hodor’s Bastard,

      The fight at Hardhome is multiple scenes, they’re just set in one location, similar to Blackwater. We couldn’t have put them as one nominee- it’s not fair to nominate half an episode.

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    4. Cersei’s Walk of Atonement
      Jon is assassinated “For the Watch”
      Sansa confronts Theon for betraying her trust
      The burning execution of Mance Rayder
      The Boltons taunt, maneuver, and play each other at a new family dinner

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    5. Arya can’t throw away Needle
      Walk of Shame
      Shireen’s burning
      Arya eases the pain of a dying girl
      Stannis’s speech to Shireen.

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    6. Arya hides Needle – still a Stark spark left in her
      The raising of the dead at Hardhome – the perfect, quietly horrifying end to one of the best episodes of television I have ever seen.
      Davos / Shireen – Broke my heart when I re-watched the episode, knowing her fate.
      Dany / Tyrion – I thought they were going to be the new power couple, but the SotH had other plans.
      LF and Sansa – Amazing scene in the crypts beneath Winterfel after Sansa found the feather that Robert placed in Lyanna’s hand, before the horror that engulfed the 7K and her family since then started.

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    7. The toughest category so far, had to go with: Aemon’s Death, Shireen’s burning, Sansa’s wedding night, Jon’s stabbing and Hardhome.

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    8. This poll made me realize how much I prefer some of the dialogue and emotion in this season to the action and actual plot. And especially how many of the small moments were done much better than the big ones imo.

      -Bolton family dinner, this had excellent dynamics and I just love how sick it is when the people who killed off the Starks are like “the north remembers”.
      -Jorah learns about his father from Tyrion. The feels.
      -Jorah and Dany in the pit. I don’t know how, but David Nutter captured the emotion and action so well in this scene. There is something about that look between them that makes it a special scene.
      -Stannis tells Shireen about the greyscale, this was decisive in making Stannis a likable character for a lot of people. Not that it matters much now, but it was a great scene I think.
      -Davos and Shireen, this scene is probably the saddest scene in the series so far for me. Also, disappointed they didn’t do more with this in the finale. Davos’ look is heartbreaking though.

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    9. Jorah and Tyrion (both ‘your dad’s dead’ and ‘oops, greyscale’, Jon and Slynt (what a fantastic scene and fantastic acting), Night’s King, and my winner:

      Arya and Needle. That scene damn near broke my cold, cold heart.

      So many great ones, hard choice.

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    10. This one was quite tricky:

      Arya can’t bear to throw away Needle. Maisie Williams knocked it out of the park here. I wanted this scene to be adapted, but I didn’t expect them to do it so well.

      Sansa’s brutal wedding night, with Theon watching. So well directed, so well acted… and so hard to watch. I was about to not vote for this one at all, precisely because of how tough it was to go through it, but then I realized that was precisely its intention —And God did it execute it admirably.

      The Night’s King raises the dead at Hardhome. I think I was holding my breath all throughout those last few moments of the episode. That should be enough.

      Stannis shares with Shireen his memory of how she caught greyscale. Such a rare sweet moment for Stannis.

      Jaime and Myrcella talk as father and daughter before she dies of poisoning. I almost teared up during Jaime’s revelation and Myrcella’s reaction, which I had been hoping (I thought maybe in vain) for a while, and the conclusion was the only moment in the whole season in which I literally screamed at the screen.


      Daenerys and Tyrion meet alone and connect over their families. I wouldn’t exactly say this was “dramatic” and that’s why it’s not on the list… though it would be, if I had only 4 other nominees. It’s more of a fun scene. Not funny (though it has funny moments) —it’s just really fun to watch them interact. Who didn’t want to see something like this? Surprisingly, despite the immense hype, the scene didn’t disappoint —And, in context, the “Break the wheel” speech wasn’t cringeworthy at all; in fact, I found it a fascinating twist on Dany’s ideology.

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    11. Jon is assassinated “For the Watch”
      Shereen burning
      The Nigth’s King at hardhome
      Jon Snow Kill Janos Slint
      The Withe Walkers
      Hardhome for ever, Great,and great are the scenes of Jon Snow

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    12. Wow, this was hard… So many good scenes this season!

      Some of my favourites were missing though (Kevan walks out on the Small Council; Barristan tells Dany about her father; Barristan tells Dany about Rhaegar; Littlefinger talks about the tournament at Harrenhal; Roose tells Ramsay about his mother; Jon negotiates with the Wildlings at Hardhome)

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    13. Well I had to include Daznak’s Pit, since it was one of the biggest scenes of the season. Not to mention, actually being on the uplifting, positive side of things, which is rare.

