Watchers on the Wall Awards: Best All-Around Quote


There were dozens of preliminary nominations for Best All-Around Quote this year, making this category another tough one for the Watchers on the Wall Awards. Between the Hound, the trial and the man from Dorne, memorable turns of phrase were easy to come by in season 4. After thousands of votes, the polling results are in, and the top 5 vote-getters can be revealed.

Your nominees for Best All-Around Quote are:

I understand if any more words come pouring out of your cunt mouth, I’m going to eat every fucking chicken in this room. – The Hound


I did not kill Joffrey, but I wish I had. Watching your vicious bastard die gave me more relief than a thousand lying whores.         -Tyrion Lannister


“Brothers! A hundred generations have defended this castle! It’s never fallen before, she will not fall tonight! Those are Thenns at our walls! They eat the flesh of the men they kill! Do you want to fill the belly of a Thenn, tonight? Tonight, we fight! And when the sun rises, I promise you, Castle Black will stand! The Night’s Watch will stand! With me now! Now with me!” – Alliser Thorne

Alliser Thorne

You raped her! You murdered her! You killed her children! – Oberyn Martell


I wish I was the monster you think I am. I wish I had enough poison for the whole pack of you. I would gladly give my life to watch you all swallow it! – Tyrion Lannister

Voting will be open for 48 hours, or until 10/2/14, at 8PM Eastern Time.

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  1. I voted for Ser Alisser on account of the fact that I think Tyrion’s two quotes were actually one really long quote which got split up.

  2. Every fucking chicken! This is the one award where I will be upset if my favorite doesn’t win. The Inn scene was so perfect, and all the dialogue was original to the show.

  3. “You raped her! You murdered her! You killed her children!”

    That line in A Storm of Swords gave me chills. Pedro Pascal’s delivery was perfect.

  4. I’ll go with Thorne (who ended up being the real star of the somewhat underwhelming “Watchers on the Wall” episode).

  5. Could “chickens” win both Funniest and All-Around? Maybe. I’m gonna show Thorne some love with this vote, but all of them were exhilarating to witness.

  6. Hodor’s Bastard,

    The Hound and the Inn scene/quotes should win every fucking award this season. Al had a nice little speech, but it pales in comparison to Tyrion’s battle speech from season 2. The Hound’s line was both the funniest and most bad ass of the season.

  7. I love four of these.

    The second Tyrion quote is in a sense a piece with the first one, but it doesn’t do much for me.

    I went all the way with the fucking chickens for the “Best Quip.” If it won here, I wouldn’t care, either, it’s such a great line. All of his dialogue in that scene and the preceding scene (including the “What the fuck’s a Lommy?” line) is killer.

    Alliser Thorne’s speech is awesome. Just great. I’d be very happy if that one ended up winning.

    People may quibble with some aspects of the duel, but Pascal’s increasingly angered delivery of his repeated line is chilling, and gets more chilling each time I watch it. That moment does really do justice to the books.

    But the Joffrey line is the one that provoked the most visceral of responses from me. The edit on that is great – a shot of Cersei as Tyrion starts the line, and a great, well-framed one of Tyrion in foreground, Shae in midground, and Cersei in the background as he finishes the line. That was a jaw-dropper, so I’m going with that one.

  8. I had to go with Pedro on this one. So memorable from the books and the show really delivered on the line. But I wouldn’t be disappointed if the Hound took this award as well. Love that inn sequence!

    Btw, greetings from London! First visit and really love it so far. Hoping for a GoT celeb sighting while I’m here. Longshot I know, but hope springs. 🙂

  9. I voted for the second quote of Tyrion because this is one of my favourite quotes from the books. However I considered also the first one. But the quote about poison is better for me.

    The Hound’s ‘chicken’ quote should win in another category.

  10. Cr*p, this is a toughy… I can barely imagine not voting for Oberyn or The Hound, but that rousing speech by Alliser was so darn good! (in my opinion it was better than Tyrion’s one in season 2, feeling more “real”, and that says a lot) Since I voted for Tyrion’s speech already, and Pedro and Rory will (hopefully) win in other categories, I’ll give this one to Owen Teale. He definitely deserves it, seeing that a similar speech in the same episode by a much more popular character/actor didn’t get through to the finals…

  11. Tar Kidho,

    Seriously? Thorne’s speech is, like, in my opinion, basically garbage. And the whole episode in general felt emotionally abrupt and barren without a proper build-up earlier through the season.
    Tyrion’s Blackwater speech is great because it is the literal apex culmination of Tyrion’s position of authority and responsibility in the capital, and he actually has a real problem to rhetorically negotiate in the convincing of the men to fight with him because the king has just abandoned them and they would much rather not fight for a bunch of selfish, cowardly nobles.
    Thorne here is just basically pissing out Night’s Watch propaganda.

