Watchers on the Wall Store Grand Opening!

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Contest Winner Graphic T-Shirt

By popular demand, your favorite Game of Thrones corner of internet bliss brings you official Watchers on the Wall merchandise for you to show off around your neck of the woods!

Watchers on the Wall has teamed up with the good people at SomethingInked to give you an array of options in showing that you have Taken the Black and are Always Supporting the Bottom.

The WotW Store link is here. And for our Grand Opening celebration, all items are 25% off for a limited time! See all of our options below the cut, or go straight to the store!


First, congrats to Jenny S., our graphic t-shirt contest winner as voted by the readers! Your shirt and a prize pack are on the way!

Along with the contest-winning shirt, two other t-shirts are available:

Watchers on the Wall Logo Tee with “Always Support the Bottom” on the back.

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Watchers on the Wall Raven Tee with “Take the Black” on the back.

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Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 4.34.52 PMScreen Shot 2015-09-30 at 4.39.26 PM

Ladies Shortie

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 4.38.15 PMScreen Shot 2015-09-30 at 4.38.44 PM


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Decal size : 7″w x 3.5″ h.

Thank you for all of your ideas, and to the design team at SomethingInked for helping us bring you this official merch!

The future of your site depends on reader support. You can help support your site by going shopping! More products may be available at a later date depending solely on the success of the store.

Take the Black, and Always Support the Bottom!

62 responses

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    1. Nice!
      I was hoping for the “Corn” t-shirt to make it but I admit I had a good laugh at the underwear XD

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    2. Think I’m going to go for the distressed cap. Well done Jenny s. Bit gutted Ayramads design didn’t get the nod thought that was cool.

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    3. Wow UK delivery is pretty steep guys. The merchandise is very cheap. I went for the cap it’s like 8 pounds but shipping is 30 pounds. Sue do know if it is one single charge if u buy multiple items?

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    4. I know that these have just started to be produced, but suggestion – would be great to have ladies style tee in the near future. Picking one of these up to sleep in tho. Now I just have to decide which!

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    5. Of all the t-shirts in the world to buy, I have to buy one of these.

      I love the spoilers, and news, and surveys, and the comments from the members in the various posts, and buying a tshirt will assuage my ‘free entertainment on the internet’ guilt. And make me look super cool in mah pjs. I AM THE WATCHER IN THE BEDROOM. Not the weird kind.

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    6. Mine’s been ordered. Can’t wait to get it! Congrats to the design winner and congrats to WotW for the store opening! 🙂

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    7. Gotta grab those booty shorts for shorty as well. Rock’em while we watch. And in the words of 50, “u ain’t even gotta take’m off, just slide’m to the side….”

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    8. Moles town bastard,

      Aw thanks! 🙂 I’m just so happy people liked my design. I might make it available on Redbubble or something… More on that later. I will admit I love Jenny’s design and think it totally deserved to win. I will definitely buy it.

      And “Cover your spoilers” made me laugh! Wow. Great stuff.

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    9. Queen of the Keys,

      If the powers that be running WotW will let me distribute the Corn design I submitted for the site I will definitely work on getting a Redbubble account up for it.

      What do you say mods? Is it ok to make my design available on another tshirt site like Redbubble or Cafe Press? I’m sure other contestants would be curious to know this as well.

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    10. The merch looks great, well done everyone! Now I have a slightly silly question. These are obviously unisex, which is cool, but I’m unsure about the sizing. In women’s t-shirts I’d normally get small-medium (I like ’em comfy) but I’m not sure about these ones. I think I’m a US size 4, so could I get an idea of whether a medium or small would be best? Thanks!

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    11. Awwwwwwwww yeah!! Ordered some chonies and some stickers…can’t wait! Cover your spoilers- LOVE IT!!

      Agree with the corn! We want corn!!! =)

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    12. “Cover your spoilers!” Tee-hee-hee…
      Great stocking stuffers for my daughters and myself, but my man is a briefs guy. 🙁
      Ah well. Happy to support the Bottom Supporters. I can put the $$ I was going to spend on a certain World book all in to my favorite place on the Web. 😉
      Seriously, WotW, thanks for all you do to keep us GoT-addicted folks sane during the off season.

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    13. That’s what I told the misses lol I didn’t want the cap that much I was just supporting the website.

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    14. I am petite but top heavy – so buying tshirts is always problematic when I can’t try them on. If they were 100% cotton I could get the large and shrink it down That won’t be possible here. Could someone tell me how these fit? And If I get one but obviously need another, can I make an exchange?

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    15. Click here for Corn!

      If the mods tell me to take it down I will but for now anyone who wants the “Corn!” or “#hairwatch” shirt can get it by clicking that link above. I posted a distressed and undistressed version of “Corn!” Hopefully the graphic print quality is ok. I’ve never tried to submit anything through a tshirt making site.

      Can’t wait to get my OFFICIAL site shirt though! Also ordered a sticker. 🙂

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    16. I don’t remember seeing it but I actually like the look of that Raven tee

      Was hoping for the Weir Tree design but well done to Jenny S

      Will have to get me some of those boxers methinks

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    17. getting one (or two) because the merchs look good and also to support the site. however, when i checked out and calculate shipping cost for Malaysia and entered my zip code, it says unrecognized zip/postal code and the country selector reverts to US for some reason.

      great job guys! hope to see more soon. 🙂

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    18. Faceless Frey:
      Ghost’s Lunch,

      The weirwood tree design was also mine so I would have been happy either way. Glad you liked that one though.

      Yeah hopefully as the shop site becomes bigger they can support more designs as product lines because there was a few good ones in there

      Either that or Rebubble them all but it’s good to channel it all through the WotW community and support the site etc

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    19. Could you please print the measurements (in cm) for t-shirts and ladies shortie? I love them and I want to order the right size. In my experience, sometimes there are significant differences.

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    20. Shy Lady Dragon,

      We are working on getting the measurements put in the store as well as cheaper options for international shipping. Thanks for your patience while we fine tune the store and for supporting the site!

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    21. Aryamad:
      Click here for Corn!

      If the mods tell me to take it down I will but for now anyone who wants the “Corn!” or “#hairwatch” shirt can get it by clicking that link above. I posted a distressed and undistressed version of “Corn!” Hopefully the graphic print quality is ok. I’ve never tried to submit anything through a tshirt making site.

      Can’t wait to get my OFFICIAL site shirt though! Also ordered a sticker.

      I can get the Corn one? OMG. I am not going to have any money. I want to get WOTW tee to support the site and the designer. Now, I want a Corn one from your site.

      Sizing question: Do they run big or small in the women’s tee cateogry? The measurements and 100% cotton has me on the fence with a M or L. I like loose fitting tees.

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    22. BTW just an update:
      Redbubble took down my #hairwatch shirt at HBO’s request lol I guess Kit’s man-bun is copyrighted.

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    23. The size chart is up on the site. Now I know to get an xsmall in the tees. They are men sizes. I was going to get a small but it would have been huge on me. Yay!

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    24. I just bought the contest winner’s WOTW shirt in an XS. I fully support the site and the artist who created that awesome shirt. It will arrive on Wednesday to my apartment complex. Yay!!!! I can’t wait!!! 🙂

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