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    14. Cersei’s walk; the ‘eerie silence’ at Hardhome; Daenerys and Tyrion talk over (not enough) wine; Jorah learning of the Bear’s passing; Sansa’s wedding night.

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    15. This one’s difficult:

      1. The burning of Shireen
      2. Cercei’s walk of atonement
      3. The burning of Mance
      4. The Night King raises the dead
      5. Aemon dreamed he was old

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    16. Top 5

      5. The trial of Loras Tyrell
      4. Sansa is raped by Ramsay
      3. The Walk of Shame
      2. For the Watch
      1. Without a doubt => Shireen’s burning

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    17. This kind of list make feel really, really sad for the characters…

      I will go with Sansa’s wedding night, Arya and Needle, Cersei’s walk, Shireen’s burning and Aemon’s death (yes, typical).

      But I will include a bonus category: anything involving Dorne make people really angry or laugh in disbelief. That counts for something? XD

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    18. By the old gods and the new, this was a tough one:

      Arya/Needle – odd that a sword could represent the last vestiges of humanity, of personality, of home. Maisie pulled it off brilliantly.

      Cersei’s walk – gut wrenching in so many ways, from considering what it took to film, to imagining the emotions of both actresses, to imagining the emotions of the character and how/if the event might change her. Lena and double were excellent. That last look, as Cersei was being carried off by Strong, gave us an idea of what Cersei’s state of mind is.

      Jon/FTW – can’t ever remember such a public outcry and such public interest in the fate of a television character. “Who shot JR?” was a blip compared to this. The scene itself provoked sadness, anger, helplessness, more anger. Kit was excellent all year, imo, and the memory of Jon bleeding to death in the snow, eyes glazing, will be iconic.

      Shireen – like someone else posted, still miffed over this one, but Kerry and the rest were excellent. I still get mad at the way Melisandre failed to address Shireen as Princess. Her language was as though she was burning trash, not an innocent, worthy high-born girl. Harrowing, dramatic.

      Hardhome – Nights King. Come at me bro’ or not, it gave us a pretty harrowing view of what lies ahead for the rest of the kingdom.

      Can’t wait for Season 6! How long now?

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    19. JCDavis:
      This one was way harder than the others.I would pick one and then change my mind line ten times.*shrug*

      Yeah, me too. I already want to change my vote. Just goes to show what an awesome season it was.

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    20. Didn’t vote for any of the death scenes since it seemed redundant due to the Best Death poll (Shireen should win that one hands down).

      -Arya w/ Needle
      -Jorah learns of his father
      -Davos’ gift to Shireen (Gosh, I loved scenes with those two in every season!)
      -Sansa confronts Theon (So happy with that one)
      -Silence falls on Hardhome, and the wights attack the gates (Wouldn’t White Walker reveal be kinda the same? Anyway it gave me serious chills)

      I had a hard time picking and I wanted to include Cersei’s walk, which was AMAZING, but somehow personally felt more emotion with these other scenes.

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    21. The Tattered Prince:
      Cersei’s Walk of Atonement
      Jon is assassinated “For the Watch”
      Sansa confronts Theon for betraying her trust
      The burning execution of Mance Rayder
      The Boltons taunt, maneuver, and play each other at a new family dinner

      I also picked the Boltons’ family dinner as one of mine. Fantastic stuff; powerful acting. Ramsay’s spiteful and appalling comments about Fat Walda afterwards were wholly plausible, as was the motivation.

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    22. Terrific category. And I imagine, somehow, that at least one Hardhome moment will make it through. So I went with:

      Walk of Shame. Never expected that one to come out as well as it did, and ho-boy did it deliver. Awful.

      Sansa and Ramsay’s wedding in the godswood. For all of how terrible this was, and the foreboding of what was to come (which was too much, admittedly – but this scene was perfect).

      The Night’s King raises his hands. Because holy effing crap. I almost went with the dogs-barking-then-silence moment, too, though. Either way, I think this is the one that gets through.

      “You are the Princess Shireen of the House Baratheon. And you are my daughter.” All the feels.

      Tyrion and Dany discuss their families. You can argue this scene is more funny than not, but the pleasure of finally bringing together two of the most important characters, who have been kept apart for so long, is really a killer.