  12. Tough choice between the two Tyrion quotes, toss of a coin gave to the “I wish I was the Monster…”.

    Now all these comments lack is a didactic lecture on why we’re wrong to consider any of these as quotes 😉

  13. I loved the whole ‘chicken’ speech, and Tyrion’s were strong and delivered well.

    I couldn’t help but feel I’ve heard Thorne’s a hundred times in various other stories a nothing wrong with that but just didn’t strike me as ‘the best’.

    That would surely be Oberyn’s (sometimes the best lines are the ones that stay perfectly in tact in transit from book to screen), expertly delivered by Pedro Pascal, dredging up the whole well of emotions again for those of us already shook up once on our lives by that scene. To hear those words cried gave another level to the intensity of the moment.

  14. Dogs: Thorne’s speech is, like, in my opinion, basically garbage.

    Everybody their own opinion, but since Alliser’s speech made it into the finals after thousands of votes, I’d say your opinion is not a very popular one…

    For all of these quotations, it’s much more than just the sequence of words we’re voting for: the context in the episode, the context in the story as a whole, the actor’s performance… What makes me like this particular speech so much is that:
    1) it is pivotal in the Night’s Watch’s defence against the Wildlings (similar to Tyrion)
    2) it is made by a character that until then had been very unpopular and annoying, but suddenly showed to have true leadership chops, changing the entire perspective people had of him (as with Tyrion)
    3) even though the text itself is fairly generic, Owen delivered it with so much fire that it became entirely believable that they would survive the night, despite being overrun from behind the Wall. (Tyrion’s speech had more going in terms of content, but I found it less likely to be believed by the men around him, at least I believed it less)

    Anyway, most seemed to agree that Alliser gave the best rousing speech of the season…

  15. Thorne’s speech all the way, loved it. Although they are all worthy of being in this category

  16. I love the Hound as much as the next guy, and his nominated line is hilarious and badass at the same time, but it didn’t have the same visceral impact on me that others in this list had. Also, the Red Viper’s last scene was amazing, but in my case the famous line was not the reason for it. I’m very tempted to vote for Alliser, because he was surprisingly great in that whole episode and the motivational battle speech was perfect for that character and that moment.

    However, yet again, I’ll go with what gave me the most goosebumps, and that has to be Tyrion’s trial speech. For me, it’s Peter Dinklage’s finest delivery yet. Although some people think it’s a bit over the top, I believe it is warranted —Tyrion’s disgust for everyone else’s unjust hate of him is quietly boiling during the whole trial, and Shae’s treason is what makes him explode. The whole trial was incredibly tense, so Tyrion’s reaction was purifying, cathartic. Since I have to choose a single line of the speech between the two that are nominated, I’ll go for the one that felt like a lighting bolt flowing through my spine:

    “I did not kill Joffrey, but I wish I had. Watching your vicious bastard die gave me more relief than a thousand lying whores.” —Tyrion Lannister

  17. Dnis,

    “Quote” has been used as a noun (a shortened alternative to “quotation“) for more than a century. It’s considered casual, used in formal settings only as business-speak (e.g., in the publishing industry), but it’s certainly not wrong and you will find the word as a noun in any modern dictionary.

  18. Before season 4 aired, I knew for certain that I would be voting on Pedro. I mean there was no way Oberyn’s line could be anything but epic and there was no way D&D would have a better line.

    Guess I was wrong on both accounts. Oberyn’s line left me lukewarm, not nearly as great as it should have been. Luckily, D&D also surprised me with a great line by the Hound. So naturally, Sandor got my vote.

    I must also admit that I’m pretty baffled by people’s criteria here. Voting for a lesser candidate because the more deserving will win in other categories. That’s not the way to handle these types of contests. You should always vote on the contestant that you consider to reign supreme.

    And if that’s Rory all the time, or Peter or Pedro or whomever than that’s just the way it is. Let it be an incentive to these actors. Stealing laurels from the deserved victor is a shitty way to use your democratic power here.

  19. Would’ve been Oberyns but always reminds me of Inigo Montoyas famous quote. Tyrion’s were good but the whole scene was the strength there.
    Thorne was very good but it was standard rally the troop stuff.
    Hound wins again for me. Very original and memorable quote

  20. Oberyn or Alliser wins this for me. Not yet sure which one I’ll vote for.

    On another note, there’s a good number of quotes that weren’t far from getting to the top 5. There’s 13 of them getting between 100 and 200 votes. Alliser Thorne’s speech was the one lucky to win among those 13.

