Watchers on the Wall Awards: Best Dramatic Scene & Best Comedic Scene

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For all that Game of Thrones is a dark show loaded with drama, it’s also a show laced with wit and humor. Today we’re celebrating both aspects of the show, looking at the very best dramatic scenes of season 5, while also enjoying the funniest scenes.

The dramatic scenes that garnered the most votes to make it into our top five include the most talked-about moments of the year.

Our comedic nominees range from Essos to Westeros, from King’s Landing to beyond the Wall, from scathing verbal duels to tense, strange exchanges.

For the complete results of the preliminary round voting in these categories, click here.

Now, for the nominees!

The nominees for Best Dramatic Scene are:

The burning of Shireen Baratheon  – Watch the scene

The Night’s King raises the dead at Hardhome  – Watch the scene

Sansa’s brutal wedding night, with Theon watching – Watch the scene

Cersei’s Walk of Atonement  – Watch the scene

Jon is assassinated- “For the Watch”  – Watch the scene


The nominees for Best Comedic Scene are:

Cersei and the Queen of Thorns engage in a round of insults    – Watch the scene

Stannis quietly corrects the grammar of the Night’s Watch – Watch the scene

Wun Wun the giant doesn’t care for Edd’s staring –  Watch the scene

Tyrion’s fast talking with slavers keeps him alive until they find a cock merchant – Watch the scene

Cersei and Margaery have a war of words after the new queen’s wedding night – Watch the scene

In the finals, unlike the preliminaries, fans have one vote to cast in each category, and 48 hours to make their decision and vote.

Best Dramatic Scene poll:

Best Comedic Scene poll:

Fans, you have one more day also to vote on Best Guest Actor and Actress of Season 5! Swing by their thread to vote.

The final round polls will be open for 48 hours each: Dramatic Scene and Comedic Scene beginning now and running until 9/26/15 at 2PM EDT. The results will be revealed at the Watchers On The Wall Awards ceremony in a few weeks time!

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    1. TO THE SITERUNNERS: How about a speculation post for the remaining characters that we know are coming, but still haven’t had any actors confirmed, like Aeron Greyjoy and The Smalljon?

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    2. Shireen’s burning.

      Tyrion’s talk.

      Although I found the final scene in Meereen with all of them sitting aimlessly much more comedic.

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    3. The walk of atonement was the dramatic winner for me, with Hardhome as a close second.

      The comedic scene was a toss-up between Cersei and Olenna and Stannis’s lesson in grammar, but the sheer speed of Olenna’s insults just carried it for the former.

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    4. Sansa (Runner up: Hardhome).

      As for the comedic scenes I struggled, because I didn’t find any of them particularly funny, and although the Stannis line was great, it was just that, a line. In the end I went with the Queen of Thrones, but there’s not much between them all in my mind. Wun Wun probably second best.

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    5. Man, drama category is brutally tough – meanwhile, the comedic category is weak as hell. I went with Night’s King and Stannis the grammar Nazi.

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    6. I chose Stannis for the best comedic scene.

      For the best dramatic scene I was torn between my personal demons (Sansa’s wedding night), the scene with imho the most impact (Cersei’s walk of shame) and Shireen’s burning. I chose Sansa.

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    7. I chose Shireen and Cersei and Margaery’s exchange but Walk of Atonement/Harhome/For the Watch and Cersei -v- Queen of Thorns/Stannis’ grammar came very close (for me at least) respectively.

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    8. While I really liked the Night’s King scene, I must admit I’ve never felt more horrified at the moment when Shireen was burned. That had me going ‘no, no, no, this can’t be, no, no, no’ all the way through. Night’s King was more like F*K YEAH!!! So I went with Shireen.

      And Stannis for comedy. I’m a grammar nazi myself, so I can sympathize 😛

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    9. Looking at the “Best Dramatic Scene” shortlist is a good reminder of why, IMO, this was another very strong season. It was an extremely tough choice: the bone-chilling raising of the dead versus four gut-wrenching painful-to-watch drama scenes. I went with Sansa’s wedding night in the end, but any of the others would be a deserving winner.

      I’m happy to see that the twisted “comedy” scenes were filtered out (I don’t tend to laugh when I see people being beaten to death…). It was between the two simplest scenes for me – Wun Wun and Stannis. In the end I went with Wun Wun, since I have not forgiven Stannis, and never will.