      Brienne tells Pod of the memory of Renly. It’s so well-executed, and I like that they left out Brienne’s “origin” story, so to speak, for four seasons before they brought it out.

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    23. 1. Maester Aemon, this was such a beautiful scene and so different for GoT
      2. Night’s King, this whole scene was spine chilling, from the Night’s King look at Jon and Jon’s reaction (actually all of the Hardhome sequences)
      3. High Sparrow & Cerci, loved the facial expressions when he sprung the trap
      4. Burning of Shireen, had to vote for this one because it’s about as dramatic as it gets
      5. Sons of Harpy, woo hoo for Drogon

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    24. So hard to choose!!

      But definitely

      Jon’s stabbing
      Shireen’s burning
      Sansa’s wedding night
      Arya’s needle

      Gosh what a depressing series!!
      Can’t WAIT to see what happens next

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    25. Arya & Needle….Drogon makes Harpy fries….Hardhome/Night’s King creepiness….Sansa’s wedding night….High Septon being a boss to Cersei.

      Any one of the numerous nominees deserves to win! WHAT a selection this year.

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    26. 1. Burning of Shireen – clear favorite to me, i did not expected from season 5 something that hit me more strongly then Ned´s beheading or RW, but it happened.

      2. High Sparrow confrontation and arrest of Cersei – i did not wanted to vote for anything else then Shireen´s death initially, but this scene deserve it. It was delicious.

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    27. Greatjon of Slumber: BONUS:
      —Brienne tells Pod of the memory of Renly. It’s so well-executed, and I like that they left out Brienne’s “origin” story, so to speak, for four seasons before they brought it out.

      Yes, that was well done. It also answered a question I had had since Brienne and Renly first appeared – as much as she loved him, did Brienne know of Renley’s sexual preferences? That answer was handled with Brienne’s typical exasperation – yes, she knew, but loved him as a person.

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    28. Night’s King – “bring it on, Snow”
      Stannis in Winterfell – “it won’t be a siege”. “Oh shit”.
      Walk of Shame SHAME SHAME
      Aemon’s death – more suitable to this category than best death
      Daznak’s Pit – coolest mass stealth assassination ever followed by dragons and stuff.

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    29. After finishing my first season 5 re watch today and reading this poll I’m all GOT mind numb. Shireens execution is the hardest bitterest horrible obvious brilliant piece of television I’ve ever seen! I still couldn’t vote for for it.

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    30. Like some others, I’ve decided to ignore the deaths. Some of them are very dramatic, but the category is strong that I can easily vote for five others. Moreover, I’ve only voted for my favourite scene when there are multiple connected scenes (such as Hardhome).

      My Five:
      Sons of the Harpy Attack
      Walk of Atonement
      Sansa Wedding Night
      High Sparrow Arrests Cersei
      Eerie silence at Hardhome

      Bonus: Arya Needle

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    31. Arya and Needle – So sad. I desperately want her to see Jon again.

      Cersei’s walk of atonement – How do you make somebody feel sympathy for the most awful cow in Westeros who has done nothing but hurt every other decent character? That’s how!!! Not sure my sympathy will last long into season 6 though, I imagine.

      Shireen’s sacrifice – Simply horrible to watch, because it was so brilliantly done

      Stannis’s story about Shireen’s greyscale – Made her sacrifice even more tragic. And Stannis’s descent even more disappointing.

      And it was so so hard to choose a fifth, but I actually decided to go with Sansa confronting Theon.

      When she says “They weren’t ‘those boys’ they were Bran and Rickon. They were your brothers. You’ve known them since they were born” and as she grabs his face and forces him to look her in the eyes saying “Tell me to my face, Theon. Tell me they weren’t your brothers” it sent shivers down my spine.

      Even for a show like Game of Thrones there haven’t been many scenes that have done that to me.

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    32. As several others have, I’ve omitted death scenes from consideration:

      Arya can’t bear to throw away Needle – My favourite scene from Maisie this year.

      Maester Aemon calls for his brother and passes away – I will miss Peter Vaughan on the show. He brought a lot to it.

      Brienne shares with Pod a story of her past and how Renly helped her – I have a lot of issues with the show’s portrayal of Brienne, but this was easily her best scene in a good while, and the closest she’s felt to the book version in a good while. They also attempt to address her behavior toward Podrick, which is welcome; hopefully they’ll stick to that (it’s a bit hard to tell, since they don’t have much screentime after this).

