Announcing the winners of our Tweeting It Forward giveaway!

Just a few of Jenny's GoT/ASOIAF shirts

We had a strange contest this week, here at Watchers on the Wall. Well, not so much strange itself- it was embedded in with our Stranger Tweets twitter recap, compiled as usual by our beloved if somewhat bizarre Axechucker.

The concept? Choose your favorite of this week’s tweet selections, then post about it in comments, and from among these entries, we randomly choose a winning commenter. That commenter, and the author of the favorite tweet they selected, will each win a T-shirt from Jenny Slife’s Redbubble shop!

The deadline has come and gone, and it’s now time to make the big announcement. Are you ready? I sure hope so.

The winning commenter of our Tweeting It Forward giveaway is….

Motels On Mars!


And for our second winner- Motels On Mars chose a tweet authored by….


Gotta love a good Ghostbusters reference.

Congratulations, tweeters and readers! And thank you to everyone for taking part in the giveaway and being a part of the weekly recaps. We look forward to more laughs as we roll on into the second half of season six!

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    1. Hey congratulations to the two winners, both deserving. Someday…SOMEDAY I will see my name “after the jump”. 😀

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    2. I offer congratulations to the winners, although I didn’t get the joke. I haven’t seen Ghostbusters since it first came out, and that was 32 years ago.

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    3. Once again, I lost a contest, whatever that was. But because of it I did purchase one of Jenny Slife’s badass t-shirts, and not for the last time. Good on WOTW for spotlighting a very talented and clever artist and congrats to the winners!

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    4. Congratulations to the winners! And good luck, Jenny Slife, with creating other beautiful and imaginative T-shirts! My favourite are the Tower of Joy and Rhaegal ones.

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