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    10. Dutch Maester: I’m a grammar nazi myself,

      Hm… English is not my first language, but my gut feeling is that “I’ve never felt more horrified at the moment when” is grammatically not correct – “at the moment” should be replaced by “than”, no? :-p

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    11. Tar Kidho: Hm… English is not my first language, but my gut feeling is that “I’ve never felt more horrified at the moment when” is grammatically not correct – “at the moment” should be replaced by “than”, no? :-p

      You, I like. LOL. And DM would be horrified. 🙂

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    12. Best Dramatic Scene>>>>Shireen’s burning (No words…)

      Best Comedic Scene>>>>> Stannis (Mr.Dillane!!!) quietly corrects the grammar of Night’s Watch

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    13. Don’t mean to be a downer but why is Stannis’ grammar correction on here? I thought it was funny but it was seriously one word.. shouldn’t be eligable imo

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    14. Bing_is_here,

      There are a lot of Stannis fan(boys or girls) in this fandom so unfortunately anything he is in will appear as a nominee . Thank God this is the last season we will put up with that .

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    15. The dramatic scene was tough. Very. I went with Shireen’s burning, because it was heartbreaking, superb acting from all involved and extremely well shot. Hardhome was visually striking and definitely a moment grabber but not as Shireen’s death was for me.

      Comedic scene vote went to Stannis corrects the grammar. That line delivery “fewer” to himself showing what grabbed Stannis’ attention in the middle of hard decision making, that makes it brilliantly comedic in my eyes. It also shows Stannis is multitask!

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    16. – Cersei’s Walk of Atonement: You felt sorry for a character who’s guts you’ve hated for 4 seasons. Not a lot of shows can say that. Plus, I’m going to vote “For the Watch” for Beast Death.
      – Tyrion’s fast talking with slavers: None of the above had me really cracking up, so I just went with Tyrion ’cause he’s my favourite character.

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    17. All the nominees in Best Dramatic Scene deserve to win, but imo the most horrific was Shireen’s burning. I simply couldn’t bear to rewatch these five scenes one after the other.
      But rewatching the Best Comedic scenes I felt strangely disappointed, as if I was missing better comedic moments… although previously it had been hard to choose only five comedic scenes. Finally I chose the cock merchant, which was played entirely as a funny scene no matter how dangerous must have been for poor Tyrion. The Margaery-Cersei and Olenna-Cersei scenes contained humorous moments, but they also sent shivers down my spine. The political game is never funny.

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    18. The burning of Shireen and rape of Sansa put book fans in the same position of non book readers when they saw the Red Wedding, Oberyn’s death, etc. The shocking cruelty and extreme content of both scenes made me want to stop watching the show for good–even as a fan, I was seriously considering it. In retrospect, that’s the exact reason both scenes are incredible. It reflects the uncompromising nature of the show, which, like The Wire, makes concessions to basically no one. The result is that going into Season 6, it truly feels like anything, however horrible, could happen to any character now. Ideally, when moments of victory and hope do come, they will be all the more cathartic and triumphant, and now that we know the show is playing by ‘real world rules’ (Westerosi style) it could make the ultimate message of bittersweet hope even more poignant to those of us who have been through our own traumas.

      I gave the edge to Shireen’s burning if only because the choice to end Sansa’s rape on a shot of Theon was probably not the right choice (though I don’t think it’s that big a deal), whereas every filmmaking decision on the part of David Nutter during the Shireen scene was as perfect and horribly sickening as his legendary work on the Red Wedding.

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    19. Shireen screaming for father and then mother. So sad! So dramatic! I screamed at the tv don’t do it Stannis. I knew it was coming once Stannis sent Davos back to the wall but was just hoping Stannis would stop. So yes that was drama personified

      I chose fewer for comedy. For a character that is so serious and brooding it was so Stannis and made me bust out when I watched it. That scene summed up the mannis personality like none other.

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    20. Special mention goes to Sansa’s wedding though

      Pretty strange that a wedding to Ramsay Snow should take place in such a beautiful, magical looking setting of a snow-laden Weir Tree + pool with the dress and the auburn hair standing out etc

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    21. Best Dramatic Scene – The burning of Shireen Baratheon. Despite my skeptic view of this scene legitimately happening (I thought it was extremely out of character for Stannis and he is by far my favourite character) it was nevertheless extremely well acted by all involved and is one of the most powerful deaths Game of Thrones has given. I doubt we will see many shows have the guts to show a semi-onscreen death (a burning no less) of a child character like Game of Thrones has.