      The High Sparrow challenges and arrests Cersei – Jonathan Pryce was one of the chief highlights of this season, and he’s great here, as is Headey’s reactive acting.

      The public beheading of Mossador, on the orders of Daenerys – I think the stretch of story culminating in this marks the best part of Dany’s story this season for me. Reece Noi did a terrific job in his small part, the staging of the scene is suitably impressive, and Clarke is good (particularly if you unofficially add in the followup scene with Drogon).

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    33. 1Burning of shireen by a mile.
      2/3 Jon Snow betrayal and Hardhome
      4/5 Sansa’s wedding ceremony , Jon beheads Slint.

      No love for use of CGI. And even without it it wouldnt have been at 1.

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    34. How is Arya’s punishment after killing Meryn not getting seemingly any votes? It was so chilling and was an amazing way to drive home the rigid mentality of the Faceless Men.

      In fact, I’m willing to say it was much better than its book counterpart.

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    35. I think I was too hasty in voting and now wish I hadn’t included deaths! (3 of mine were deaths! – and wish I had included Arya leaving needle or the Bolton family dinner instead.) I didn’t include Hardhome because most of that was awesome due to choreography and CGI rather than dramatic acting.

      Och well my 5 ended up being:

      – The Walk of Shame
      – Janos Slynt disobeying Jon/beheading
      – Mossodor’s execution
      – High Sparrow + Cersei’s arrest
      – Burning of Shireen

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    36. Sad not to see Tyrion & Jorah’s poetic journey through Valyria on here. I guess no one mentioned it? Lots of other good choices, though! I went with the Walk of Shame and raising the dead at Hardhome.

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    37. Balerion The Cat:
      The toughest category so far, had to go with: Aemon’s Death, Shireen’s burning, Sansa’s wedding night, Jon’s stabbing and Hardhome.

      I disagree. Best supporting male is still the hardest. Aemon’s death is in two categories you can pick from, Hardhome is in best dramatic and best action scene, etc. For example, you could’ve left Aemon’s death out of Best Death and pick it here, so you still give recognition for the scene.

      As for my picks, I went for:
      – Cersei’s Walk of Shame
      – Stannis and Shireen talk about her catching Greyscale.
      – Shireen’s burning. (doubling up here though in terms of best dramatic/best death).
      – Sansa’s Pink Wedding.
      – Jorah learns about his father’s death.

      Honorable mentions go to:
      – Night’s King raising the dead (will vote for a couple Hardhome fight-scenes)
      – FTW, was originally on my list, but decided to go with Jorah. I liked the “et tu, Olly”
      – Bolton Family dinner. Good lord, the tension was real and so incredibly memorable.
      – Myrcella’s death could’ve had me in tears if the episode wasn’t as rushed. But would’ve voted for this in Best Death. Can’t remember if I did though.

      A couple of others like I said I can fit in other categories. I think Maisie should get a mention for her scene with Needle, but for some odd reason (against the majority), I simply can’t even remember in which episode it happened, but I do remember that I didn’t feel as strongly about it as my gf did. I barely felt it at all (felt it in the books though).

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    38. The Tattered Prince,

      Totally agree about McElhatton. The scene where he told Ramsay about his mother and how he was fathered was sublime. Really showed that no matter how nasty Ramsay tries to be, Roose is one truly cold, effortlessly sinister piece of work.

      I’d love to see more of McElhatton/Roose, but at the same time I’m kind of glad they leave Ramsay to act as the pantomime villain and just give us fleeting glimpses of quite how terrifying Roose can be.

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    39. This list is impossible! They’re all good, but I went with:

      Night King
      Stannis talks to Shireen about greyscale (sob)
      Jon beheads Slynt
      Brienne on Renly (much better than the novel’s clueless, insecure girl in love with gay guy thing)
      Bolton family dinner (I missed the Lannister family dinners, and this was the closest show came to it)

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    40. Hodor’s Bastard,

      evere overlap between “Best Death Scene” and this category.

      I agree; I purposefully did not vote for any death scene in this category; probably would have helped if they were not included.

      -Arya and needle
      -the walk
      -the stone men
      -Danzak Pit
      -Raising of the dead at hardhome

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    41. Ramsay’s 20th Good Man:
      The Tattered Prince,

      Totally agree about McElhatton. The scene where he told Ramsay about his mother and how he was fathered was sublime. Really showed that no matter how nasty Ramsay tries to be, Roose is one truly cold, effortlessly sinister piece of work.

