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The filming of Game of Thrones is winding down, and with the delay of the season 7 premiere, it’s unclear when we can expect a teaser or trailer this year. We may be entering a strange low off-period of doldrums, so what better time for a giveaway? And this month, we have a toy that fans have been waiting for, for quite a while now!

The newest figure from Dark Horse Comics‘ line of official Game of Thrones collectibles, released just a couple weeks ago, is Stannis Baratheon. Sculpted in the likeness of actor Stephen Dillane, who brought the character to life on the HBO show, the figure stands eight inches tall. Stannis is depicted ready for battle, with his flaming-heart breastplate and carrying a sword. The figure retails for $27.99, and is available in stores everywhere, but one lucky WotW reader will win this figure!

For the next week, we’re accepting entries in a worldwide giveaway. To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment! (See below for more entry methods.)

The Official Rules

How do you enter? You can enter in 3 different ways, earning up to 3 total entries!

Stannis Baratheon Dark Horse figureMethod #1: Simply comment on this post!

Method #2: WotW Twitter: Follow our Twitter, WatchersOTWall, and retweet the Stannis Baratheon Dark Horse Contest tweet (you must do both for the extra entry). If you already follow us, no problem. Simply retweet the contest post.

Method #3: WotW Facebook: Like the WatchersontheWall Facebook page, and Like and Share the Stannis Baratheon Dark Horse Figure Contest post (you must do both for the extra entry). If you already Like our page, again, no problem. Just share the contest post and you are entered!

Entries are accepted for seven days, closing the giveaway for entries on Thursday, February 16th, 2017 at 2PM ET. The winner will be randomly selected and announced shortly thereafter on Thursday.

**The contest is worldwide** The winner is selected from among entrants by random drawing. The winner must respond within 72 hours of notification or will forfeit their prize and another winner will be selected. The winner must have a valid shipping address.

Twitter and Facebook are their own entities and are in no way associated with this giveaway.

Good luck to all who enter and thank you for reading Watchers on the Wall!

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    1. This is Stannis of house baratheon the rightful king of andals, ryonar and the first man, lord of seven kingdom and protector of the realm… the irone throne is his by all the laws of westeros!!!

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    2. “Set the false watchtower beacon on Weirwood isle and we will ensnare and drown the Frey army as it crosses over the ice!”
      “Wait, my Lord, there needs to be a blizzard in order for this plan to succeed! What happened to the snow? It was snowing so hard in our last chapter.”
      “Where is my daughter and Melisandre? We need them to bring the snow again with a fury.”
      “We left them back at Castle Black.”
      “Ugghhh! May R’hllor help us!”

      (Doh…I may have mixed media a bit…creative license taken)
      RiP Stannis! 🙂

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    3. Not only didn’t we see Brienne kill Stannis on the show, but we never saw her burn him, so here’s to a possible (though highly improbable) Stannis the Wight!

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    4. All hail Stannis of House Baratheon, First of His Name, King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, and Protector of the Realm.

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    5. The One True King! Except for Joffrey, Tommen, Renly, Robb, Daenerys & Jon Snow.
      OK… The One Of Seven True Kings.
      Nope. Doesn’t sound as good.

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    6. Never have I wanted to win a giveaway more! Stannis is my favourite character by far, and adding this to my collection of Stannis merchandise would be incredible.

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    7. “We do not choose our destinies. Yet we must . . . we must do our duty, no? Great or small, we must do our duty.”

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    8. I should probably wait before buying the figures ? I always buy them and a few weeks later WOTW has a give away

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    9. I’ve never understood the obsession some (mainly book) of “the Mannis” fans had for Stannis. He was certainly far more interesting on the show than in the books.

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    10. WallyFrench,

      “Different strokes for different folks” I guess. I never liked book Stannis that much – so inflexible. BTW, I’m not having a pop at you for liking book Stannis – some folk seem to take it as a personal insult if one disagrees with them about a certain character (I’m not saying that you are like that). Being from the UK I might be likening Stannis’ {Stannis’s} inflexibility with that of an inflexible lady prime minister we had at one time – well, we have another lady prime minister now though it’s early days to judge the present one.

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    11. I´m sad that a big part of the Stannis fandom has turned Alt-Right! The Berning Heart of Stannis Baratheon still lives

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    12. I will be so disappointed if the last six years turn out to be just a promo for a low budget Lou Ferrigno Hercules flick.

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    13. We all must do my duty: me signing up for this, and the One True Lord delivering me the One True King, black and hard and strong, but brittle, bending before it breaks, for the night is dark and full of terrors. But the figurine with Lightbringer will shine its light upon me, to rescue me from this one Hell, the one we live in now, such that I shall see less days of sufferings, er, I mean fewer.

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    14. Ours is the Figure!

      Let’s hope it is not the same item that gave Shireen greyscale…

      Having a Stannis “puppet” kinda makes you feel like R’hllor…

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    15. This is an amazing figure giveaway! Great likeness to the character! Would be great to be able to win! Thanks for the chance!

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