      Best Comedic Scene – Stannis the Grammis, enough said.

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    22. Best Dramatic scene was tough!! All of the choices listed were amazing… but, I had to go with Shireen. When I know I will never watch that scene again just for the screams alone…..

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    23. Shireen (still moves me to tears) and Marge vs Cersei (for the shade).

      To beat a scene like Hardhome, the acting in Shireen’s burning had to be superlative, and it was.

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    24. Had to go with Shireen burning and Cersei vs Margaery. Every time I watch Shireen burn I get so emotional and angry. Cersei’s Walk was a close second. I LOVE that scene in both the show and the books but I since I KNEW it was coming I wasn’t as immersed, unlike Shireens death which I thought might happen but when it did I was overwhelmed with emotions. And Cersei vs Margaery was the only scene that made me lol when I watched. Just the shade thrown between those two is great

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    25. I vote for the Walk of Atonement. It was brutal and one of the few times where I genuinely felt bad for Cersei. I was actually a little surprised they adapted it as faithfully as they did, as I figured they might tone it down a bit for the show… but they most certainly did not.

      Season 5 was probably the most grim season yet and so came up a bit short on comedy, but I voted for the cock merchant scene since it did make me chuckle a bit.

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    26. Given the *massive* plot holes introduced by removing the pink letter as the reason the Night’s Watch officers turn on Jon, his death scene it out.

      …how is the Night’s King raising the dead “dramatic”?

      Sansa’s wedding night was well acted, but “dramatic scene” is overall writing/directing/acting. I can’t separate it from the novels, and even people unaware of the novels thought it didn’t make sense within the TV show. No, this was not a good dramatic scene. It was a terrible idea.

      So really it’s down to Cersei’s walk of atonement or Shireen’s burning.

      …the walk focused a bit much on her naked body, even though there was a body double – why not avoid using a body double by only focusing mostly on her head? (or rather, using the double less than they did). Maybe, arguably, I can see that they wanted full frontal nudity for shock and horror, not sexposition – which entirely fits the scene. Though I tink casting a 27 year old body double misses the point. The acting was great, and it was basically what was in the novels, I just like the Shireen scene more. Actual dialogue playing off it, slow sense of dread, cinematography. Though I can see why others would go with the Walk of Atonement.

      Best Comedic Scene:

      Oh jeez, hard to choose: Stannis and Wun Wun were funny but not head of the pack.

      We’ve got Cersei and Margaery, Cersei and Olenna, and Malko vs Tyrion deadpan “The dwarf lives until we find a cock merchant!”

      Malko’s line will probably win, and it was high-larious, but I’m going with the more drawn out scene of Cersei vs Margaery due to overall quantity more than a one-liner.

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    27. I’m still not 100% on the logic/pacing which surrounded it in the story, but just on the merits of the scene itself, I don’t think anything can touch the burning of Shireen. Mance’s execution made me sadder just because of how I felt about that character, and his decent into fear was a more gradual thing to behold, but I think Shireen’s was the most well-crafted scene, the music especially.

      And it hit me hard, too: my mouth was totally agape throughout the whole thing. I felt like how I imagine I would have felt during the Red Wedding if it hadn’t been spoiled for me. To finally experience something like that felt amazing.

      Seriously Ramin Djawadi though. My god, do burning scenes really bring out the best in that guy.

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    28. Sh!t the 2nd ballot was kinda tuff but I went with “the Brad Pitt of midgets” as per RedTeamReview. The 1st ballot was a layup tho, “Sansa’s sensual wedding night, with Theon watching”

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    29. The Dramatic category is a tough one…

      My favourite was the Hardhome scene, but supernatural / magical scenes don’t really feel like “best dramatic scene” to me.

      The Shireen and Sansa scenes were among the most difficult to watch in the series, and left me feeling disturbed. I guess maybe that means they were good dramatic scenes, but I didn’t want to vote for them.

      In the end, I voted for Cersei’s walk. Great acting, staging, etc. To me, it best fits the description of a “dramatic” moment.

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    30. For drama, I went with Cersei. Because for all of the tears I shed for the innocent Shireen, the one that was the most surprising was the one that sprang up halfway through Cersei’s walk of atonement. It’s harder to feel pity for someone you loathe, and she made me pity her.