      I’d love to see more of McElhatton/Roose, but at the same time I’m kind of glad they leave Ramsay to act as the pantomime villain and just give us fleeting glimpses of quite how terrifying Roose can be.

      The dinner scene was so good. Michael deserves more time. We will see how many episodes he will be in Season 6.

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    42. The three Shireen scenes were my top three. The burning itself is the most powerful scene of ANY season so far, IMO.

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    43. Boromir: Sad not to see Tyrion & Jorah’s poetic journey through Valyria on here

      Loved that scene, from the time Tyrion guessed that Jorah was going to go through Valyria to avoid pirates, to the history lesson about how great Valyria had been, then wasn’t, to the dual poetry recitation and then Tyrion’s sighting of Drogon. The look of awe on his face was so thoroughly convincing – I watched it over and over. Then the dropping of the Stone men straight into the water, and the fake-out as Tyrion was pulled below the depths. Jorah was so calm, asking Tyrion if he had been touched, followed by the reveal of Jorah’s diseased arm. Such a great scene among so many great scenes this season.

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    44. The burning of Shireen
      Stannis and Shireen’s Cute Scene
      Sansa + Ramsay’s wedding in the godswood
      Stannis finds the Boltons waiting for his army
      The Boltons family dinner

      It was completely unintentional this ended up being all scenes set in the North.

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    45. Arya and Needle for the win!
      Close second: Theon on Sansa’s wedding night. Sooo freaking broken, that boy!
      I also chose:
      The eerie noises and silence right before the Wights crashed the gate at Hardhome. I’m not a big horror watcher, so that really got me, more than the NK.
      Jorah and the greyscale and
      Jorah and his Dad’s death. Iain Glen needs more recognition for his acting chops and the way he just inhabits Jorah. I see him on my re-reads, despite GRRM’s description.
      No vote for Shireen since she will win as the death scene.
      No vote for the WoS. Maybe it was the hype; or the annoying, grating “Shame!” but it left me kind of meh.
      Love this, WotW gang!!

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    46. I feel like there’s always a lot of overlap between death scene and best dramatic scene. I don’t think anyone batted an eye when voting for both Oberyn and the Mountain and the Viper duel for best Death and Dramatic Scene, respectively. And I can’t imagine not voting for the Red Wedding as the best dramatic scene of Season 3 despite the serious overlap with “Best Death.” Ditto Ned’s execution in Season 1.

      So I voted for what I felt were the best dramatic scenes without any concern for whether they may be nominated (or eventually win) in other categories.

      The Burning of Shireen is the prime example of this. Even though it will probably be nominated in another category, I would be BSing myself to not vote for it for best dramatic scene. I have never been more emotionally rocked by anything I’ve seen on television than I was after watching that scene, so I can’t not vote for it.

      Walk of Shame was also an easy pick to make.

      Night’s King Raises the Dead was my pick of the scenes from Hardhome. I love everything that came before this sequence at Hardhome, but I think this scene best encapsulates the horror and terror of that massacre, and watching Karsi being raised from the dead to be used as a weapon against her children delivered a big emotional punch in the gut for me.

      Sansa’s Wedding Night I voted for. I hope splitting the wedding ceremony from the wedding night doesn’t hurt the chances of this sequence being represented in the final round. I decided to choose the section that made the whole sequence sad, tragic, disturbing and emotionally devastating.

      Tyrion and Daenerys Connecting was my last pick. I love that scene. It doesn’t scream “dramatic,” but really, what other category can this scene fit under? It was one of the absolute best moments of the entire season, and it should be recognized, so it made the cut for me.

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    47. Hodor Targaryen:
      I feel like there’s always a lot of overlap between death scene and best dramatic scene. I don’t think anyone batted an eye when voting for both Oberyn and the Mountain and the Viper duel for best Death and Dramatic Scene, respectively.

      I have to disagree, I thought the whole point of having a separate category for deaths was to separate them, thus making way for other great scenes to have a chance of being acknowledged and fawned over.

      A character death is an easy way to get a dramatic and emotional response out of a scene – it will always have more impact than say Tyrion and Dany talking over wine or Sansa’s wedding in the godswood. If Shireen burning will easily win both (as you say, it is a perfect example of drama involving a death), why not just have a best dramatic category and be done with it in one.

      Perhaps there should have been more categories added as ‘dramatic’ is just too general. Like “most dramatic scene not involving a death” or “favorite conversation/confrontations.”

