The Winners of the Mother of Dragons Day Giveaway!


This year we celebrated Mother’s Day in style on the Wall, throwing a Mother of Dragons Day Giveaway as a salute to all the fiery maternal types out there. For this giveaway, one prize wasn’t enough, no no. Three people will be the lucky winners this time around, each winning a different gift.

After a week, gathering hundreds of entries across WotW, Twitter and Facebook, it’s time to announce the winners of our giveaway!

Our 1st Place Winner winning a beautiful Daenerys Targaryen Figure is: Rachel Hartnett!

Our 2nd Place Winner winning the Longclaw Letter Opener – that’s sharp – is:  Michelle Binder!

Our 3rd Place Winner taking home The Official HBO Game of Thrones Coloring Book is@LordLastHearth!

Thank you to everyone for sharing their faves, and thank you to everyone for entering. We’ll have another contest in a couple weeks so stay tuned!

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    1. Well done winners! Mothering Sunday was on 26th March in the UK so looks like it’s one of those days the USA and UK celebrate on differently. Do flowers go up in price for Mother’s Day in the USA? They do in the UK. When my mother was alive she said not to buy her flowers then because they were grossly inflated. She got a dining out story when I was about 8 and said “Mum, can you lend me some money so I can buy you a mother’s day present?”

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