      Comedy: Olenna and the famous tart, Queen Cersei. Too good.

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    31. Stannis the subtle comedian…a single word revealing the high bar he set for himself, his underlying contempt of others, and his fate. Comedy for those haunted by shadows and vanity.

      I drama will be tight…each scenario was riveting.

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    32. God of tits and wine,

      I completely agree with you some of the reactions to that scene were beyond over-the-top, and I certainly don’t understand the cries of “perpetuating rape-culture,” or whatever it was, but still…

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    33. I can’t, really can’t vote for shireen…
      No matter how dramatic the subject, the burning made no sense whatsoever story- wise. I remember watching it thinking: ” this must be so incredibly touching if only I could be forgetting momuntarly that I am watching a tv-show wherein writers make very questionable decisions”.

      I vote, at last, for Sansa’s wedding night. F*ck I was horrifyed. But I was like that for a week or so: adding proof to the dramatic nature of the whole scene.

      Comedic scene?


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    34. Gosh – is it possible to have a 5 way tie for dramatic scene? Ended up going with Shireen coz it was the scene that stands out in my head.

      Most of the comedic scenes made me chuckle, but the one that I truly laughed at with Tyrion and the cock merchant. But I bet ‘fewer’ wins. Shouldn’t that be in the quote category rather than a whole scene? Just wondering

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    35. Night’s King/Hardhome killed it.

      Stannis: Fewer got an enormous guffaw from me, so it was my choice for comedy.

      Will someone make a Stannis “Fewer” shirt please?

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    36. So many good scenes!

      I went with the burning of Shireen… Hardhome was a great thrilling visual scene of epic proportion but the acting and intensity of that Shireen scene leading up to her screams get my eyes tearing every time.

      I went with Cersei and Margaery have a war of words because both Lena and Natalie’s acting were A+.

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    37. The dramatic scenes were all deserving, I waffled between Shireen and Night’s King. Finally chose Night’s King because it was bone chilling scary while Shireen was so sad. I’ve never been able to watch it again.

      Lurves me some Wun Wun and Edd, it was so unexpected and the subtitles were great.

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    38. I stuck my guns with the Comedic Scene: “Fewer”. Every time I see it I laugh outloud. Stannis was who he was, no way around it!

      With the best Dramatic Scene I had to re-watch every single one of them, because at first felt it was so difficult to choose. All powerful sad scenes, but in the end I picked Shireen’s burning. The acting was sublime buy everybody involved, even the extras as they cringed with the whole situation. It is as hard to watch as it was when it aired. With the other scenes, knowing the outcome, took the whole experience a notch down.

      Runner up: Harhome – the Nights King raises the dead.

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    39. Given the “fewer” line was just that – one line – I had to go with Tyrion, because Tyrion.

      And the dramatic scene was an incredibly tough one, and there are several worthy candidates. In the end, what carries the day for me is what startles – watching the Night’s King slowly approach the dock, regard Jon Snow, and raise the dead. All done silently. Fantastic. If it loses to Shireen or Cersei, that’s fine.

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    40. All things not being equal, Cersei’s walk of shame was the best dramatic sequence, in some ways less from the acting and more from the sense of perspective necessitated by using a body double. Clearly Cersei’s character figured confessing and asking for mercy would be something of a cakewalk (pardon the pun), but once the full force of what she had been condemned to do — a high born, arrogant and manipulative Queen, the King’s own mother, shorn of her hair and stripped of even rags and then forced to walk bare foot and bare-assed through the rabble, well, if she was supposed to die of shame that was not going to happen. An amazing sequence that I suspect will change Cersei’s nature and the direction of her character’s quest for power.

      As for the funny one — yeah, the cock merchant, really who wouldn’t think that one was not funny. Just sorry that Tyrion the travelling companion with Varys and later with Ser Jorah, couldn’t have had its own award as best comic performance by a lead actor. Oh was it wrapped into the overall award, the Emmy? Never mind.

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    41. The Walk of Atonement because I didn’t like what they did to Stannis character.
      Cersei and the Queen of Thorns engage in a round of insults

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    42. Firannion: I disqualified ‘fewer’ simply because there is a separate category for one-liners.