      I too will vote, but not for a death scene I already specifically and painstakingly voted for in a separate category, as I think it is more fun to have multiple winners.

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    48. This was really tough!! So many great scenes… what a show. I needed 5 extra choices.

      But, oh well, I ended voting for two of the Hardhome scenes (just because I was mesmerized by that episode): the WW show themselves and the Night’s King rasing the army of the dead.

      Also chose Cersei’s walk of atonement. It turned my satisfaction into ashes on my mouth by the end of it.

      Jon’s stabbing for the Watch: It still hurts.

      The burning of Shireen: because I still can hear her screams and for the first (and last time) I felt sympathy for Selyse and was completely disillusioned about Stannis, all in one.

      However, honorable mentions for me go to: The HS’s talk with Cersei before her detention, Arya’s unable to get rid of Needle (it touched my heart to see that hardened kid getting emotional for the first time), Sansa’s brutal wedding night (it left me speechless for a couple of hours), Stannis’ talk with Shireen about her grayscale (it was heartwarming seeing his softer side… once) and Janos Slyn beheading because it was one of the few satisfying moments (made me fist-pump when I read it and then again when I watched it).

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    49. I’m a maester Aemon fangirl so you can imagine how much I loved his scenes and his death was majestically directed and acted (sigh!); that said… I think the Night’s King scene was probably the best of the category!
      But really, there are SO MANY good dramatic scenes this year!

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    50. This one looks like it will be particularly tight, with so many strong options. From the lists posted so far, not a single one corresponded to my own…

      In my opinion Sansa’s night of horror was the standout scene (incredible acting by the three actors involved), but with the controversy in mind, I’m not surprized that it’s far from the top pick. Very surprized to see that the Needle scene resonated so strongly with many of you, as it did nothing for me. Goes to show how personal all of this is.

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    51. viki,

      “favorite conversation/confrontations.”

      I like that but I seem to remember a similar category last year – maybe favorite quotes? good idea if there isn’t one, tho.

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    52. viki,

      I would have liked to be offered the various categories you wrote about. With 5 choices for “best conversation/confrontation” and other 5 for “most dramatic scene not involving a death” it would have been easier.
      I have finally voted, but I’m not happy with my choices because at least half of the list deserve to be nominated.

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    53. Can I have a write in nomination of the converstion between the Queen of Thrones and the High Sparrow (We are the many you are the few one)? Was a much better dramatic scene than half the ones on the list there. How come it wasn’t included? Is it in another category?

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    54. ash:

      I like that but I seem to remember a similar category last year – maybe favorite quotes?good idea if there isn’t one, tho.

      There is a favorite quote this year, but a one liner isn’t the same as a full scene between multiple people. But, both would be good, this is all for fun and to give us something to talk about, so the more categories the better. We could even have some categories for the behind the scenes efforts – like best set location, best costume, best cgi moment, etc.

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    55. I know there is at least one category on special effects. Maybe we can get a list of all of the categories? Last year was the first year I voted, and there were some that sound somewhat familiar but Im not sure I am remembering correctly

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    56. So many good scenes. In the end I went with:

      Cersei’s Walk
      Aemon’s Death
      White Walker’s Reveal
      Dany & Tyrion
      Sons of Harpy/Drogon

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    57. Is there anyway to vote “ALL OF THEM”, and make it count as one vote?

      Ultimately, it will come down to two scenes for me: Cersei’s “Walk of Atonement”; and the dead rising at Hardhome. Wait, make that three. Add “For the Watch” with Jon’s assassination. Nope, make it four scenes with “Jon killing the White Walker with Longclaw”. Dammit. This is impossibly hard.

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    58. I can’t edit my post anymore, but I realize that “Jon killing the White Walker” was only a choice in my own head. (But it should’ve been on the list!) Another scene I’d like to add would be Tyrion and Jorah seeing Drogon flying overhead in Valeria. I loved that moment.

      *Sorry for spamming it up with multiple posts, Sue.

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    59. I loved the Hardhome scenes, but I tried to focus less on the action and more on the acting, so my picks are:

      1. Cersei’s Walk of Atonement
      2. Jorah learning his father is dead from Tyrion (Iain Glenn delivered a broad range of emotions without saying a word. An amazing performance!)
      3. Arya watching Jaqen die and going blind
      4. The burning of Shireen
      5. The Night’s King raising the dead.

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