Announcing the Winner of the 4D Puzzle of King’s Landing!

Essos puzzle
It’s been an amazing few weeks of 4DCityscape Puzzle Giveaways, but all good things must come to an end!

It’s time to announce the final winner of our Game of Thrones puzzle series, to determine who will be taking home the beautiful Puzzle of King’s Landing. The 260-piece paper creation, depicting the Red Keep towering over the capital city of Westeros, will go to one of our lucky readers today. Bear in mind, if you don’t win, you can still pick this up in stores for $29.99 in time for the holidays.

We’re happy to announce the winner of the Puzzle of King’s Landing is…



Congratulations, Boromir, you’re the winner. Here’s hoping there’s no matches included…or wildfire.

So, to recap, our three winners are:

Game of Thrones Essos Puzzle: GeekFurious

Mini Puzzle of Westeros:

Puzzle of King’s Landing:

Swing by 4DCityscape to view the puzzles and more in-depth details about them, and to see what else they have to offer!

If you didn’t win this giveaway, keep the faith! Our next giveaway series starts next Monday, and will run every weekday December 12th through December 16th. So please join us next week for our worldwide giveaway series, Game of Thrones Holiday Week! Everyone will be able to enter and we promise you’ll love these prizes.

Thank you all for entering and happy holidays!

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    1. I feel very excluded with these. Include other countries. I’ll pay for the shipment if I win. It’s not a big deal nowadays.

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    2. Congratulations to the winners! Expect a little spring in your step when you get the package and see the return address. ??

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    3. Congrats to the winners! Off topic: EW has an article about the return of The Leftovers, which according to the producers is scheduled to premiere in April 2017, the season will have 8 episodes. So depending of when in April it premieres, I’m guessing GOT follows. So mid to end of June is my guess, at least I hope. Also, I’m just happy HBO didn’t forget they still owed us a season of The Leftovers.

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    4. dragonreborn,

      Unfortunately it’s not up to us. When the prize is coming directly from the company providing it, the countries are determined by them. And sometimes they simply cannot ship to other countries, for a variety of reasons.

      But next week is entirely worldwide giveaways so let’s look to the future, yes? 🙂

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    5. Well colour me stunned. Thank you so much, WOTW, for these contests and everything else you do!

      My cousin is going to be happy to find this under the tree. ?

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