      Well, I don’t think that’s correct. A one-liner for me is a single line of text that holds its meaning when you just read it on paper. If you take “Fewer” out of the context of the scene (even when including the sentence before it), it loses it’s comedic value. So in my opinion, despite it being a very short scene, it fits better with “Best Comedic Scene” than with “Best One-liner”.

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    43. Gah! Can’t believe “Fewer” got so many votes in the preliminaries.. for THIS category. People: “Fewer” is a quote, as the actual scene (Jon arguing with the Nightswatch on bringing over the Wildlings) doesn’t revolve around “Fewer”. What over a thousand voted for as “funny” was the scene in which Jon made a leadership choice on arguing against what the Nightswatch has done for centuries with a few notables among them being Bowen Marsh and Edd Tollett culminating in them deciding on going to Hardhome (wherein Stannis has a small, unrelated to the nature of the scene, quote). Aside from the quote “Fewer”, the entire scene is not meant to be funny at all. It’s as if people really don’t understand the difference between scene and quote.

      If “Fewer” wins this category, I can’t really take it seriously at all. WotW should really be more strict with what they allow for best/funniest-scene and what they allow for best/funniest-quote. The strictness was turned up for Guest-actors/actresses, so why not for best/funniest-scene? Now people will just vote for it whenever they can and it just isn’t to the point of the award.

      I voted for the Burning of Shireen and Margaery and Cersei have a dis-party.

      And yes, I will vote for “Fewer” in Funniest-Quote.

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    44. Tar Kidho: Well, I don’t think that’s correct. A one-liner for me is a single line of text that holds its meaning when you just read it on paper. If you take “Fewer” out of the context of the scene (even when including the sentence before it), it loses it’s comedic value. So in my opinion, despite it being a very short scene, it fits better with “Best Comedic Scene” than with “Best One-liner”.

      Well that’s there’s still a difference between a “one-liner” and a “quote”. A “one-liner” can be a “quote”, but a “quote” doesn’t have to be a “one-liner”. A one-liner is Winter is Coming, North Remembers, etc. “Fewer” is a “quote”-from-a-scene, and not a scene in itself.

      If you’re voting for the “Fewer”-scene, than you’re voting for the entire scene in which Jon argues with the Nightswatch to go to Hardhome, which “Fewer” was just a small part of – and by all means, unrelated to the core reason why the scene was in the season in the first place. Just because you need Marsh’s “Less” in order for “Fewer” to be funny, doesn’t mean that the entire scene in which Jon claimed that thousands would die is funny. Hence, singling out “Fewer” as a quote from that scene (acknowledging the context from whence it came) is better than voting the entire scene as being funny.

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    45. The burning of Shireen was a very powerful scene, among the bests of the show, however the fact that we went from “the greatest military commander in westeros, with far more soldiers than the Boltons” to this, just because of 20 good men.. well, as horrific as the scene was I was distracted thinking “20 good men did all of this??”

      So my vote goes to Cersei’s walk of shame, Lena should have won the Emmy.

      And I find none of these comedic scenes all that funny, they’re not bad, just ok. I don’t understand what is so funny about the cock merchant, maybe is a cultural thing.

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    46. O_o,

      Well it was mostly the weather. And the subsequent desertion of the sellswords. I think the burning of the supplies was just the last straw/sign from God needed to push him. Talk to Naploleon about great military commanders in bad weather.

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    47. Hmm, I’m clueless here.

      For dramatic, it could be any single one of the five. Possibly Cersei’s walk and Sansa’s wedding night a little ahead in my preferences.

      For comedic, I could go with either Wun Wun, the ‘cock merchant’ or exhausted Margaery after her wedding night (and unsufficiently stocked with wine).

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    48. Shireen by a hair on the dramatic scene. I think having read the books puts it over the edge. Cersei’s walk was the best adapted scene. The best overall didn’t make the list (or the prelim poll); it’s when Jon discovers the secret of Valyrian Steel. That was arguably the best couple of seconds in the whole show.

      Stannis’s grammar by a bigger hair on the comedic scene. It’s the one little gag I’ve seen repeated all over the internet, much moreso than Cock Merchant or the other good scenes. I think it’s his little irritated head shake at the end that does it.

      I could go on and on about the great scenes this season. Despite it being the worst season so far and littered with terrible scenes and plot decisions, it still had a few standout moments and episodes. I certainly enjoyed watching it.

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    49. Best Dramatic Scene: Seven Hells, this category is insane. All five scenes (and several that didn’t make the cut) are incredibly worthy.