  21. I had to go with Ser Alliser. I hated him up until that episode, but that speech clinched a grudging respect from me. I even rooted for him to not die fighting Tormund. As much as I loved the others (and it was really tough), I had to go with that quote.

  22. Tar Kidho,

    it is made by a character that until then had been very unpopular and annoying, but suddenly showed to have true leadership chops, changing the entire perspective people had of him (as with Tyrion)

    Totally agree – While I loved Peter’ lines, Allistar’s speeches in that episode made me acknowledge his worth, despite really hating him in the books and show. He made that wall move that evening.

    And I am really really tired of the damn chicken stuff. It was humorous when I first heard it, gave me a smile on later hearings, but now its just noise.

  23. LukaNieto,

    Internet grammar arguments are the worst, although I am glad you said this. People use quote as a noun all the time. Whether it is correct or incorrect based upon rules no one but the grammar police care about, it will continue to be used as a noun despite their mission to civilize us all.

    I voted for Thorne, but I am having some serious voter’s remorse. If I had to do it all over again, I would go with the Hound.

  24. Tyrion’s “vicious bastard” line got it for me. Not only was it really well delivered, it was also very well written. Thorne’s speech is a little long for me to consider it a line, and while it was really well delivered, it’s not like the words themselves were that unique or amazing.

    Loved Pascal’s performance in the trial by combat, but when I think of thag scene, I think of how he said “Say her name” one last time before he got killed. Since the above quote didn’t make AS much of an impression on me I eliminated that as well. Hound’s line was awesome but didn’t resonate with me on an emotional level like Tyrion’s lines did, plus he’s almkst certainly going to win the funniest quote category.

  25. Tar Kidho:
    What makes me like this particular speech so much is that:

    I concede it was well delivered and that it gave Alliser an unexpected moment of being a badass, but still, it’s a pretty unremarkable speech in an episode that I felt suffered particularly from rushed, unremarkable writing. And like I said, for me, the seasonal set up to get to that moment just didn’t seem to set the stakes high enough to be totally invested in any rousing speeches about surviving.

  26. Oberyn Martell’s all the way baby! The lines were perfect in the books. What Pedro did with them, how he said them, what he put behind them was beyond amazing.

    Tyrion’s speech and Peter’s acting were just as impressive to be honest but some weaknesses like the Red Viper’s quote take precedence where emotions are concerned. And this category was definitely one of those moments for me.

    Ashara D,

    :highfive: at the vote, Lady D! And have a nice visit in London 🙂

  27. Dnis: These are quotations. Quote is a verb, not a noun.

    Uh yeah, American dictionaries say you’re wrong. Unless we’re living in 1840, and still required to say “quotation” all the time and never develop new slangier forms of words.

  28. Ach, “quote” is in the Oxford English Dictionary as a noun too and has been for over a century.

    And just to reiterate, Ser Alisser’s quote was for me by far the best for delivery and context. The writing may have been bog standard, but the delivery and context made it everything it needed to be and more. It cannot be downplayed that it was also delivered by a nasty character and it made you not only root for him, but believe him and want him to be the man you are fighting behind.

    At this point you know he’s an arsehole but when it comes to it, if there’s a 6 foot plus bald Russian horde about to storm in and eat you with this speech you feel that he the arsehole you want in front of you stopping them.

  29. Ser Alliser is in fact a gaping asshole – but marginally better to have him on your side than the other side.

  30. “I wish I was the monster you think I am. I wish I had enough poison for the whole pack of you. I would gladly give my life to watch you all swallow it!” – Tyrion Lannister

    I really liked Alysser Thorne’s quote, just because he is usually a character portrayed if not as a bad guy directly, but clearly as a crusty asshole and one of Jon Snow’s main antagonists! So seeing him all of a sudden take on this role of bad ass comander and dedicated Night’s Watch Brother was really good!

    Yet I had to go with Tyrion on this one…whenever we see Tyrion in a tight spot, it is usually his wit and intellect that see him traverse those perils, if not he usually hides behind his humour and sarcasm to deflect the daily indignities life throws at him. But not so at the trial, his defunct relation with his father, the endless persecution at his sister’s hands, now given new life by Joffrey’s death, being pushed aside, betrayed (especially by Shae) and pretty much spayed and neutered out of the game of thrones, is just too much for him.

    The Tyrion we see at trial, is a Tyrion unhinged and unfiltered, where finally all his frustration, hatred, contempt and anger come pouring out, directed at his family, the idiots at court, all the dilletants, zealots and ass-kissers he sees…and in general at all the people whose skins he saved at the battle of Blackwater Bay…and boy is his rage something to behold! And in my opinion, fully warranted!

    Peter Dinklage’s masterful delivery made this a homerun for me!

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