      Sansa’s wedding night was a masterful exercise in slowly escalating horror. From the moment that the wedding in the Godswood drew to a close – itself an eerily beautiful sequence transported out of some gothic fairytale – that sense of dread was building. For as much flack as this episode takes, I thought Jeremy Podeswa earned his Emmy nomination for the Winterfell scenes alone.

      Jon’s assassination was an event that we had been waiting years to see. It was perhaps the most anticipated event in the show’s history. When it comes to something like that, expectations of the fandom tend to be impossibly high (see: Oberyn’s duel with the Mountain). I actually loved how quiet and relatively understated the ambush wound up being, playing out with no music in a mostly silent courtyard with minimal dialogue. Against that backdrop, the muffled sound of each dagger entering Jon’s body seemed deafening. The harsh reveal of the cruelly embossed “TRAITOR” sign and the slow pooling of the blood beside Jon as the light left his eyes were great visual touches that underscored the brutal inevitably of this series-altering moment.

      Cersei’s Walk of Shame was another astonishing sequence – visceral and disturbing, yet brimming with savage fury and the ugliness of humanity at its worst. Lena Headey gave an amazingly expressive and courageous performance (assisted by an equally courageous performance by her double Rebecca Van Cleave). David Nutter thoroughly deserves the Emmy he won for directing the episode that features this scene as its centerpiece.

      The Night’s King raising the dead at Hardhome was breathtaking. At the end of perhaps the show’s most celebrated episode ever, that moment surpassed them all. It was instantly iconic. The eerie silence that followed that moment and carried us into the closing credits was well-earned. It was, without a doubt, the most thrilling and awe inspiring scene of the year. I really want to vote for it, and yet I can’t.

      Because the burning of Shireen Baratheon will never leave my mind. No scene in any film or television show I’ve watched has ever affected me that deeply. The performances are perfect, the cinematography is stunning, the score is beautiful, and every detail is sharply etched into my memory. How small and frightened Shireen looks when she sees the pyre. The way the music swells and rises when Selyse breaks through the line of soldiers, only to realize she’s too late. The way Stannis’s eyes close when Shireen’s screams shift from cries for help to cries of pain. The sickening silence when her screams abruptly stop. The inhuman wail that tears from Selyse’s mouth. Holy ****ing God.

      After I watched the scene, I wasn’t shocked, angry, despondent, or appalled. I was completely spent. I had run through my entire emotional reserve watching that sequence, silently and not-so-silently hoping for something to change, for someone to step in and end the madness. When it was over, I had nothing left (Daznak’s Pit eventually revived me, but I was basically a zombie for the first few minutes of that sequence). Initially, I never wanted to see it again, but I have … many times. The entire scene is a technical marvel, and it deserves to be recognized as such, despite the raw, hollow pit that still forms within my stomach every time it begins.

      Shireen’s sacrifice wasn’t my favorite moment of the season. There was no joy to be had. But I respect its power, and the effect that the scene had on me – both the first time I watched it, and every viewing since. For that reason, it’s my pick as the most dramatic scene of the year.

      Best Comedic Scene: After the excessive stress of the previous category, this one is comparatively easy. I went with Cersei and Margaery have a war of words after the new Queen’s wedding night. The needled barbs and carefully modulated facial expressions of both women were perfect – it was a sweetly pernicious exchange blended with impeccable courtesy. I had a giddy little smile on my face watching that entire scene. Wonderful writing, great performances, and a perfect opening salvo in a conflict that would become far more serious later on

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    50. I was gonna vote for ‘Fewer’ or Wun-Wun, but after reading the comments about it being a quote, decided I’d save that for ‘best/funniest quote’ if that’s a category. Cersei/Margaery scene was painfully delightful, especially knowing what Cersei was planning.

      As for drama, I guess all stories are about emotions. You watch/read them to escape reality (arguably) and to feel. So, if the strength of emotion measures the quality of drama, it has to be Shireen’s death.

      (I guess that’s why my robotic (ex)husband doesn’t watch any drama. He didn’t even react to ‘Up’ watching it just after his mother died. I watched it just after my grandmother died and was in floods of tears. It makes a huge difference if it’s relevant to you, I guess-for most people)

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    51. When you think about it, this show has it all… Suspense, Drama, Horror, Comedy, Fantasy… It’s that amazing.

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